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Bouzhou, tansi, tawnshi, hello, et bonjour,
I welcome you, wherever you currently are, to this virtual presence of the Faculty of Education of the University of Manitoba. I invite you to explore on our website the diverse research we do, the diverse academic programs we offer, and the stories we tell about our services to diverse communities. Across this diversity, what unites academic and support staff of the Faculty is their commitment to a better world for the current and future generations, especially for those structurally disadvantaged. Explore, stay for a while, take what we happily share with you, get in contact with us as needed, and share our journey for some time.
It is in the journey that one becomes wise.
(Richard Wagamese, 1955-2017)
Thomas Falkenberg
Acting Dean, Faculty of Education

Academic staff

Education Administration, Foundations & Psychology

Academic staff

Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

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