Annual report 2022-2023

Dean's message Looking back, looking forward

Our students

We are proud of our 1,104 students within the College of Nursing’s undergraduate and graduate education programs, including the 125 students enrolled in the collaborative University College of the North (UCN) cohort. The majority or 89 per cent (981) of the students are enrolled in the undergraduate programs, while 11 per cent (123) are enrolled in the graduate programs.

A College of Nursing student in scrubs, with a stethoscope around their neck.

Undergraduate programs

Facts and figures

404 students admitted

  • 360 Fort Garry Campus
  • 36 UCN
  • 8 Midwifery

981 students enrolled in undergraduate programs (years 2-4)

  • 840  Winnipeg
  • 140 Self-identified Indigenous
  • 2 BPRN
  • 93 International
  • 25 UCN
  • 14 Midwifery

248 Graduates from the Undergraduate Programs 

  • 227 BN program in Winnipeg; 20 UCN; 1 BPRN
    • 80 per cent female / 20 per cent male
  • 23 (9.3 per cent) Indigenous
  • 19 (7.6 per cent) International

97 per cent  employment rate

Bachelor of Midwifery

The Bachelor of Midwifery program was established in September 2021 with six seats in the program. In 2023 we were excited to increase our second intake of students into the program to eight.

Bachelor of Nursing

The Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program admitted 396 students, with 360 students in Winnipeg (120 students in September, 120 students in January, and 120 students in May), 19 students in The Pas and 17 students in Thompson. Gaining entry into the Bachelor of Nursing program remained very competitive, having received 1074 applications, with 2.7 applications per seat in Winnipeg. Of the students admitted, 7% were Indigenous, 12% were international, 80% were female, and 20% were male.

With 981 students enrolled in the program across the three sites, the BN program is the largest program within the College of Nursing, as well as the largest nursing education program in Manitoba. Of the 965 students enrolled across the years, 140 (14.5%) were Indigenous, and 93 (9.6%) were international.

It was with pride that we celebrated the achievement of our 248 graduates from the BN program, including one graduate from the Bachelor Program for Registered Nurses (BPRN) and 20 from the UCN cohort. Of the graduates, 80% were female, 20% were male, 10% were Indigenous, and 4% were international students. It is impressive that 97% of graduates were employed at six months post-graduation in Manitoba.

Mahkwa omushki kiim: Pathway to Indigenous Nursing Education

There were 15 new students were admitted into the Mahkwa omushki kiim: Pathway to Indigenous Nursing Education (PINE). Overall, there were 30 students enrolled in the PINE. Twelve PINE students completed University 1 and were admitted into the BN program.

Student achievements and acknowledgements

Vivian Umeohabike was elected as the Senior Stick of the Nursing Students’ Association.

Faith Osoba was elected as the Vice-Stick of the Nursing Students’ Association.

Taylor Purvis and Charity Marchischuk were selected as the valedictorians for the October 2022 Pinning Celebration.

Lynette Trinidad and Curtis Granger were selected as valedictorians for the June 2023 Pinning Celebration.

Gillian Laninga, BN student, was the recipient of the UM Emerging Leader Award.

Joseph Geodisico, BN student, was the recipient of the UM Emerging Leader Award.

River Martin, BN student, received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, UCN Thompson Campus.

Carly-Jo Dawn Schultz, BN graduate, received the University Gold Medal.

Carly-Jo Dawn Schultz received the Association of Regulated Nurses in Manitoba (ARNM) Medal of Excellence, BN program.

Winter Traverse was the recipient of the College of Nursing 2023 Outstanding Student Award. Winter named Pat Pruden as her Outstanding Teacher.

Lyz Tritthart, BN student, received the Association of Regulated Nurses in Manitoba (ARNM) Medal of Excellence (UCN, BN program).

Lyz Tritthart, BN student, received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, UCN The Pas Campus.

Sixteen students participated in the Summer Research Internship program and worked with 16 faculty researchers to develop their research skills.

Thirty-six College of Nursing students attended the 2022 Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) National Conference, a four day virtual event with the theme of “Nursing Outside the Box.”

The Nursing Students’ Association (NSA) hosted its eighth  annual Orange Shirt Day event to raise awareness of the significant impact of residential schools on Indigenous children and families. The students renewed their pledge to provide culturally safe nursing care.

