Most students in the Faculty of Architecture fund the majority of their education costs through personal savings, family or government loans and part-time work. Some forms of financial assistance are available to help cover some program expenses. The best form of assistance is that provided through scholarships, bursaries, fellowships and teaching assistantships. Scholarships and fellowships are usually provided on a merit basis, involving strong competition, often favouring the academically strongest students. Bursaries are awarded confidentially on the basis of financial need, as well as, in most cases, a minimum academic standing.

Undergraduate funding and awards

Bachelor of Environmental Design students can find funding opportunities through UM's Financial Aid and Awards page or the Faculty of Architecture's awards database.

Graduate student funding opportunities

Graduate students can apply for various types of funding, including scholarships, research grants and assistantships.

Other funding opportunities

Faculty of Architecture endowment fund

The Faculty of Architecture invites submissions for the annual disbursement from the Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund.


Any questions can be address to Tara Vogelsang at

Endowment fund application package


The Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund uses the interest revenue generated from the Fund to be allocated to projects providing academic enrichment, or advancing the academic and research goals of the Faculty of Architecture as represented by: Architecture, City Planning, Environmental Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture. Applications are invited from constituencies related to the Faculty, normally to include staff, students, alumni and “friends of the Faculty”.

In the past grants have gone to support conferences, speakers, and other special events, the acquisition of library material and special equipment, as well as to encourage research and creative work.

Faculty Endowment Funds were established at the University to allow donors to contribute to the pursuit of excellence in areas of greatest interest to them. Each Fund is administered by a committee consisting of students, academics, support staff, alumni and other “friends of the faculty”. The Committee meets each year to determine the most effective way of spending the interest from gifts received.

Endowment fund 2024 / 2025 schedule

Monday, October 30, 2023   First call for 2023/2024 proposals

Monday, January 8, 2024     Second call for 2023/2024 proposals

Friday, March 1, 2024           Proposal Submission Deadline

Friday, March 1, 2024            Deadline for 2022/2023 project activity reports*

Tuesday, March 12, 2024      Endowment Fund Committee adjudication meeting

Friday, March 22, 2024          Adjudication results circulated

Monday, April 8, 2024            Funds awarded for 2024/2025 available

*Required for all projects that received funding from the 2023/2024 campaign.

Application process

Grant Applications should be submitted to:
Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund Committee
c/o Office of the Dean Faculty of Architecture 201 John A. Russell Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Digital Grant Applications should be submitted to:
Office of the Dean Faculty of Architecture, 201 John A Russell Building

The 2023/2024 Grant Application package must include:
One digital copy of the Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund 2023/2024 Grant Application, signed. Applicants should exercise care in writing part 4.0 Detailed Description of Project and part 6.0 Description of Project Costs because these are crucial in the application review process. A clear, concise summary description of the project must be limited to the space provided on the application form. However, 1 (one) additional 8 ½ x 11 page of supporting material will be accepted. (i.e. photograph, letter of support, etc.)
Late, incomplete or unsigned submissions risk not being accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete proposal that includes a balanced budget and the correct project dates that note both the month and year of project.

Endowment fund committee meeting notes

2023/2024 grant recipients

Grant Recipients Short Title of Project Amt Awarded ($)
Susan Algie Architecture & Design Film Festival 2023 1,500
Farzan Farnaghi IDAS Meet &  Greet 1,000
Lila Asher Indigenous Travel Bursaries 3,000
Brandy O'Reilly Year End Exhibition 7,000
Susan Algie Archives Project 5,000
UMAAS ED2 Mixer 250
UMAAS MAA Meet & Greet 1,000


ID Oral History Project 4,000
UMAPS MPPI/UMAPS Trivia Night 1,000
WAF Manitoba Women in Design Book 4,000
Ainsley Johnston A2Gallery Program Fund 10,600
Carmen Huang FAUM + CanU 1,000
Smile Singh LASA & MALA Student Organized Events 1,250
Busola Ayoola International Student Events 700
Jae Sung Chon Cultural Events 2023-2024 20,000

