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Student participation eligibility

3rd and 4th year B.Env.D 


3rd and 4th year B.Env.D (Architecture) & Master of Architecture

3rd and 4th year B.Env.D (Interior Environments) & Master of Interior Design

3rd and 4th year B.Env.D (Landscape & Urbanism) & Master of Landscape Architecture

Master of City Planning

International exchange process (outbound)

"The study abroad experience is a fantastic way to explore a new country, immerse yourself in a new culture, and work with a new community of designers. The opportunity to attend the Technical University of Munich and learn about German and European design up close, through local sets of eyes was as exciting as it was educational. If you want to push your boundaries as a designer and international citizen, study abroad is an opportunity I could not recommend more highly."

— Ryan Coates MLA
TUM - Freisin

Step 1: Check eligibility

Registration for the program is open to 3rd and  4th year Environmental Design, and Master level students who:

Step 2: Apply for the FAUM exchange program

Faculty of Architecture Students at the University of Manitoba must apply through the Faculty Exchange Coordinator. Please email, or visit Room 212, John A. Russell Building, to discuss your interest and options.

The Faculty Exchange Coordinator will help match you up with an appropriate exchange program and answer any questions you have about the program. Once you have discussed your interest you should also consider your budget for the exchange by completing a Financial Planning Worksheet.  Once you have approval from your program you will be able to complete and submit an online application.

A complete application includes:

  • application form
  • current transcript
  • intended course list
  • short essay outlining your reasons for applying

Annual application deadlines:
March 1st for the following Fall Term
July 15th for the following Winter Term

To start your international exchange application visit the Outbound Faculty of Architecture Exchange Portal (you will be required to log in through JUMP).

Step 3: Choose courses

Meet with the department head for your option or master program to discuss course options at the university you are planning to attend. You will work closely with the Faculty Exchange coordinator in regards to processing the paperwork.

Step 4: Nomination and application to the partner university

When the Faculty of Architecture approves your participation in the exchange, your name and email will be forwarded to the partner institution. They will then contact you directly to start their application process.

Step 5: Submit a Letter of Permission request

Once accepted, submit a "Letter of Permission" for course transfer evaluation.

This is a very important step in the process and is used in registering you at UM and in the calculation of fees which must be paid prior to leaving.

(See the Transfer Credit section of the main Outgoing exchange page for steps on applying for the L.O.P.)

Undergraduate exchanges will process the Letter of Permission with an application through your Aurora account. 

Graduate exchanges will process the Letter of Permission directly through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

Please contact the exchange coordinator to discuss this process in more detail.

Step 6: Arrange travel and living requirements

  • Arrange your passport and visas
  • Arrange your accommodations
  • Arrange your travel and insurance

Step 7: Consider other aspects of your exchange experience

Students confirmed to go on an exchange are required to go through the International Pre-Departure Online course on UM Learn through the International Centre. Various issues of going on an exchange are presented and the information provided will give you a good foundation for your preparations. For University of Manitoba Students travelling abroad this valuable information will take you through 5 modules and you will receive a certificate at the end of the modules. You will be required to submit by email an electronic copy of the certificate to the Exchange Coordinator prior to your travels. Most importantly, you should be aware of the cultural differences you may encounter and how they will contribute to culture shock. Facing a new culture and cultural differences and how they affect one’s ability to understand and function in a new and unfamiliar environment is something you should be aware of and prepared for. Read the How to Self-Register for the International Pre-Departure Orientation guide for more information about how to enroll in the online course.

Preparing for your exchange - Research your destination's local customs, culture, and people centre for Intercultural learning provides an insight and resourceful information on different countries and their cultures. Global Affairs: Canadians Travelling and Living Abroad provides up-to-date destination information on safety and security, and local laws and customs. Three webpages that provides suggestions to help settling in to your new surroundings and be more at ease in a new environment Coping with Culture Shock Culture Crossing Settling in.

International exchange process (inbound)

"My year in Sweden has contributed greatly to my education, not only through the variety of courses and material studied, but the experience of not simply visiting, but living in another locale. Having the opportunity to work in both Uppsala and Alnarp, I gained a well-rounded feeling for the Swedish culture, their affinity for the natural environment, the importance of community, and their adoration of fika (the ritualistic love for coffee breaks)!”

— Garth Woolison MLA
SLU - Sweden

Step 1: Start dates & deadlines

At UM, the academic year is organized into two terms: September to December (1st term) and January to April (2nd term). If you would like to begin studies in September (for 1 or 2 terms), the application deadline is April 1st. For studies beginning in January, the application deadline is August 1st.

Step 2: Review course selection information

The Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba has an undergraduate program in Environmental Design and within the program, there is the general studies year, an interdisciplinary 2nd year followed by the 3rd and 4th year options of the three design disciplines (Architecture, Interior Environments and Landscape + Urbanism).

At the graduate level (Masters) there are 4 academic departments, Architecture, City Planning, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. To find out more about these departments and the courses they are currently offering, visit the following pages.

Review our Academic Calendar to view courses and course description for each department listed above. Please note you will have to view the class schedule and timetable to see if the courses will be offered in the term(s) that you are attending the University of Manitoba.

To search the schedule of classes being offered in a specific term and to view section-specific details and restrictions, refer to the Class Schedule for that term.

The language of instruction for all courses is English.

Space in a course currently offered is not guaranteed. Please email the Faculty Exchange Coordinator to find out if the courses you wish to take are available to you.

Step 3 (Undergraduate): Application & documents required


Once the department receives the nomination from your institution, you will receive notification from this office to apply online. Use Chrome or Firefox browsers to review the application portal.

You will be required to submit the following documentation:

  • Transcripts
  • Statement of Intent
  • English Language Proficiency Test (if required) - Exemption List
  • Design portfolio (studio work)

Once we have received this application, we will generate an acceptance letter for you, which will enable you to come to Canada to study.

Step 3 (Graduate): Application & documents required


Once the department receives the nomination from your institution, you will receive notification from this office to apply online.

Use Chrome or Firefox browsers to review the application portal

  • Transcripts,
  • Statement of Intent,
  • English Language Proficiency Test (if required) - Exemption List
  • Design portfolio (studio work)
  • Formal Learning Agreement (Form 2) with application submission

Once we have received this application, we will confirm your acceptance by the graduate department and we will notify you to complete an online application through the Faculty of Graduate Studies online portal. You will receive an acceptance letter through the Faculty of Graduate Studies which will enable you to come to Canada to study.

Step 4: Formal learning agreement

Submit Formal Learning Agreement signed off by your institution representative.

Step 5: Residence & insurance considerations

Please explore and confirm your living arrangements prior to entering Canada. You can find out more about residence options through UofM Life.

Exchange students are not eligible for the U of M student health insurance. Students are required to purchase appropriate health/medical insurance prior to entering Canada.

Step 6: Arrival in Winnipeg

The International Student Resources webpage provides valuable information on immigration matters, VISA, housing, and etc. The webpage is a good starting-point for getting you prepared for your exchange and knowing what to expect when you arrive.

Students participating in this program should arrive in Winnipeg one week before the commencement of classes to have enough time to prepare for classes, participate in any orientation events, and adjust to living in Winnipeg.

Step 7: International centre

The International Centre provides support services for all international students at the University of Manitoba. Students coming to the Faculty of Architecture on an exchange are encouraged to visit the International Centre and participate in the many activities and services provided. We also encourage you to contact the International Centre with your e-mail address once you are here so that you can receive their weekly newsletter and learn about upcoming events, opportunities, and other important information.

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