Twelve students received the Irene E. Nordwich Foundation scholarship, including:

The annual Graduation Pow Wow honours the Indigenous graduates from our programs at the University of Manitoba. Four Bachelor of Nursing program graduates were recognized:

  • Kristen Balness (Winnipeg)
  • Nicole Fontaine (Sagkeeng First Nation)
  • Danielle Nasecapow (Opaskwayak Cree Nation)
  • Winter Traverse (Pinaymootang First Nation)
A nursing graduate student is conducting an eye exam on a simulation patient.

Graduate programs

Facts and figures

81 Applications in 2022-23

41 Admissions in 2022-2023

  • 6 in PhD in Nursing program (1 deferred until 2022)
  • 25 in Master of Nursing program, Nurse Practitioner stream
  • 10 in Master of Nursing program, Clinical Practice/Education/Administration streams

123 Students enrolled in graduate programs across the years in 2022-23

  • 25 in PhD in Nursing program
  • 50 in Master of Nursing program, Nurse Practitioner stream
  • 48 in Master of Nursing program, Clinical Practice/Education/Administration streams

21 Graduates convocated from graduate programs in 2022-2023  

  • 1 from the PhD in Nursing program, including one international graduate
  • 14 from the Master of Nursing program, Nurse Practitioner stream
  • 6 from Master of Nursing program, Clinical Practice/ Education/ Administration streams, including one Indigenous and one international graduate
    • 71 per cent female / 29 per cent male

Graduate program highlights

The level of interest in our graduate programs remained very high. We received 82 applications for the 53 seats available, representing 1.5 applications per seat. 

We welcomed the first international student since the global pandemic, into the Master of Nursing Program mid-October, arriving from Ghana. 

All Master of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner (NP) courses returned to blended delivery format with in-person classes and online learning. 

All PhD in Nursing courses were offered using dual delivery format with in-person seminars for onsite students and virtual connections to off-site students. 

Some oral examinations for thesis/capstone projects/dissertations returned to in-person while other students opted for virtual examinations. 

NP students and faculty returned to in-person Objective Structured Clinical Examinations with standardized patients.

Graduate program achievements

Ashley Bell and Hannah Mohammed, MN Students, provided leadership as co-chairs of the Graduate Nursing Student Association (GNSA).
Graduate students acquired over $354,281 in scholarships, studentships, fellowships, research awards and stipends in 2022-2023.

The Graduate Nursing Student Association hosted its 13th annual and virtual Advanced Practice Nursing conference focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion. The speakers included: 

  • Ann Nzeruem (she/her), RN, NP, a family nurse practitioner who works with an Indigenous organization that provides primary and community health care services to eight First Nations communities in Manitoba.
  • Dr. Rani Hajela Srivastava (she/her), RN, PhD, FCAN, and Dean of Nursing at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, who is recognized for her leadership in cultural competence and bridging academia and practice environment, as well as an author of a guide to cultural competence.
  • Dr. Vanessa Van Bewer (she/her/elle), RN, MN, PhD, is an assistant professor at the College of Nursing, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, who weaves her background as a Métis spoken word artist and storyteller into her career as a scholar and researcher.

Graduate student achievements

Abbie Kawadza, MN Student, was admitted into the President’s Leadership Program.

Adam Brandt, MN student, received the Emerging Leader Award, University of Manitoba.

Amie-Rae Zaborniak, PhD Candidate, was the recipient of the Dr. Dorothy J. Kergin Fellowship Award from the Canadian Nurses Foundation for $10,000.

Ariel Wilcox, MN Student, received the Murphy Foundation Bursary for Nursing Students of $11,775.

Breanne Krut, PhD Student, was the recipient of the Doctoral Award for Indigenous Students for $5,000.

Jane Kraut, MN Graduate, was a recipient of the ARNM Medal of Excellence, Master of Nursing.

Jennie MacMillan Gomez, MN Student, was a recipient of the Greene Memorial Fellowship of $15,000.

Jess Crawford, they/them, MN Student, was the recipient of the Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master’s Program Award (CGS-M) of $17,500, and the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship Award for $14,000.

