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Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship

What we do

The Stu Clark Centre offers a variety of services and supports to students from all across the University of Manitoba wanting to explore entrepreneurship! 

Our Five Pillars of focus are aimed at the development of high-impact talent while delivering a transformative community engaged learning experience in support of our students, our business community and the economic prosperity of Manitoba.

  • Entrepreneurship Education

  • Exciting events and competitions geared to the Graduate/ Undergrad / High school level

  • Student Entrepreneurship Community

  • Startup Coach Program 

  • Connecting to the Manitoba Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Checkout the impact we made in 2022-23! Read our full impact report here. 

Stu Clark Webinar Series

Competitions & Events

Entrepreneurship education

The Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship is passionate about igniting the entrepreneurial spark in students from all faculties, helping them to recognize that entrepreneurship is a viable career path!

  • ENTR 2030: Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Business and Social Perspectives

     This course is a fantastic opportunity for students to be exposed to the entrepreneurship thought process and gain some perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

    If this sparks your interest entrepreneurship may be your career path.

    ENTR 2020: Starting a New Business

    Not an Asper student? No problem. ENTR 2020: Starting a New Business will give you a fantastic overview and cover a broad range of topics to increase your understanding of what it takes to succeed in an entrepreneurial career.

  • Bachelor of Commerce - Entrepreneurship major

    We are proud to have a popular major in BComm Hons major in Entrepreneurship Small Business where students are exposed to the process of a new venture startup, social initiatives, small business management and family business. 

    Asper MBA Program - Entrepreneurship and Innovation theme

    Whether your goal is to start a company or innovate in an existing organization, this MBA theme will hone your understanding of value creation and re-creation by exploring creative, innovative and entrepreneurial perspectives and behaviours.

Startup Coach Program

Students in any faculty at the University of Manitoba have access to Ben Isakov, the Startup Coach at the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Stu Clark Startup Coach

The Startup Coach at the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship, can lead you into start-up land with free one-on-one meetings! No matter what stage in your entrepreneurial journey you are at, the Startup Coach is a great resource to provide coaching, guidance and mentorship to help start, build and scale your business. 

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Learn more about how the Startup Coach can help you! 

Community Connections

Winnipeg’s vibrant, active and knowledgeable entrepreneurial ecosystem has some key players that we are honoured be connected with. It takes a village to raise a start-up!

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