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Support for students

Academic advisors

Academic advisors are committed to engaging, encouraging, equipping, and empowering students to explore and excel in the university environment and beyond. Your academic advisor will encourage you to find academic areas and courses that are the best fit for you. We believe advising is a collaborative process because in the end, you are responsible for your educational experience.

Advisors in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources are available on a year-round basis to answer any questions you may have regarding your academic program in the Riddell faculty. They will refer you to other sources on campus as required.

The faculty office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

*Please note that advising appointments are online through Microsoft Teams, which all University of Manitoba students have free access to. [To sign into Microsoft Teams, use the same e-mail address and password that you use to sign into your University of Manitoba e-mail account (]

New Riddell students

Welcome to Riddell!

Whether you are direct entry, advanced entry or a transfer student, you are now part of an engaged academic community of learners and professionals who are here to help you excel both academically and professionally. We are excited to provide you with challenging and practical learning opportunities that prepare you to understand our planet and the environment, manage resources, and find solutions to the problems facing humanity in the 21st century.

Student Forms

Program Summary Sheets

Program summary sheets can help you navigate your program requirement progression with your academic advisor.

Earth Sciences honours programs

The Earth Sciences (Geology and Geophysics) Honours Programs are balanced four-year undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences. These programs are structured to allow students to obtain professional registration (EGM) and move into the minerals, energy or environmental industries (careers).

Students should contact a Riddell Faculty Academic Advisor for help in designing a program to fit their needs.

Environment and Geography honours programs

Undertaking an Honours degree will allow you to get the most out of your Environment and Geography (Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geography and Physical Geography) degree. An Honours degree will provide you with an opportunity to focus your degree though planning and conducting an Honours thesis project on a topic of your interest.

More information can be found here.

Focus areas

You should begin thinking about your focus area during your second year.

A focus area is an individualized approach to undergraduate education. The student, in collaboration with a student advisor, will organize a body of courses from several subject fields around a central theme, topic, or set of related issues.

Through student driven research and by identifying areas and careers that you are interested in, you will be able to develop a focus area to acquire the knowledge and skills required to enter further research programs and the workforce.

Learn more about focus areas:

Student groups

Student group are a great way to make friends, create a study community and a support group. Joining a student group also keeps you involved in the wider UM community and ensures that your voice is heard during university-wide decision-making.

Student groups related to the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources include:

Society of Earth Science and Environmental Students (SESES)

The Society of Earth Science and Environmental Students is a council of undergraduate students that represents students in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources. Our goal is to help enhance Riddell students’ undergraduate experiences by providing educational opportunities and planning social events. We are your connection to UMSU and strive to make the concerns of students in the faculty heard.

2023-2024 SESES Council

President: Cailin Hesketh-Jost
Vice-President: Joyce Ji
Treasurer: Alana Pither
Secretary: Annabelle Leger
Communications Director: Gina Bilic
Social Chair: Kiersten Zueff
Sports Chair: 
Events Coordinator: Nabiha Mustafa
Sustainability Ambassador: 
Senate: Connor McNab
UMSU Representative: 
International Student Representative: Tioluwani Jonathan Lowo
Indigenous Students Representative: Linnea McNichol
Mature Students Representative: 
LGBTQ+ Representative: Esme Zaric
Early Years Representative: 
Accessibility Representative:

We love to hear from you! Contact us at: 
Instagram: @um.seses 
Facebook: Society of Earth Science and Environmental Students – SESES

Earth Sciences Graduate Students Association (ESGSA)

President: Adam Dubinsky 
Vice President: Madelyn Stocking
Treasurer: Ian Burron  
Dept. Council Rep: Adam Dubinsky and Jack Mulcahy
Faculty Council Rep: Sina Saber
UM GSA Council Rep: Tara Lemke

Environment and Geography Graduate Student Association (EGGSA)

President: Tyler Langos
Vice President: Debangshu Banerjee
Secretary: Rei Shibue
Treasurer: Mathilde Guillaume
Faculty/Dept Rep: Vaishali Chaudry
Social Coordinator: Yuhua Situ

More information can be found at the following URL:

Environment and Geography Students Association (EGSA)

The Environment and Geography Students Association is a student run council in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources. We represent the Environment and Geography students within the faculty. We aim to engage students of the faculty through various social and educational events run throughout the year. These events are created to build a sense of community within the faculty, while connecting students and professors in meaningful ways.

2023-2024 council:

President: Kailey Carrière
Vice President: Maja Crawley
Social Chair: Fardeen Chowdhury
Community Engagement: Kathan Burky
Sustainability Representatives: Aashiya Sharma
Geography Representative: Ciara Okumura
Social Media Manager: Ahsan Mahboob
Communications Representative: Klara Gagnon

We can be contacted at:
Instagram: @umegsa
Facebook: U of M Environment and Geography Student's Association

Geo Club

2023-2024 GEOCLUB council:  

President: Tyler Wong 
Vice President: Caitlyn Roy 
Treasurer: Tessa Warkentine 
3rd year rep: Alexis Chiapas
Social chair: Nathan Dyck
International Student Representative: Djelika Sogoba

We can be contacted at:

Geophysics Student Society (GSS)

President: Ray Guerard -
Vice President: Gina Bilic
Treasurer: Henry Chow
Secretary: Emilie Tougas
3rd Year Representative: [Temporarily Vacant]

Natural Resources Institute Graduate Student Association (NRIGSA)

Kaitlyn Plastino (MNRM first year rep)
Emmanuella Addae-Wireko (PhD first year rep)
Alejandra Diabb Sanchez (MNRM second year rep)
Panos Polyzois (PhD second year rep)

Students are encouraged to play an active role in decision-making processes at the Natural Resources Institute. Every year student representatives are selected by the student body, two from the first year class (one Master’s & one Ph.D.) and two from the second year classes of the Master’s and PhD programs. Some of the roles and responsibilities of the respective representatives are similar from year to year; however they may vary depending on the interests and activities of students.

University of Manitoba SEG student chapter (UMSEG)

UM Society of Economic Geologists (UMSEG)

2023-2024 council:  

President: Jake Bhakta
Vice President: Issac Jacques 
Secretary: Tara Lemke 
Treasurer:  Ian Burron 

We can be contacted at:

University of Manitoba Executive Committee and Advisor Roster (PDF)

University of Manitoba Wetlanders (UMW)

The UM Wetlanders are a student chapter of Ducks Unlimited Canada with the main goal of fundraising for the wetland and waterfowl conservation work that is done by DUC. We provide our members with opportunities for event planning, volunteering, networking with professionals, education, and more. The Wetlanders are always looking for conservation-minded students to help us achieve our goal!    

2023-2024 council:
Co-Chair: Evan Musgrove
Co-Chair: Hannah Janzen
Social Media Chair: Taylor Kauppila
Secretary: Julie Litke
Treasurer: Kayla Whiteside
Volunteer/Recruitment Chair: Tamara Sturch
Volunteer/Recruitment Chair: Joyce Ji
Donation Chair: Emily Allan

We can be contacted at:
Instagram: @umwetlanders

Learning outside the classroom

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