Jocelyn Elias, MN Student, received the Graduate Students’ Association Award (Master’s Program) for $12,000.

Kristen Gulbransen, PhD Candidate, received the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship Award of $18,000.

Kristy DuGray, MN-NP Graduate, was the recipient of the ARNM Medal of Excellence, Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner.

Kerri-Ann Bochen, MN Student, was a recipient of the Manitoba Training Program Fellowship of $17,850, and the Women’s Health Research Foundation of Canada Graduate Scholarship of $3,000.

Laura Walton, MN Graduate, was a recipient of the ARNM Medal of Excellence, Master of Nursing.

Nicole LeGras, MN student, was a recipient of the Manitoba Training Program Fellowship of $17,850.

Preetha Krishnan, PhD Graduate, was the recipient of the Dr. Shannon Dawn Scott Prize for Research Excellence, the ARNM Medal of Excellence, PhD Program, and the Graduate Students’ Association Award (part-time) for $5,000.

Renée Boily, NP Student, was the recipient of the Joan and Dean Sandham Scholarship in Indigenous Health Professional Leadership for $11,400, and the Master’s Award for Indigenous Students of $8,000.

Stephanie Van Haute, PhD Student, was the recipient of the Pamela Hardisty Graduate Fellowship of $21,425.

Trinh Nguyen-Lu, PhD student, was the recipient of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Studentship of $18,000.

Vanessa Bailon, MN-NP Student, was the recipient of The Dean Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Student Achievement Prize.

Vera Amponsah, MN Student, received the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship Award for $14,000/annum for 2 years.

Yael Gelfman, MN Student, was the recipient of the Jewish Foundation Award, and the Greene Memorial Fellowship of $15,000.

Six students received the Foundation for Registered Nurses of Manitoba Inc. Award, namely:

Kristine Doell, was the recipient of the Margaret Elder Hart Award of $2,550.

Andrea Toews received the 2022 Research Manitoba Master’s Studentship Award of $12,000.

Trinh Nguyen-Lu was the recipient of the Penny Stevenson Brydon Memorial Scholarship in Nursing.

Three Graduate Students received the Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research Graduate Student Research Internship Award:

  • Naomi Armah
  • Kristen Gulbansen
  • Kerri-Ann Bochen

Tara Forbes and Michelle Mark received the Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba (NPAM) NP Student Award.

Preetha Krishnan, PhD student, received the Dr. Shannon Dawn Scott Prize for Excellence in Nursing Research.

Two MN students completed the Academic Health Sciences Leadership Program: Jocelyn Elias, Andrea Toews.

17 graduate students received the Irene E. Nordwich Foundation Award, including:

Our team

Our College of Nursing team of expert leaders, faculty and staff is recognized for its innovative leadership, teaching excellence, research productivity, service contributions, and support for student success. The leadership provided by our College of Nursing leadership team and operations team is predicated on the capabilities of the ‘LEADS in a Caring Environment’ framework, which include leading self, engaging others, achieving results, developing coalitions and systems transformation.

Nursing leadership team group photo.

The size of our team of faculty and staff grew significantly during this past year as we prepared for a major 50 per cent expansion of our Bachelor of Nursing program. Our team of 122 includes 84 faculty and 38 support staff.

Leadership team

The Leadership Team promotes the achievement of the college’s vision, mission, values and strategic priorities. The team is comprised of:

  • Netha Dyck, dean
  • Nathan Dueck, senior financial officer
  • Ryan English, project manager
  • Nicole Harder, associate dean, undergraduate programs
  • Donna Martin, associate dean graduate programs
  • Susan McClement, associate dean, research
  • Don Rodil, executive assistant to the dean
  • Lisa Wong, operations manager

Operational team

The Operations Team supports the delivery of high-quality student-centred education. The team is comprised of the Leadership Team and:

  • Trina Arnold, director, faculty development
  • Rhonda Campbell, director, Mahkwa omushki kiim and Indigenous engagement
  • Lori Davis, director, Undergraduate Nursing Programs
  • Jennifer Dunsford, director, clinical education
  • Cheryl Jacobs, director, Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Marnie Kramer, director, curriculum integrity
  • Barbara Rose-Lovett, director, skills and simulation centres
  • Kellie Thiessen, director, Bachelor of Midwifery Program
  • Kim Workum, director, CCA Centre and digital strategy

