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Academic regulations

Academic Assessment and Progression Rules (suspension and reinstatement/probation)

The Undergraduate Academic Assessment and Progression Rules including the maximum number of failures permitted and the current Probation Program and can be found in the 2020 - 2021 University of Manitoba Online Calendar in the I.H. Asper School of Business section 3.10. The regulations regarding an assessment of Required to Withdraw from the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Program can be found in the University of Manitoba Online Calendar in the I.H. Asper School of Business section 3.13.

If you find yourself falling behind in your studies, help is available to you. Reach out to an Asper advisor at or 204-474-6388. If you are falling behind because of problems with your health or personal life, the Student Advocacy team can put you in touch with resources to help you through.  

3.13 Required to Withdraw (WF) from the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Program
All students admitted in September 2015 and thereafter, in the I.H. Asper School of Business will have a formal academic assessment once they have completed 24 or more credit hours of coursework.  After that point a student will have a formal academic assessment at the end of every Fall, Winter and Summer term.

At any point of formal academic assessment, if a student i) has a degree grade point average (DGPA) of less than 2.00 or ii) fails a second consecutive Probation Program, they will be required to withdraw from the Asper School of Business.  A student in this situation will automatically have an academic assessment of "Required to Withdraw from Faculty" (WF) placed on their academic record.

Such a student will cease to be a student in the Asper School of Business but may apply for admission to another Faculty according to the rules of that unit.  If such a student desires to gain entry back to the Asper School of Business, they must re-apply for admission and will have to meet the requirements for admission at the time of the new application.

The documents below detail the procedural steps affecting students in the Suspension and Reinstatement program for students admitted prior to September 2015 and in the Probation Program for students admitted in September 2015 and thereafter.

Academic integrity

The University of Manitoba takes academic integrity seriously. As a member of the International Centre for Academic Integrity, the University defines academic integrity as a commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage.

Appeal - making an appeal

If you need to appeal a grade, a rule or regulation, the first step should be to get in touch with an Asper Program Advisor at

If required, the Asper Program Advisor may refer you another office or to Student Advocacy for additional assistance.

Attendance policy

Regular attendance is expected of all students in all courses. An instructor may initiate procedures to debar a student from attending classes and from final examinations and/or from receiving credit where unexcused absences exceed those permitted by the faculty or school regulations.

If you are facing debarment, your professor may contact you to apprise you of this matter and/or you will receive a letter from the Undergraduate Program Office with instructions.

Degree audit tool

UM Achieve is a brand new tool that puts you in charge of your academic success. Want to track your academic progress and explore degree paths? UM Achieve is a new tool to help you do it.

Complete your degree audit today and take control of your academic success. Learn more at:

DISCLAIMER: UM Achieve Degree Audit is not an official document and does not guarantee that students have satisfied the requirements for graduation. It is not considered a replacement for official grad checks done by an Asper Program Advisor. Appeals based on Degree Audit will not be accepted.

Exam policy

What to do if you have a conflict in your exam schedule or if you missed an exam.

Letter of permission (transfer credit)

While studying at Asper, you may take courses at other recognized colleges or universities for transfer of credit.  Advance approval by Asper is required.

Missed undergraduate term exams (supplementary regulation)

I. H. Asper School of Business (Supplementary) Regulation on Accommodations for Missed Undergraduate Term Examinations. This does not preclude a student requesting accommodation for missed term exams due to medical or compassionate reasons as covered under the University’s General Academic Regulations.

Release of Information

Students who wish to designate another person to act on their behalf must provide a formal document officially outlining the release of information request.

Appeal letter templates

Students who may be appealing a general or specific rule or regulation may find the following letter templates useful to help formulate your formal appeal letter.

Prerequisite Waiver Request process and forms

Students who wish to request a prerequisite waiver for an Asper course must follow the processes defined by each department as outlined below.


As the first steps to request a prerequisite waiver for a course, complete Section A of the Departmental Permission Form. Next, refer to the remaining steps in the department process below.

Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance will process requests for courses taken in Accounting (ACC), Finance (FIN), and MIS (Management Information Systems).

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration will process requests for courses taken in Entrepreneurship (ENTR), General Management (GMGT), Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations (HRIR), Strategy and Global Management (SGMT), and Leadership and Organizations (LEAD).

Interdisciplinary Management

The Interdisciplinary Management area will process requests for courses taken in Interdisciplinary Management (IDM).

Requesting a Prerequisite Waiver for an Interdisciplinary Management Course (IDM)


The Department of Marketing will process requests for courses taken in Marketing (MKT).

Supply Chain Management

The Department of Supply Chain Management will process requests for courses taken in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Management Sciences (MSCI), and Operations Management (OPM).

The Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research

The Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research will process requests for courses taken in Actuarial Studies (ACT).


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