Centre on Aging Director connects with a community member at the Spring Research Symposium.

Biweekly updates

The Centre on Aging provides biweekly updates to persons interested in the Centre's activities, presentations, or conferences related to aging, or various events or activities related to aging. The biweekly updates are distributed every second Friday.

Mailing list

Want to stay up to date on the Centre on Aging's events and news? Email us to be put on our mailing list: coaman@umanitoba.ca.

Celebrating and recognizing older people

Each year, older people are recognized for their contributions across the world. The Centre on Aging recognizes these significant milestones.

COVID-19 resources for older people

As more Manitobans get their vaccinations and public restrictions are reduced, the Centre on Aging has updated its community, health, and social support resource pages for older persons in the community as it relates to COVID-19.

Facts on aging

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