New faculty and staff

We welcomed 19 new faculty and 9 new staff to our team in 2022-23


  • Tara Horrill, assistant professor
  • Kim Mitchell, assistant professor
  • Paula Black, instructor II
  • Josie Bolianatz, instructor II
  • Gail Carbonell, instructor II
  • Meghan Conrad, instructor II
  • Dr. Cheryl Cusack, instructor II
  • Wendy Ducharme, instructor II
  • Caitlyn Farr, instructor II
  • Pawandeep Gill, instructor II
  • Elyse Griffith, instructor II
  • Cheryl Jacobs, senior instructor
  • Shakerah Jones Hall, instructor II
  • Jane Kraut, instructor II
  • Tanya Letkeman, instructor II
  • Stephanie Nunes, instructor II
  • Cheryl Pryce, instructor II
  • Asuka Qiao, instructor II
  • Kim Sefton, instructor II


  • Brenda Longclaws, knowledge keeper
  • Dayo Akinola, program assistant, graduate programs
  • Lindsey Enns, coordinator, clinical placement, skills and simulation centres
  • Kelly Fitzmaurice, clinical placement coordinator, Bachelor of Midwifery Program
  • Chelsey Friesen, student advisor
  • Holly Harding, office assistant, undergraduate programs
  • Marie Jivan, student advisor
  • Don Rodil, executive assistant to the dean
  • Monica Sarte, registration and scheduling coordinator

Promotion and tenure

  • We congratulated Lynda Balneaves on being promoted to the rank of professor
  • Elsie Duff on being promoted to the rank of associate professor
  • Kim Workum on being promoted to the rank of senior instructor

Long service recognition

We highly value the expertise, dedication, and commitment of faculty and staff who have provided many years of excellence in education, research and service. They represent 108 years of stellar service.

Five years of service

  • Trina Arnold
  • Anna Marie Chudyk
  • Mylene David
  • Lori Davis
  • Netha Dyck
  • Denise Gout-Smith
  • Nicole Ritches
  • Jeanne San Miguel
  • Barbara Tallman
  • Erica Wieler

10 years of service

15 years of service

25 years of stellar service


We paid tribute to our three retirees and celebrated their distinguished careers.

  • Terri Ashcroft, senior instructor and former associate dean undergraduate programs, with 23 years of exemplary leadership and service
  • Tom Hack, distinguished professor, with 23 years of distinguished service
  • Terri Tauffenbach, student advisor, with 39 years of exceptional service


The expertise of our faculty and staff was recognized with the presentation of prestigious awards, including the following:

Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba (ARNM) Award recipients: 

College of Nursing Program Expansion Team, ARNM Award of Excellence: Outstanding Interprofessional Team. The members include:

  • Mandy Archibald, Assistant Professor, received the Terry G. Falconer Memorial Rh Institute Foundation Emerging Researcher Award.
  • Mandy Archibald, Assistant Professor, received the 2023 UM/UMFA Merit Award for his combined outstanding teaching, research, and service.
  • Christine Ateah received the Professor Emeritus Award, University of Manitoba.
  • Els Duff, associate professor, received the Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba Award of Excellence.
  • Netha Dyck, Dean, received Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award: Executive Leader, Women’s Executive Network (WXN)
  • Marie Edwards received the Senior Scholar designation, University of Manitoba.
  • Tom Hack, Distinguished Professor, received the UM/UMFA Merit Award for a combination of teaching, research and service
  • James Plohman, Research Coordinator, MCNHR, was the recipient of the 2022 Karol D. McNeil Research Technician Award
  • Pat Pruden, Instructor I, received the UM Students’ Teacher Recognition
  • Sufia Turner, Instructor II, was the recipient of the 2022 Sentinel U Simulation Star Award, as well as the NETNEP 2022 8th International Nurse Education Conference Emerging
  • Leader in Nursing and Midwifery Education Award - Runner Up
  • Danielle Yaffe, Instructor II, received the Nursing Students’ Association Teaching Excellence Award
  • CAUT Dedicated Service Award recipients: Lynda Balneaves, Annette Schultz, Genevieve Thompson, and Sufia Turner

