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Advisor Student Guidelines

In September 2013, the Faculty of Graduate Studies implemented the Advisor-Student Guidelines (ASG) to assist advisors/co-advisors and students in establishing mutually acceptable guidelines for their working relationship, thereby enhancing the graduate experience. The ASG is required for all students in thesis and practicum routes. It is to be completed prior to the commencement of any research and no later than the submission of the student’s first Progress Report.

The ASG must be completed using the online form only which can be found on the Graduate Studies tab in JUMP.

This includes joint U of W programs.

If you would like to review the ASG prior to completing the form online, a PDF version is available here. Please note that no paper copies of the form will be accepted.

How is an ASG Completed?

  1. The Student and Advisor/Co-Advisors must review and complete the online document together in person at the same time.

  2. The advisor logs into their JUMP account, selects the Graduate Studies tab, and clicks on “Click here to start a new Advisor/Student Guidelines form” in the FGS Advisor/Student Guidelines box. The portal will automatically populate the Advisor’s information; however, the Advisor will need to enter the student’s name, student number and UmNetID. The student’s UmNetID is the same username used to log into JUMP. If the UmNetID is unknown, the student must contact IST prior to beginning the ASG.

  3. If there is a Co-Advisor please select the checkbox “Include a co-advisor” under the Advisor Information section and input the Co-Advisor’s information.

  4. The Advisor clicks “Verify” on the bottom left side of the page. Once verified, the Advisor will be brought to the online form.

  5. The Student and Advisors should discuss each statement before checking the confirmation box for each point including applicable “optional” items.

  6. Once the document is completed, the Advisor clicks “Verify” at the bottom of the page.

  7. The advisor may now close the online form and log out of JUMP – note, however, that the process is not yet complete.

  8. The ASG will appear in the advisor’s JUMP Graduate Studies tab as a form awaiting Student (and Co-Advisor, if applicable) approval.

  9. The Student and/or Co-Advisor must log into their own JUMP account(s), select the Faculty tab, Graduate Studies tab, and click on the green ASG number. When the document is opened, the Student and/or Co-Advisor may review each point and then must click on “Accept or Reject.”

Once the student accepts or rejects the document, the electronic form will be logged by FGS. Electronic copies will remain available in the Student and Advisors’ JUMP Graduate Studies tab. Each unit may, at their discretion, retain a copy of the completed ASG; however, the only way this is possible is to print off the final ASG showing the student and advisor/co-advisors have approved it.


  1. If an ASG has already been submitted by paper (prior to January 1, 2017) and a copy has been retained, an electronic form does not need to be completed.
  2. Joint U of W program Advisors need to contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at to be granted one time access to JUMP to complete the ASG with their student(s).
  3. If a student changes advisors, or programs, a new ASG will need to be completed.
  4. The agreement may be revisited at any stage of the student’s graduate program to accommodate changes in the advisor-student relationship.