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Research affiliations

Research affiliate, Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research (MCHNR)

Research summary

Intuitively nurse educators know that graduate students in both master’s and doctoral programs question their ability to succeed – “Am I really good enough?”

The imposter phenomenon, an internalized sense of inadequacy and fear of being seen as a fraud in the presence of external indicators of authentic achievement, is experienced by highly successful individuals who, in spite of their successes, discount their abilities and believe they have fooled everyone.

These individuals attribute success to luck, chance, or faulty judgment of others.

The overall purpose of this mixed methods study is to investigate the imposter phenomenon amongst graduate nursing students.


Throughout her career, Dr. Scanlan has contributed significantly as a leader to quality nursing education at the University of Manitoba and broader nursing community. Dr. Scanlan’s leadership as associate dean, graduate programs, facilitated curricular innovation in two Master of Nursing (MN) programs that reflects the practice context and integrates a research emphasis to facilitate an understanding of knowledge and knowledge translation to prepare future nursing leaders, educators, and practitioners. Further, she led the development and approval of a PhD program in Nursing.

As an ambassador for Canadian nursing, her international contributions have changed nursing practice in China and Cuba through the development of undergraduate and graduate programs embedded in research in the local context. Dr. Scanlan’s research also reflects her passion for nursing education. Her early work in grade inflation is recognized in publications and presentations. With her colleagues, publications related to failing students in practice and reflection are classic articles consistently cited in the current literature.


PhD, University of Manitoba (1996)

Master of Education, University of Manitoba (1983)

Bachelor of Nursing, University of Manitoba (1967)

Registered Nurse, Regina General Hospital (1963)


Fellow, Canadian Institute Nurse Educators, Canadian Association Schools of Nursing (2017)

Outstanding Achievement Award, College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (2008)

Outstanding Teacher Award, University of Manitoba University Teaching Centre/University of Manitoba Students Union (2005)

Invited Professor, Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas - la Habana (2004)

Millennium Edition, Nurses of Distinction (2000)

Outreach Award, University of Manitoba (1999)

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Helen Glass Centre for Nursing
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