• Ben Isakov
  • Strategic Partnerships & Venture Support Lead

    Room 212, Drake Centre
    181 Freedman Crescent
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V4



Ben is a seasoned Business Breakthrough Strategist and Exit Planning Advisor, boasting over two decades of expertise in Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement, and Operations Management. His unique superpower lies in his ability to perceive a business as a dynamic interplay of processes and functions, enabling him to pinpoint bottlenecks and glass ceilings that hinder growth.

With a keen eye for identifying areas that aren't harmonizing effectively, Ben leverages his extensive knowledge in manufacturing, continuous improvement, quality assurance, and business analysis systems to guide clients in shattering these barriers. His mission is to empower businesses to transcend limitations and unlock their full potential.

Offering a suite of best-in-class tools and methodologies, Ben assists business owners in crafting Strategic Plans, cultivating Transferable Business Value, and formulating comprehensive Business Exit and Succession Plans. Through his strategic guidance, he ensures that clients achieve predictable and desirable outcomes, paving the way for sustained success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Currently serving as the Stu Clark Centre Strategic Partnership and Venture Support Lead at the University of Manitoba, Ben seamlessly integrates his wealth of business expertise into the academic realm. In this pivotal role, he bridges the gap between academia and industry, leveraging his Business Breakthrough Strategist and Exit Planning Advisor background to cultivate strategic partnerships and provide invaluable support for ventures. Ben's commitment to fostering innovation and guiding emerging entrepreneurs aligns seamlessly with the university's mission, making him an instrumental figure in driving collaborative success and facilitating the transformation of groundbreaking ideas into sustainable, real-world business ventures. His multifaceted experience continues to contribute significantly to the university's strategic initiatives, further solidifying its position as a hub for entrepreneurial excellence and innovation.