Since 1987, Melinda has been affiliated with the University of Manitoba. During her tenure as part of the Bison Sports team, she was responsible for managing customer service, budgets, purchasing, team travel arrangements, travel expense reporting, as well as assisting with hosting of Championships and ensuring student-athlete eligibility and early registration.

Melinda firmly believes that one is never too old to learn, although it may take a bit longer for the material to be fully grasped. To further her professional development, she completed her Human Resource Management Certificate in 2015 and the UM Supervisory Excellence Program in 2017. Currently, Melinda is pursuing additional education through the UM Human Resources Essentials program as well as the Extended Education, General Studies program.

Mental health is an area of particular interest for Melinda, and she has obtained certification in Mental Health First Aid for Adults Who Interact with Youth. At the University of Manitoba, Melinda is a member of the Mental Health First Aid Champions group. Additionally, she serves as a Co-Event Coordinator on the Support Staff Endowment Fund (SSEF) Committee and is an alternate member of the Organizational Safety and Health Advisory (OSHA) Committee for AESES.

In her leisure time, Melinda enjoys spending quality time with her family, taking walks with her dog, and indulging in baking.