Jae Sung Chon

Atmosphere 16: Agency 20,000
Jaya Beange Frontlines: Indigenous Led Development 500
Jaya Beange Winnipeg Design Festival 2023 2,000
Amanda Reis EFD Publication and Exhibition 2,000
Johannah Javier Warehouse Journal 32 30,000
  Total $115,800

2022/2023 grant recipients

Grant Recipients Short Title of Project Amt Awarded ($)
Dietmar Straub MLA 50th Anniversary Lots of Bulbs 8,000
Susan Algie, WAF Architecture+Design Film Festival (Event) 2,000
Lisa Landrum Unstacking the Deck 2,000
Smile Singh MALA LASA (Event) 1,500
Matthew Gowdar UMAPS Trivia Night/Networking (Event) 1,500
Carmen Huang IDAS Meet & Greet (Event) 800
Susan Algie, WAF Winnipeg Places+Spaces (Publication) 2,000

Alieha Pascua, Dave Castillo & Johanna Babadilla

Warehouse Journal Volume 31 25,000
Carmen Huang FAUM + CanU 1,000
Kanza Rauf Workshop on Bio-Materials (Event) 5,000
Aliyah Baerg Mobile Indigenous Design Lab 15,614
Jaya Beange Design Matters (Film/Publication) 2,000
Jae-Sung Chon Arch 2 Gallery (Event) 8,000
Jae-Sung Chon Atmosphere 15 (Event) 20,000
Jae-Sung Chon Cultural Events/Food for Thought 24,000
Jae-Sung Chon BIKEOUT 2,000
  Total $119,914

2021/2022 grant recipients

Grant Recipients Short Title of Project Amt Awarded ($)
Chelsea Colburn and Teresa Lyons Warehouse 30 25,000
Susan Algie, WAF Winnipeg Architecture Monographs 11,000
Neil Minuk AJ Donahue Book 6,000
Carmen Huang FAUM + CanU 500
Dela Ghasemi IDAS Meet & Greet 150
Hillary Beattie City Planning Quiz Night 1,000
Shawn Bailey Kahnowiilyaa (Everyone) 2,750
Alixa Lacerna JAR (Just Arch Response) Opener 2,000
Brandy O'Reilly Year-End Exhibition online & in video 1,500
Liz Sellors Interior Design Oral History Project Phase 1 3,060
Keland Newton S.A.S Mental Health Service 1,000
Jae-Sung Chon Cultural Events/Food for Thought 24,000
Jae-Sung Chon Arch 2 Gallery 7,000
Jae-Sung Chon Atmosphere 14 20,000
Brandy O'Reilly EDI Workshops 2,500
Elise Ouellette LASA/MALA events 1,200
  Total $108,660

2020/2021 grant recipients

Grant Recipients Short Title of Project Amt Awarded ($)
Jae-Sung Chon Architecture Gallery 7,200
Angie Mojica City Planning Quiz Night 720
Jessica Piper Cafe Exhibition at RAIC Conference 2,776
Jae-Sung Chon Cultural Events & Food for Thought 19,200
Jae-Sung Chon Atmosphere 16,000
Brandy O'Reilly Year End Exhibition 560
Eduardo Aquino Faculty of Architecture Cool Gardens 6,400
Warehouse 29 Editors: Nichola
Basford, Kate Sherrin & Micaela Stokes
Warehouse Journal Volume 29 30,000
Richard Perron Iskatewizaagegan Eco-design book 1,300
Jessica Piper C.A.S.T. Legacy Publication 5,900
Naomi Ratte Indigenous Design and Planning Publication 8,000
Emily Sinclair Framing the Landscape 2,500
Carmen Huang FAUM + CanU 500
Kathryn McCudden LASA and MALA student organized events 1,200
Susan Algie Architecture+Design Film Festival 2020 2,000
Brittany Hince Siwicki C.A.S.T. Mixer 1,300
Marlena Jankowski IDAS Annual Meet & Greet 800
Bailey Taylor Ditchball 2020 2,000
Jessica D'Toste MAA Meet & Greet 1,000
  Total $109,356

