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  • The College of Nursing offers a full range of educational programming including baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral programs to prepare you with the knowledge, practice competencies, critical reasoning, research and scholarship, and leadership practices required to prepare you as a competent and caring registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or registered midwife.

    Our inspiring learning environment integrates simulation, interprofessional education, indigenous knowledge and pedagogy, as well as blended learning models. Our team of expert leaders, faculty and staff create an innovative learning environment that fosters personal and professional development, mentorship and collaborative partnerships.

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As a member of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, the College of Nursing is privileged to collaborate with the Max Rady College of Medicine and the Colleges of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Rehabilitation Sciences focusing on interdisciplinary models of care, interprofessional education and interdisciplinary research.

The profession of nursing offers a wonderful opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to patients, families and communities both locally and globally. Thank you for choosing us to launch your nursing education journey.


Netha Dyck, RN, BN, MScA, EdD, CHE, I-FCNEI, I-FCAN
Dean, College of Nursing

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Dean's Honour List

The Dean’s Honour List recognizes students who achieve a minimum Term GPA of 3.75, and who are registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Congratulations on achieving the prestigious University of Manitoba College of Nursing Dean’s Honour List for the Summer 2023 term.

Bachelor of Nursing

Adeola, Tayo
Adeyinka, Olubusola
Agellon, Elyssa
Akinloye, Phillips
Al Khafagi, Arij
Alarie, Michelle L.
Alcala, Yancy
Aleksovski, Todorce
Ali, Favour Janada
Ambelu, Neway H.
Amendt, Kenzie
Angus, Jessica D.
Anttal, Gurleen
Archer, Amber E.
Arenas, Aira Flor G.
Ash, Carrington A.
Ateliey, Parneet K.
Bautista, Faith
Benzie, Mercedes C.
Bergbusch, Emily E.
Berger, Kale P.
Bergman, Agnes H.
Betcher, Eden
Bhullar, Prabhpal
Birhane, Rahel T.
Boo, Julia
Bradco, Kailey
Brhane, Helen T.
Burym, Julia E.
Butuyan, Maristela
Candido, Caroline A.
Cano, Jess F.
Cariou, Josh
Castillo, Chloee
Chapil, Angelique R.
Chau, Anna
Chepil, Judah J.
Chernenkoff, Keri
Chornoby, Ashley J.
Cortez, Ruffa
Cruz, Aura Alessandra
Culleton, Tristan M.
Custodio, Eunice
Daly, Brooklyn N.
Danzalan, Clarissa
Dela Paz, John M.
Detablan, Andrew J.
Dewitt, Richelle E.
Dimarucot, Krizel
Do, Megan
Dones, Tracy
Ducut, Charmaine
Elloso, Danielle
Enaworu, Tejiri
Erickson, Jessica P.
Esmaeili, Zakieh
Espiritu, Nikki L.
Falana, Anuoluwapo E.
Flores, Gail
Flores, Rocel
Friesen, Jenna M.
Gerber, Olena
Gerwing, Delaney
Glesmann, Meagan C.
Gonzales, Geaine C.
Gotiongco, Theresa
Gray, Charlotte L.
Gross, Rachel
Harder, Katrina
Hernandez, Aubrey
Horvath, Jenna R.
Hunter, Brie-Lynn
Ibisate, Heart
Javed, Kinza
Jo, Eunsang
Johnston, Chris
Juarana, Carlos Giullano P.
Kareem, Omolola A.
Kayemba, Margaret
Kehler, Alia S.
Kemp, Ben
Kim, Hayeon
Kochar, Kirti
Lu, Jonathan
Ly, Jason
Maglalang, Mark
Manyukwe, Charity
Martin, Madison A.
Mcleod, Riley D.
Miraflor, Carl Y.
Mirci, Kristina
Mohadeb, Rocio
Morangi, Lucie
Morrow, Madison P.
Mutter, Katherine E.
Narine, Stacie S.
Neskic, Lejla
Nguyen, Huong T.
Nguyen, Nikita
Nguyen, Pam
Nguyen, Tu Anh
Nie, Shuang
Okafor, Chisomebi
Olatunji, Oluwafayofunwa
Omana, Rose Anne
Oraetue, Eloka C.
Oyewo, Anjolaoluwa M.
Paguirigan, Tj
Pathak, Shivani
Penner, Mckinley M.
Pera, Rachel Ann
Phurod, Orawan
Pimlott, Emma J.
Puranik, Janhavi
Rea, Sammi L.
Remonte, Stefi
Reyes, Deanne
Reyes, Kristina
Rezaie, Zahra
Richards, Jane
Roche, Sarah
Roque, Graham
Ruchkall, Joel D.
Safdary, Nowras
San Juan, Julianna
San Pedro, Miguel P.
Sandhu, Sofreen
Sandhu, Tarun S.
Santiago, Faith
Santos, Catherine H.
Sawchyn, Morgan E.
Sawotin, Chantal C.
Serbina, Anna
Shibou-Savoie, Hannah O.
Sosa, Sophia
Stoski, Tamara L.
Surina, Daria
Tabinga, Caitlin
Tardiff, Sarah E.
Tesfu, Abel
Thakur, Naveena K.
Thiessen, Alisha
Thrun, Victoria
Timtiman, Chelsea
To, Dat
Torres, Jomel
Tuffo, Hana T.
Vandermeulen, Sarah J.
Velandia Castaneda, Karol
Villaflor, Victoria
Vitug, Jerome P.
Vyas, Aastha Chetanbhai
Worku, Hilina
Yashna, Yashna
Yu, Angela
Zhang, Ziqi
Zhou, Elizabeth S.


