Academic information

The information below is a resource to help you throughout your graduate studies.

Advisor/student guidelines

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has implemented Advisor-Student Guidelines (ASG) to assist advisors/co-advisors and students in establishing mutually acceptable guidelines for their working relationship, thereby enhancing the graduate experience.

The ASG is required for all students in thesis and practicum routes. It is to be completed prior to the commencement of any research and no later than the submission of the student’s first Progress Report. Full details on the ASG can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Graduate student orientation

Get an introduction to Grad Studies, including how to write at the graduate level, work with an advisor, apply for a scholarship, network and more. Learn more about graduate student orientation.

Annual progress report

Below is a list of forms you will be required to complete during your program — these and any other forms that may apply to your program are available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.



Supplemental regulations

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Guide contains all the rules and policies related to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. One of the major goals of this guide is to prevent potential problems that may affect the completion of a student’s program. It's equally your responsibility — as it is ours — to read and follow the policies outlined on the supplemental regulations for nursing.

Scholarships and bursaries

We realize the importance of financial support for our graduate students. We've pulled together a list to ease the search and will continue to ensure that the College of Nursing is fully aware of all the funding opportunities available to help you succeed.

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