researchers lowering equipment into the water from the William Kennedy.


Research areas

Our research is multidisciplinary and collaborative, seeking to improve our understanding of the complex inter-relationships between Earth systems, and how they will likely respond to climate change.

  • Atmospheric science and meteorology
    Environmental Change and Governance
    Ice-associated biology


  • Inland lakes and waters
    Marine mammals
    Oil spill response

  • Physical oceanography
    Remote sensing and technology
    Sea ice geophysics
    Trace metals and contaminants

  • Students stand outside two vans observing storm clouds

    Atmospheric science

  • Bird's eye view of inland waterways with lush greenery


  • Walrus perched on a big rock looking out

    Marine mammals

  • Two researchers sampling sea ice for mercury

    Sampling for contaminants

  • Research tent camping out in the open sea ice

    Field camp on sea ice

  • Large iceberg peaking out from waters with glacier in the background

    Glacier in Antarctic

Research projects

Current projects


Research at the Centre for Earth Observation Science is led by some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in climate and environmental science.

CEOS faculty members

Field stories

Students in CEOS conduct research that contributes to the global conversation on climate change and its effects on our planet. From their field research, they write stories and bring photos back from their experiences.

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