• XiaoxiaoDuEdited
  • Assistant Professor

    Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)

    Room 233 Education Building



  • 2014 — PhD, Western University
    2008 — MEd, Western University
    2006 — MA, Laurentian University
    2004 — BA, Shenyang Normal University 


  • Xiaoxiao joined the Faculty of Education as Assistant Professor of language and literacies in July 2021. She is the Past President of Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada and serves as associate editor of the Canadian ejournal Language & Literacy. She has been working with diverse learners and their families as well as teachers in both public and private settings at different levels such as elementary schools, secondary schools, and post-secondary institutions in Canada and beyond. She completed her Ph.D. at Western University, and her dissertation won the John Dearness Memorial Award. She has taught language and literacy courses and worked with many undergraduate students from various disciplines including teacher candidates and graduate students in different universities in Ontario such as Western and Waterloo. Through her scholarly activities, she has investigated and scaffolded children’s early literacy learning at school, in their homes, and in their local community, has supported elementary school teachers to further understand their diverse learners and support their literacy learning at school, has helped parents to better understand school curriculum and literacies and their home literacy practices, has bridged the gap between school and home literacies, and has celebrated dynamic learner and teacher identities both inside and outside classrooms. 

Areas of Specialization

  • Language and Literacy Pedagogy  
  • Language and Literacy Learning 
  • Multiliteracies across Domains 
  • Qualitative Research

Research Interests

  • Literacy events and literacy practices in the early years
  • Multimodal meaning making 
  • Identity construction among learners and teachers
  • School literacies, home literacies, and community literacies