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Pathway to Success

Welcome to Asper!

Our Asper Pathway to Success Program is for all students newly admitted to the Asper School of Business. Whether you are direct entry or a transfer student, we want to share our community with you from our academic programs to student engagement as well connections with the business community.

Over the summer we are offering virtual and in-person sessions to introduce you to our academic programs as well as opportunities to build skill sets and connect with other students on campus.

Watch your email for information on how to register and keep checking back as sessions are added over the summer!

Schedule of sessions

Asper registration info sessions

Find out everything you need to know about registering for the upcoming year at the Asper School of Business.

University transfer students

For university transfers students (admitted under Track 1, Track 2 and Articulation Agreement/Joint Programs) (from University of Manitoba, including University 1, and/or any other institution) (Canadian and International Students).

5 - 6:30 p.m. | Monday, July 4, 2022 This session will be conducted via zoom and registration is required. A meeting invitation that includes registration instructions will be emailed to all newly admitted university transfer students. 

High school students (Canadian and international students)

For Canadian and International high school students admitted under Direct Entry.

5 - 6:30 p.m. | Tuesday, July 5, 2022 This session will be conducted via Zoom and registration is required. A meeting invitation that includes registration instructions will be emailed to all newly admitted direct entry students.

Frequently asked questions


What are the Asper admission requirements?

All students who are interested in the Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree need to satisfy the Asper admission requirements. The complete admission information is available through our admissions page.

How do I apply to the Asper School of Business?

More information and a link to the application form is available on the admissions page

What is the application deadline?

Every March 15 is the deadline to apply to the Asper School of Business for the following September term. The Asper School of Business admits students in September only. If there are any changes to this deadline they would be posted on the Admissions Office website.


Can students drop out of their first year of University and apply for Direct Entry?

A student who has been accepted to a university and completed less than 24 credit hours (not including Voluntary Withdrawals) is considered eligible to apply for Direct Entry. Students with 24 or more credit hours completed may not apply for Direct Entry.

Will students who are unsuccessful in being admitted to Asper be automatically considered for U1? Or will they have to apply to U1?

Direct Entry applicants who are unsuccessful in being admitted to Asper will automatically be considered for U1. They do not need to apply to U1 and do not need to pay another application fee.

Where can I find a complete list of the most recent Asper School of Business graduates?

View a complete list of graduate programs.



How much tuition do I pay as an International Student?

All undergraduate international students* (including students from Ningbo University) pay an international student differential fee. Please visit fee information on the Registrar's Office website.

What are the English proficiency requirements to apply to the Bachelor of Commerce?

The University of Manitoba has general English proficiency requirements that all students must meet to be able to apply to any program offered at our university. Detailed information is listed on the Admissions Office website.

Under certain circumstances you may request a waiver of the English language proficiency requirement from the Admissions Office.


How do I get course outlines for Asper courses?

No hard copies of course outlines will be distributed in most Asper School courses. They can be obtained by following the "Course Outline" link from the Asper School homepage.

How do I register for courses?

There are three tutorials available in the Registration Information section of this website. These tutorials are aimed primarily at Direct Entry High School students in terms of the courses to take, however the information on how to use Aurora Student would apply to everyone.

I have an error when registering in Aurora, what do I do?

There is a list of the most common errors in the Registration Information section of this website.

What is a prerequisite (prereq)?

Prerequisites are specific course that you are required to take before you register in a course.  Some courses will require high school prerequisites but others will require university level prerequisites. The prerequisite requirements of each course are listed online in Aurora Student in the Course Catalog (which can be linked to through the Class Schedule by clicking View Catalog Entry).

What courses do I take to fulfil my degree requirements?

Complete information is available through the Degree Requirements section of this website.

How do I know if I registered in the correct courses for my degree requirements?

Please stop by the Asper Undergraduate Program Office (268 Drake Centre) or contact a student advisor to get your program requirements checked. You can also refer to our program guide for the degree information.

Can I use the courses I took at my last school/university towards my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Manitoba?

Transfer credit is evaluated centrally by the University of Manitoba Admissions Office on a course by course basis. More detailed information is available on their website. Once your courses have been evaluated by the Admissions Office and are visible on your UofM record an Advisor in the Asper School of Business will determine whether the courses can be used towards the Bachelor of Commerce degree. Please note that your courses at your current/previous post secondary institution will be evaluated at the time of admission and your transfer credits will be finalized after you have been officially accepted to the University of Manitoba.

If you would like to have an idea of what courses might transfer you can use the online Transfer Credit Equivalencies database to see courses that have current evaluations on file. Courses on this database are subject to change.

Can the courses that I took at another school fulfill the written English requirement here?

Courses transferred from external institutions do not satisfy the written English requirement, except courses that transfer as Department of English courses, subject ENGL. Some exceptions may apply but would need to be assessed on an individual basis.

What courses should I take for my electives?

Electives are courses you are required to take that are taught outside of the Asper School of Business. For information on how to choose your electives please see our Electives page.

For my Foundation requirements I have to take 6 hours from ANTH, HIST, MATH, PHIL, POLS, PSYC OR SOC. Does it have to be from just one of these subjects and how do I choose?

You do have to take a total of 6 credit hours but it is okay if you take 3 from one area and 3 from another. When you make your choice of what to take you should keep in mind the courses you would like to take later, just like when you pick your electives. The courses you take here could be used as prerequisites for later courses or, if you are interested in Actuarial Studies, help put you on track to your professional designation. (See: What courses should I take for my electives? for more specific information.).

How does the U of M determine a full-time or part-time student status?

Student status is determined by the number of credit hours in each term (Fall and Winter). In the Asper School of Business, a student who is registered in a 60% course load which is a minimum of 9 credit hours in each term is considered to be a full time student. Therefore, a student with less than 9 credit hours is considered to be a part time student. Please note that the definition of full-time and part-time status may vary depending on offices / institutions. To be eligible for most scholarships students will need to have an 80% course load of 12 credit hours in Fall and 12 credit hours in Winter.

How do I declare my graduation?

You should declare your graduation date in Aurora Student. The deadline to declare your graduation date in Aurora will be the end of the revision period for your last term.  If you plan to graduate and have missed the deadline to declare online or if you need help declaring your grad date, please come to the Asper Undergraduate Program Office, 268 Drake Centre, for assistance.

Students are encouraged to declare a grad date as early as possible, and to come to the Undergraduate Program Office, 268 Drake Centre, to have a Program Advisor review your graduation requirements.

How can I check to make sure I am eligible for graduation?

If you have concerns about your courses please stop by the Asper Undergraduate Program Office (room 268 Drake Centre) or contact a student advisor to get your graduation requirements checked.

How can I declare my second major?

You can declare your 2nd major after the revision period of your final term in Asper. There is a form for you to sign to declare your double majors in the Asper Undergraduate Program Office (room 268 Drake Centre).

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