• Dr. Ee-Seul Yoon is an Associate Professor in the areas of Educational Administration, Leadership, and Policy. Dr. Yoon’s scholarship is interdisciplinary, drawing from sociology, human geography, and critical policy studies. Her research aims to better understand how the marketization and privatization of education impact equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Canadian education systems. Her doctoral dissertation, which examined school choice from the perspective of diverse young people, received the AERA Social Context of Education Division’s Distinguished Dissertation Award. Her SSHRC-funded post-doctoral fellowship applied a cutting-edge mixed-methods geospatial approach to understanding school choice inequity and school polarization in Canadian cities. Dr. Yoon is currently conducting two SSHRC-funded studies that apply a mixed-methods approach, combining interviews, local histories, and school mapping, to understand the multiple inequities facing diverse learners and the complex challenges facing educators and leaders. To see a list of her publications, visit her Google Scholar Profile  

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