Centre for Earth Observation Science
Senior Canada-150 Research Chair in Climate Forcing of Sea Ice
476 Wallace Building
ORCID: 0000-0001-7316-8320


Academic Background

Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder, 1996 Geography


Principals of Weather and Climate, Remote sensing of the cryosphere, introduction to earth science

Research Interests

Interested in deriving accurate geophysical variables from satellite data. This involves developing novel algorithms and validation through in situ field campaigns. Once we have reilable data we can investigate seasonal, interannal and long-term changes, and understand their drivers in conjunction with other climate data. This is important in order to understand how the cryosphere will evolve into the future. I'm also focused on understanding biases in climate models and how we can improve them to inform policy decisions.

The Research Team:

Current and Recent Graduate Students

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Saha, Monojit MSc 0000-0002-2249-1205
Chaudhary, Vaishali PhD 0000-0001-6548-194X
Loeb, Nicole PhD 0000-0003-3852-5913
Situ, Yuhua PhD 0000-0002-9957-7517
 Cardoso de Jesus ,Ana Cláudia MSc 0009-0000-3192-9945


Recent and Significant Publications

Stroeve, J., M. M. Holland, W. Meier, T. Scambos and M. Serreze, (2007). Arctic sea ice decline: Faster than Forecast, Geophys. Res. Lett., 34

Stroeve, J., M. Vancoppenolle, G. Veyssiere, M. Lebrun, G. Castellani, M. Babin, M. Karcher, J. Landy, G.E. Liston and J. Wilkinson (2021), A multi-sensor and modelling approach for mapping light under sea ice during the ice-growth season, Front. Mar. Sci

Stroeve, J., V. Nandan, R. Willatt, R. Tonboe, S. Hendricks, R. Ricker, J. Mead, R. Mallett, M. Huntemann, P. Itkin, M. Schneebli, D. Krampe, G. Spreen, J. Wilkinson, I. Matero, M. Hoppmann, and M. Tsamados (2020), Surface-based Ku- and Ka-band polarimetric radar for sea ice studies, Cryosphere

Stroeve, J., G. Liston, S. Buzzard, L. Zhou, R. Mallett, A. Barrett, M. Tsamados, M. Tschudi, P. Itkin and J.S. Stewart (2020), A Lagrangian Snow-Evolution System for Sea Ice Applications (SnowModel-LG): Part II - Analyses, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 125