2019/2020 grant recipients

Grant Recipients Short Title of Project Amt Awarded ($)
Lisa Landrum Cultural Events & Food For Thought 25,000
Jae-Sung Chon Atmosphere 12 | Next School 20,000
Jae-Sung Chon Gallery 3,000
Liana Thomson Warehouse Journal 28 25,000
Brandy O'Reilly Year-End Exhibition 6,000
Jessica Leon D'Toste Unconscious Bias 10,000
Daniel Broderick City Planning Quiz Night 1,000
Jessica Piper LASG/Philip Beesley + CAST Collaborative Workshop 4,300
Tia Watson Seoul International Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 3,500
Krista Renwick LASA/MALA Student - led Events 1,200
Jessica D'Toste UMAAS 10x20x20 1,000
Jessica D'Toste MAA Meet & Greet 1,000
Susan Algie A+DFF 2019 2,000
Brittany Hince Sawicki C.A.S.T. Mixer 500
  Total $103,500

2018/2019 grant recipients

Grant Recipients Short Title of Project Amt Awarded ($)
Simone Sucharov-Benarroch Ditchball 2018 1,500
Lia Abolit LARE Educational Resources 1,135
Vanessa Vermeulen LASA/MALA Student-led Events 1,200
Erin Riediger UMAAS 10x20x20 1,000
Erin Riediger MAA Meet & Greet 1,000
Thomas Crossman UMAAS Gingerbread Competition 800
Marcella Eaton & Alyssa Schwann Atmosphere 11 ADAPTATION    20,000
Tia Watson & Meighan Giesbrecht A2G Gallery Exhibitions 1,500
Susan Algie A+DFF 2018 2,000
Alissa Rappaport Planners on Buses Video Series 1,500
Liv Valmestad Art and Architecture Video Series 600
Emily Warza Warehouse Journal 27 23,800
Evan Sinclair City Planning Quiz Night 1,000
Bobbi MacLennan Expanding the MAA Intern Study Library 900
Brandy O'Reilly Year-End Exhibition 5,000
Stanley Britton Homage to SAS Senior Stick 500
Amanda Reis C.A.S.T. Mixer 500
Lisa Landrum Cultural Events & Food for Thought 25,000
Jae-Sung Chon Gallery 2018/19 6,000
Terri Fuglem Archiving Historical Student Work 3,500
Michael Wakely The Exchange's Pop-Up Public Place 4,500
Carlos Rueda C.A.S.T. Researcher in Residence 3,700
  Total $106,635

Faculty of Architecture Student Innovation and Enrichment Fund

The student innovation and enrichment fund (SIEF) seeks to facilitate student innovation, achievement, voice and well-being as they progress through the Faculty of Architecture.

SIEF fund application form

Application process

Applications are open to  faculty members, support staff, and students in the Faculty of Architecture. Proposals should explicitly foster innovation and enrichment for students in the Faculty of Architecture and further detail why student funding is being pursued and how it will enrich the student experience.

Applications should be submitted to:
Faculty of Architecture Student Innovation and Enrichment Fund Committee
c/o William Fischer at

The SIEF Committee meets twice in the Fall Term and twice in the Winter Term, with additional meetings being scheduled as required.

Voting members may consider urgent funding requests under $10,000 through email voting.  Approved funding requests over $10,000 must provide a status report in the following Term (date to be determined by the SIEF Committee).


To approve and allocate monies from the Student Innovation and Enrichment Program Fee (SIEF) for student and staff identified and supported programs, activities, research, events and technology that actively and directly benefit the student body. The SIEF is intended to provide all students with more opportunity to be innovative and trailblazers within all the departments in the Faculty of Architecture.

Intent of the SIEF fund

The intent of the SIEF is to ensure that students have an enriched and fulfilling educations experience over and above the base operating and facilities provided by the Faculty of Architecture. This fund is not intended as a replacement for the Faculty of Architecture operation, maintenance or facilities budgets.*

*Any investment in operations, maintenance, or facilities must demonstrate substantial benefit to students within the faculty, and must be unanimously approved by both the SIEF Committee and FASA.