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Northern Tornadoes Project


Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) - Publications and Related Articles


Academic Background

Ph.D. University of Manitoba
M.Sc. York University (Atmospheric Science)
Certificate of Meteorology York University 
B.Sc. University of Winnipeg (Physics and Mathematics)


GEOG 2300 Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Clouds and Precipitation
GEOG 3310 Atmospheric Dynamics, Storms and Radar
GEOG 4780 / GEOG 7780 Storms-Mesoscale Meteorology
GEOG 4300 / GEOG 7420 Synoptic Meteorology and Weather Analysis (every 2nd year, alternates with 4330)
GEOG 4330 / GEOG 7332 Concepts in Atmospheric Modelling (every 2nd year, alternates with 4300)
GEOG 4670 (grad course also available) Selected Issues: Severe Thunderstorms—storm chasing & field techniques (every 2nd year, summer)


Research Interests

Storms, extreme weather, mesoscale processes, surface-atmosphere interactions and how climate change may affect extreme weather in the future. Research mainly relates to warm season processes, including convection initiation, thunderstorms and associated severe weather, as well as surface contributions via evapotranspiration and mesoscale boundaries. Arctic work is limited to severe weather processes in the Churchill, MB region.

Current projects include: Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) and Global Water Futures (GWF) – Pillar 3: Climate-Related Precipitation Extremes

Recent and Significant Publications

S.B. Trier, S.D. Kehler and J. Hanesiak, 2020: Observations and Simulation of Elevated Nocturnal Convection Initiation during 24 June 2015 PECAN, Mon. Wea. Rev., 148, 613-635

Weckwerth, T., J. Hanesiak, J.W. Wilson, S.B. Trier, S.K. Degelia, W.A. Gallus, Jr., R.D. Roberts and X. Wang, 2019: Nocturnal Convection Initiation during P ECAN 2015, Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 100(11), 2223-2239

Stewart, R.E, K.K. Szeto, B.R. Bonsal, J.M. Hanesiak, B. Kochtubajda, Y. Li, J.M. Thériault, C.M. DeBeer, B.Y. Tam, Z. Li, Z. Liu, J.A. Bruneau, P. Duplessis, S. Marinier and D. Matte, 2019: Summary and synthesis of Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN) research in the interior of western Canada – Part 1: Projected climate and meteorology, 23, 1–19

Brimelow, J.C., W.R. Burrows and J.M. Hanesiak, 2017: The changing hail threat over North America in response to anthropogenic climate change. Nat. Clim. Change

Curry, M., J. Hanesiak, S.D. Kehler, D. Sills and N. Taylor, 2017: Ground-based Observations of the Thermodynamic and dynamic properties of lake-breezes in southern Manitoba, Canada. Boundary Layer Meteorol., 163:143–159