An intergenerational group of five people of different ages sitting on a wooden floor by a window reading papers in a group.
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Guiding principles and resources

Age-friendly resources available at the University of Manitoba are organized by the 10 Age-Friendly University principles.

To encourage the participation of older adults in all the core activities of the university, including educational and research programs

To promote personal and career development in the second half of life and to support those who wish to pursue “second careers”

To promote intergenerational learning to facilitate the reciprocal sharing of expertise between learners of all ages

To widen access to online educational opportunities for older adults to ensure a diversity of routes to participation

To ensure that the university’s research agenda is informed by the needs of an aging society and to promote public discourse on how higher education can better respond to the varied interests and needs of older adults

To increase the understanding of students of the longevity dividend and the increasing complexity and richness that aging brings to our society

To enhance access for older adults to the university’s range of health and wellness programs

To enhance access for older adults to the university’s range of its arts and cultural activities

To ensure regular dialogue with organizations representing the interests of the aging population

University of Manitoba Age-friendly university presentations and publications


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Engaging Ageing 21: Future of Ageing and the Silver Economy 1–3 November 2021

Dublin City University, Ireland

Dr. William Kops, Dr. Rod Lastra, Extended Education
Using Micro-credentials to Accommodate an Ageing Workforce, Using Micro-credentials to Accommodate an Ageing Workforce

Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) webinar

March 1, 2019
A starting point for looking at age-friendliness on my campus: AGHE can help

47th Annual Scientific & Educational Conference

CAG2018 Making it matter: Mobilizing aging research, practice & policy
October 18–20, 2018, Vancouver, British Columbia 

Michelle Porter, PhD, University of Manitoba
Age-Friendly Universities. What are they and how does my University become one?

International Federation on Aging 14th Global conference on ageing

Towards a decade of healthy ageing—From evidence to action
August 8–10, 2018, Toronto, Ontario

O'Kelly, C., Porter, M. and Harrington, L. 
Ten Principles of an Age-Friendly University (Symposium)

AFU Conference Engaging Ageing 2018: New Frontiers of Ageing: Research, Policy and Practice

March 13–14, 2018
Dublin, Ireland

  • Michelle Porter, PhD, University of Manitoba
    Using the Our Voice framework to study the age-friendliness of a university
  • Richard Milgrom, PhD, University of Manitoba
    From Age-friendly communities to age-friendly regions: Challenges for engagement
  • William Kops, PhD, University of Manitoba
    Older adult education and Canadian universities: Current state and future directions

McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL) Symposium - The Challenge of Transformation: Lifelong Living and Learning in the 21st Century

November 3, 2017, Montreal, Quebec

  • William Kops, PhD
    Older adult education and Canadian universities: Current state and future directions
  • Jim Hamilton and Kathleen Godfrey (Panel)
    The challenge of transformation: Lifelong learning and living in the 21st century

The 21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology & Geriatrics: Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice

July 23-27, 2017, San Francisco, California, USA

Michelle Porter, PhD
“Engaging an Entire University in Age-Friendly University Principles” in Symposium Being an age-friendly institution of higher education—perspectives from global partners

Age-friendly university commitment

In November 2012, the Age-Friendly University (AFU) initiative was launched in Dublin, Ireland at Dublin City University (DCU) with the establishment of 10 age-friendly principles that guide post-secondary institutions in addressing the needs of older adults.

In May 2016, University of Manitoba President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. David Barnard announced the University of Manitoba as the first Age-Friendly University (AFU) in Canada, joining universities in Ireland, the UK, and the USA, committed to the initiative.

Age-Friendly University Committee

The Age-Friendly University (AFU) Committee was created in October 2016. The impetus for its creation was to advance Age-Friendly University principles at the University of Manitoba.

For additional information on the Age-Friendly University Committee, contact the Centre on Aging.

From the larger AFU Committee, three working groups were formed to carry forward some of the Committee’s work:

  • AFU teaching and learning working group (Michelle Porter, lead)
  • AFU lifelong learning working group (William Kops, lead)

Other age-friendly university resources

Other age-friendly resources