Expert appointments

The expertise of our faculty and staff has been sought out by various organizations as evidenced by the following expert appointments:

  • Lynda Balneaves, professor, was appointed as associate dean, research effective July 1, 2023
  • Els Duff, associate professor, appointed as an advisor to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Health Canada
  • Netha Dyck, dean, College of Nursing, was appointed as Chair, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Board of Directors
  • Genevieve Thompson, professor, was appointed as the Riverview Health Centre Research Chair in Person-Directed Living

Advanced education

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to lifelong learning and advancing their education. We celebrated their excellent work and accomplishments.

  • Jennifer Dunsford, director, clinical education, and Diane Cepanec, senior research manager, completed the Provincial Health Leadership Program. 
  • Many faculty and staff completed the Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program offered through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Danielle Yaffe, instructor II, completed the UM Teaching and Learning Certificate Program.
  • Alia Lagace, instructor II, completed her Masters of Nursing at Athabasca University.
  • Kim Workum, Rhonda Campbell, Sufia Turner, Danielle Yaffe, Wendy Ducharme, Tyla Turman, and Caitlyn Farr completed the Integrating Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action in to Nursing Curricula through the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing.
  • Danielle Yaffe, instructor II, Cheryl Pryce, instructor II, and Vladan Protudjer, instructor II, IPE lead, completed the CASN Certified Simulation Nurse Educator program (CCSNE) and exam.
  • Kim Workum, senior instructor, completed the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE) credential awarded by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Faculty development  

The Margaret Elder Hart Distinguished Visitor featured Kristen Jacklin who presented on, “A multi-model pathway to address age-related dementia care needs in Indigenous populations”.


It is with pride that we share the exciting research of our College of Nursing faculty and the difference they are making in improving the lives of patients and families, optimizing health systems and influencing health policy.

Our Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research (MCNHR) promoted and supported the conduct, dissemination and uptake of collaborative nursing and health research to benefit the health of Manitobans and beyond. The MCNHR supported its 246 members in pursuing excellence in research and innovative research ideas.

The College of Nursing researchers were awarded new research funding amounting to more than $2.37 million, with 22 research grants and six tri-agency funded.

By the numbers

The exceptional achievements of our College of Nursing faculty have been sustained over time. Their achievements ‘By the Numbers’ within the last five years (2018-2023) are impressive.

  • 26 researchers
  • 149 grants and career awards
  • $12.66 million in new funding
  • 495 presentations
  • 492 publications
  • 83 innovative knowledge translation products
  • 411 faculty and staff awards and honours 

By the Numbers in 2022-23:    

  • 25 grants, 4 of which were CIHR
  • $2.371 million in new research funding
  • 87 publications
  • 107 presentations
  • 38 innovative knowledge translation products
  • 129 faculty and student awards and distinctions
  • 25 expert appointments

Helen Glass Research Symposium

The virtual Helen Glass Research Symposium featured a public lecture, a graduate student poster competition, and an interactive research workshop focused on mixed methods research presented by two internationally renowned scholars Dr. Cheryl Poth, professor and faculty member of the Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education, and Dr. Elizabeth Creamer, professor emerita from educational research and evaluation at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Read more on UM Today

Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research

  • 285 members
  • 103 research affiliates
  • 39 professional affiliates
  • 130 graduate student affiliates
  • 13 advisory board members
  • 2,000+ requests for information and assistance annually
  • 240 service requests completed totaling 2,423 hours
  • $222,118 in 40 grants awarded to 18 researchers and 22 students in the last five years
  • 166 students participated in the summer research internship since 2010
  • 30+ research events and educational workshops per year

Learn more about the Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research (MCHNR), visit our webpage.

Learn more about MCNHR

Notable research grants

Mandy Archibald, assistant professor, leads an interdisciplinary program of research in child health. Her work focuses on understanding and using knowledge of lived experience in chronic illness and disability through the arts based and innovative technologies.

Dr. Archibald was recently honored as the Rh Foundation Emerging Researcher in the Health Sciences. She is also a Research Manitoba and CIHR SickKids New Investigator. She co-leads a partnered research theme at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, which aims to support youth and family mental health using eHealth and creative modalities, and is internationally known for her methodological work in arts-based and mixed methods research approaches.

