1999 – SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellowship, OISE/UT

1997 – PhD, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

1987 – MA, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

1985 – Honours Equivalent, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

1984 – BA, University of British Columbia, Vancouver


The 1997 recipient of CSSE’s dissertation prize, Dr. Sandra Kouritzin (Sandie) joined CTL in 1999, and served as editor of the TESL Canada Journal from 2000-2006. She has published extensively in journals such as the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Canadian Journal of Education, Curriculum Inquiry, Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, TESOL Quarterly, Foreign Language Annals and the TESL Canada Journal. She authored Face[t]s of First Language Loss, a life history comparative analysis of individual immigrant and Indigenous language loss, and co-edited a book on research methodologies called Challenging the Orthodoxies in Standard Academic Discourses[s], as well as publishing special issues, and book and TESOL Encyclopedia chapters. In 2005, Sandie was awarded the Falconer Emerging Researcher Rh Award in the social sciences by the University of Manitoba. As principal investigator, she has held over $1.5 million in research funding, including several multi-year SSHRC grants, and has been principal or co-investigator on grants from SSHRC, Metropolis, HRSDC, CBIE, CIC and other national, international and university-internal funders.

Areas of Specialization

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • First language loss, maintenance, death and revitalization
  • English and Indigenous languages and identities worldwide
  • Workload creep in the neoliberal university

Research Interests

  • Faculty workload and faculty/instructor identity (SSHRC Insight Grant: UM/SSHRC Explore Grant)
  • Transnational research ethics and methodologies
  • Positioning theory and second language identity