Assistant Professor
Centre for Earth Observation Science, Environment and Geography
Office TBD
474 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2
Phone TBD
ORCID: 0000-0003-0358-3806


Academic Background

B.A. Colgate University, 2012, Geology
Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder, 2017, Geological Sciences


GEOG 2550: Geomorphology
GEOG 1290: Introduction to Physical Geography

Research Interests

My research is part of the large glaciological community effort to understand how the world’s glaciers and ice sheets are contributing to sea-level rise in a warming climate. I am particularly interested in the ice-ocean interactions that hold a major control on the stability of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets and many smaller ice caps and glaciers. Much of my work has focused on the nature of melting beneath the floating ice shelves that fringe the Antarctic continent, which in turn modulates rates of ice delivery to the ocean. My current interests have expanded to include processes at other ice-stream boundaries: the calving processes that control rates of ice-tongue retreat and ice-shelf collapse, grounding-line processes that change ice flow velocities and the impacts of the ocean-induced melting, and shear-margin processes that control the stability of the grounded ice that feeds the ice-ocean interfaces. Most of my work is carried out through satellite remote sensing techniques and through the collection of field data.

Current and Recent Graduate Students

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Hebel, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Msc 0000-0002-6379-750X
Langos, Tyler Msc 0009-0002-0923-0462
Banerjee, Debangshu (Rishi) PhD 0000-0002-7282-1874


Recent and Significant Publications

Alley, K.E., Scambos, T.A., Alley, R.B., Holschuh, N. (2019). Troughs developed in ice-stream shear margins precondition ice shelves for ocean-driven break-up. Science Advances, 5(10), eeax2215

Alley, K.E., Scambos, T.A., Miller, J.Z., Long, D.G., & Macferrin, M. (2018). Quantifying vulnerability of Antarctic ice shelves to hydrofracture using microwave scattering properties. Remote Sensing of Environment, 210, 297-306

Alley, K.E., Scambos, T.A., Anderson, R.S., Rajaram, H., Pope, A., & Haran, T (2018). Continent-wide estimates of Antarctic strain rates from Landsat 8-derived velocity grids. Journal of Glaciology, 64(244), 321-332

Alley, K.E., Scambos, T.A., Siegfried, M.R., & Fricker, H.A. (2016). Impacts of warm water on Antarctic ice shelf stability through basal channel formation. Nature Geoscience, 9, 1-5