  • Archibald, M. & Roos, L. (Co-PIs). (2021-2024) CHRIM Theme Funding: Partnering for Innovation in Mental Health through eHealth Excellence (PRIME): $450,000.
  • Archibald, M. (2021). A living lab for pediatric development and rehabilitation research: Innovating on integrated knowledge translation for family-centered care. Research Manitoba - New Investigator Grant. Total award: $ 130,000.
  • Archibald, M., McGavock, J., Woodgate, R., Wicklow, B., Dart., A., Sellers, E., Roos, L., Diffey, L. A Living Lab for Mental Health in Youth Onset Type 2 Diabetes. CIHR/Sick Kids New Investigator Research Grant 2021-2024. Total award: $287,276.
  • Roos, L., (NPA), Archibald, M (Co-PI), Clement, F., Tomforh-Madsen, L., Braun, M.J., MacKinnon, A., Nickel, N., Afifi, T., Katz, L., Mushquash, D., Fisher, P., Kelly, L., Pharazyn, A., Giesbrecht, G., Klassen, T., Reynolds, K., Giuliano, R., Lebel, C. Implementing BEAM: An mHealth tool to prevent mental health problems and improve developmental outcomes in young children. CIHR Team Grant: Mental Health in the Early Years. $250k/yr x 5 years ($1,000,000 awarded).
  • McGavock, J. (PI), Morrison, K (CoPI), Archibald, M., Roos, L., Dart, L., Wicklow, B., Diffey, L., Katz, T. (2022). Addressing emotional dysregulation to enhance behavioural lifestyle change in adolescents living with obesity. Diabetes Canada. End Diabetes Insulin 100 competition. 12/2021- 11-2024 Total award: $100,000.

Student engagement

The MCNHR offered training, supports and other resources for a record number of 26 summer students and 10 research mentors. Students and mentors attended an information session and a kick-off in May, 2023, facilitated by Diane Cepanec, Senior Research Manager of the MCNHR.

Our programs and services

The College of Nursing is the only institution in Manitoba to offer the full range of undergraduate and graduate nursing education programming, as well as offer midwifery education.

Student uses a virtual reality headset.

Our family of alumni

Over our 80-year history, the College of Nursing has prepared more than 10,501 nursing alumni who have provided leadership and exemplary service here in Manitoba and indeed around the world.

With 93.8 per cent awarded an undergraduate degree and 6.2 per cent awarded a graduate degree, the majority of our alumni are residing in Manitoba, while others are located in each province in Canada and in 16 different countries.

We are proud to continue to answer the call and educate the finest future nursing professionals in Canada.

Thank you Our donors

We extend a very special thank you to all of our donors who have given generously to the College of Nursing. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated and generous alumni, who are investing in our students and in the College of Nursing.

With their support, nursing students enrolled in the Summer Term of the Bachelor of Nursing program were provided a stipend to assist them with their living expenses and tuition and reduce their financial pressures while engaged in full-time studies.

Gratitude for the generosity of alumni

We are grateful for all of our donors who contributed to the College of Nursing each year.

In 2022-23, 215 donors contributed $383,207; in 2021-22 90 donors contributed $220,146; in 2020-21, 98 donors contributed $218,960; 2019-2020, 107 donors contributed $33,519; in 2018-2019, 136 donors contributed $44,039.

Paul Galbraith

Dr. Paul Galbraith generously donated funding to establish an Elizabeth Galbraith (Black) Scholarship for nurse practitioner students.

Maggie Katzeley

With her generous donation, Maggie Katzeley established an endowment fund to reward the academic achievements of undergraduate students in the College of Nursing.

As a registered nurse, with experience in community mental health, palliative care, psychiatric nursing, intensive care, and emergency, Maggie recognizes the value and importance of ongoing growth and continuous learning.

Maggie’s bursary is focused on assisting full or part-time students. She is proud to support future generations of nurses forever with her gift.

Irene E. Nordwich Foundation

We also express our immense gratitude to the Irene E. Nordwich Foundation for its sustained generosity in supporting our undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Jo-Ann Shelton

We received a gift from Dr. Jo-Ann Shelton of Santa Barbara, California, to augment the bursary named in honour of her mother, Helen Johnson Shelton.

