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Student categories

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    Special students

    Special students are those taking courses for professional development or personal learning, students with a degree taking a few courses to satisfy entry requirements to a faculty, students who have completed previous university/college course work and those wanting to increase their GPA for admission to a faculty, college or school.

    Special students pay the application fee and provide all official transcripts from external institutions attended. If born outside Canada and now a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you are required to provide proof of status in Canada. If English is not your first language, you are required to provide English Language Proficiency results.

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    Visiting students

    Visiting Students are those enrolled at another institution but wanting to apply credit for UM courses to their home institution.

    Visiting Students submit a Letter of Permission from their home institution to the University of Manitoba Admissions Office. You are required to pay the application fee but are not required to provide transcripts.

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    Auditing students

    Auditing students want to take courses for personal or professional interest.

    Written consent from the instructor is required and must be submitted to the General Studies student advisor who will manually register on your behalf. Tuition fees are reduced. All other fees apply.

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    Senior students

    Older adults who are 65 years by Sept. 1 (Fall term), Jan. 1 (Winter term), or May 1 (Summer term) and who are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents will not pay application or tuition fees. Proof of age and citizenship/residence status and English language proficiency may be required.

    Seniors can apply to General Studies as a Special Student to take course(s) for credit or as an Auditing Student to take courses for personal interest only.

How it works

Extended Education General Studies students can register for a course from most faculties provided prerequisite requirements have been met. Courses in professional faculties, colleges and schools require special permission prior to registration. Courses are available in the Fall, Winter and Summer terms and are offered on campus or online.

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