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  • Assistant professor

    Max Rady College of Medicine
    Human anatomy and cell science
    Room 132 – Basic Medical Sciences Building
    745 Bannatyne Avenue
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0J9

    Phone: 204-789-3788

Research interests

Research summary

Dr. Terry Li’s research focuses on developing novel anatomy learning modules for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. He designs ultrasound workshops that advance students’ understanding and retention of anatomy knowledge while providing them with hands-on experience in point-of-care and handheld ultrasound. Dr. Li is also exploring ways to improve online anatomical education to serve remote communities using technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Dr. Li’s previous research includes the investigation of genetic and imaging markers for coronary artery disease, as well as morphological studies on fetal heart development.


Dr. Li’s passion for anatomy began with his first undergraduate anatomy course at the University of Toronto. He went on to pursue the art and science of anatomical education in a specialized master’s program at Queen’s University, where he was introduced to teaching and cadaveric dissection. Dr. Li’s doctoral research focused on the use of genetic and imaging markers to identify patients with high risk for coronary artery disease. He is skilled in both bench-top genotyping and bed-side ultrasound. He is also experienced in educational research that explores opportunities to enrich anatomy teaching and learning, an area he has embraced as his research goal at UM. Before joining the human anatomy and cell science department, Dr. Li has taught anatomy and physiology in the School of Medicine at Queen’s University, St. Francis Xavier University, and the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo.



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