The memorial award was established at the UM in 1979 and has supported over 40 students in the Bachelor of Nursing program.

With Dr. Shelton’s additional gift, a new award for graduate students in nursing will be established resulting in an even greater impact on our students.

Rodney Steiman

We are grateful for the generous gift from Rodney Steiman to establish an endowment fund in honour of his late wife. The Marie Pauline Wood Steiman Memorial Scholarship will recognize undergraduate Indigenous nursing students in the College of Nursing.

Pauline was active in many organizations and served on many boards including: MARN, Child and Family Services, Variety the Children's Charity, and the Manitoba Indian Nurses Association.

  • Students in the skills lab 2008

News and events Our past year

Additional highlights from the past year


Advancement of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

The College of Nursing was actively engaged in implementing strategies to address the health-related calls to action made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The College of Nursing continued its efforts to recruit Indigenous faculty and staff. We were delighted to hire an Indigenous scholar, Rhonda Campbell, and appoint her to the role of Director, Mahkwa omushki kiim (Pathway to Indigenous Nursing Education) and Indigenous Engagement.

With the hiring of a new Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, Brenda Longclaws, the services were increased from two to four days per week. We also increased tutorial, academic supports and mentoring for PINE students with the recruitment of an Indigenous Education Facilitator, Lauressa Garson.

The study space for Indigenous students is being renovated to support collaboration with Indigenous colleagues and accommodate Indigenous ceremonies.

With support from RFHS, the College of Nursing continued to offer the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (MICST) program to our faculty and staff. The available seats were readily filled with faculty and staff eager to learn more about cultural safety.

The College of Nursing Anti-Racism Committee continued its work in raising awareness and providing venues to engage in dialogue about racism. Their series of workshops was focused on management of abuse and microaggressions.

Based on feedback obtained from Indigenous students, revisions were made to the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences process for reporting incidents of Indigenous racism through the Speak Up online incident report page.

The Indigenous Nursing Advisory Council continued to provide advice and guidance to the College of Nursing related to the currency, relevance and quality of its support services for Indigenous students in the Mahkwa omushki kiim and Bachelor of Nursing Program.

The Turtle Island project (blanket exercise) was incorporated into the mandatory graduate student orientation program and offered to all graduate program students.

Clinical Competence Assessment (CCA) Centre

The Clinical Competence Assessment (CCA) Centre implemented the newly developed Authorized Prescriber CCA for Diabetes Health and Reproductive Health/STD/Blood Borne Infections. 

The Centre also launched a nursing professional development series consisting of three short courses. The series is designed for nurses at various stages of their careers, including Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs), newcomers to Manitoba, professionals returning after a hiatus, and those seeking to refresh their knowledge.

Enhancing the teaching and learning environment

With the major expansion of our Bachelor of Nursing program, our team of faculty and staff also expanded significantly. To support and facilitate the mentorship of new and existing faculty, a Director of Faculty Development position was created. A mentorship program was implemented that includes individual one-on-one mentorship as well as group mentorship.

The Workplace Culture Committee established a monthly Community Corner to provide an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn with, from, and about each other. 

We were pleased to secure and renovate a space in the Helen Glass Centre for Nursing and create a new study space/lounge for our graduate students.

Implementation of our new Bachelor of Midwifery Program

We were delighted to launch our new Bachelor of Midwifery program in September 2021 and provide students the opportunity to complete their midwifery education in Manitoba.

We offered Year 2 and 3 of the program this past year and increased the number of seats in the program from six to eight.

A Bachelor of Midwifery Program Advisory Council was established, with representation from Indigenous scholars and communities, to obtain advice on the currency, relevance and quality of the program.

Our future direction

We will also continue our efforts in raising awareness and addressing issues relating to racial equity and ensuring a safe work and learning environment in collaboration with our anti-racism committee. We will complete the development of and implement the virtual/remote clinical competence assessment for IENs.

As we continue to educate nurses and midwives for the future, our inspiring team of leaders, educators, researchers and support staff will continue to provide quality education, implement innovative teaching and learning strategies and conduct timely research.

Contact us

College of Nursing
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