Reports and plans

Approval and accreditation status

  • Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program approval

    Our Bachelor of Nursing program is approved by the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM). The Program received the maximum five year approval from March 2019 to March 2024.

  • Bachelor of Midwifery (BMid)

    The College of Midwives of Manitoba (CMM) supports and participates in the CAMEd accreditation review process. Students in the program are eligible for registration as student members of the CMM.

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) program approval

    Our Master of Nursing Nurse Practitioner program is approved by the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM). The Program received the maximum five year approval from December 2018 to March 2024, and has been extended to September 2025.

  • CASN accreditation logo.
  • Accreditation

    The Bachelor of Nursing program is accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, achieving the maximum seven-year accreditation status. Educational Unit (2021-2028) and Program (2021-2028).

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) Accreditation

    The Master of Nursing Nurse Practitioner program is accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN). Educational unit (2020-2027); Program (2020-2025).

Endowment fund

This fund was established to support the work of nursing faculty, staff and students who contribute their efforts to enhance the areas of nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research — which align with the college’s mission to advance nursing knowledge and practice, and contribute to the health and well-being of society in general.


Eligibility criteria:

  1. The lead/primary applicant must be a faculty, student or staff member of the College of Nursing.
  2. Support is available for a wide variety of worthy projects consistent with the academic goals of the College, including but not limited to: teaching, scholarship, staff development, promotion and community outreach and faculty, student- or staff-led special initiatives that are aligned with the goals of the endowment fund. Priority will be given to student led initiatives. Original and new initiatives are encouraged.
  3. Activities and projects supported: The list below is neither exhaustive nor restrictive. The Fund is not intended to be used for activities or projects that would normally be funded by the operating or capital budgets of the College of Nursing.

Activities and projects supported
The list below indicates the types of activities and projects that may be supported by the Endowment Fund Advisory Committee. The list is neither exhaustive nor restrictive. The Fund is not intended to be used for activities or projects that would normally be funded by the operating or capital budgets of the College of Nursing.


  • Funds for teaching resources (audio-visuals, films, etc.)
  • Funds for encouragement of teaching innovations


  • Funds to support the development of scholarship within the College of Nursing
  • Funds to support distinguished scholars/invited speakers to visit and engage with faculty and students in the College of Nursing.

Staff development

  • Funds for staff professional development projects and/or team building initiatives

Promotion of College of Nursing and community outreach

  • Funds for conference participation for students, faculty or staff
  • Funds for community outreach projects that are aligned with the goals of the endowment fund

Student or staff-led activities

  • Funds to support existing, and/or the establishment of, scholarship funds/bursaries for students to be administered by Financial Aid and Awards.
  • Funds for student and or staff-led activities that are aligned with the goals of the endowment fund

Note: Funds for research (and evaluation) projects are to be submitted to the MCNHR Research Competition which receives a yearly allocation of funding from the Nursing Endowment Fund Committee to support faculty research (through the Professional Foundations Grant) and graduate student thesis/dissertation projects (through the Graduate Student Research Grant).


Conditions of award:

  1. Activities and projects supported by the Endowment Fund must comply with University policies, specifically where applicable the University polices related to research ethics and animal/biosafety board approvals. It is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to secure the appropriate board approval(s). Funds will not be released until all such approvals have been obtained.
  2. The award recipient is responsible for the use of the funds and for any over-expenditure. Expenditures must comply with University regulations concerning the use of special project funds and must be made in accordance with standard University financial procedures.
  3. Awards normally terminate one year from the date specified in the award notification and any unspent funds are automatically returned to the Endowment Fund.
  4. Within three months of the completion or termination of the award, a report is to be submitted to the Chair of the Endowment Fund. The report should address the following: monies spent and remaining, extent to which the objectives of the project were met, and presentations made as planned.
  5. Award holders are requested to acknowledge the assistance of the College of Nursing Endowment Fund in all publications, presentations and media coverage from this support.


Criteria for assessing proposals:

The proposal’s relevance to the goals of the Endowment Fund

  • Enhances the work of the College in pursuit of excellence.
  • Demonstrates potential to involve and/or benefit a significant number of College, students, and/or staff.

Quality of proposal

  • A clearly written proposal, including a clear statement of objectives.
  • Demonstrates potential to involve and/or benefit a significant number of College, students, and/or staff.
  • Description of the activities for which funds are sought, and the personnel involved.
  • Inclusion of a schedule of activities, completion date of project, etc.
  • Inclusion of a detailed budget, itemizing proposed expenditure of funds. It is a requirement that the budget be reviewed by the College of Nursing’s Senior Financial Officer prior to submission.
  • Feasibility in terms of budget, schedule, personnel, and technical content.
  • The value/benefit/recognition expected to accrue to students, staff, the College, the University, etc.
  • Description of how findings will be disseminated.
  • Project proposals which may involve significant impact on the College of Nursing, such as potential changes to curriculum approaches and physical space within the College need to be vetted and an approval from the appropriate administrative person should be provide to the committee prior to funding.
  • Project proposals which involve teaching and learning resources must first be submitted to either the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or Graduate Curriculum Governance and Quality Assurance Committee for support prior to being submitted to the Endowment Fund Advisory Committee for consideration.

Assessed need for funds

  • The need for the project.
  • Appropriateness of the budget to the stated objectives and activities.
  • Supplementary funds (applied for and received) must be included in the budget in order to determine what portion is being sought from the Endowment Fund.

Appendices: Should be limited to supplemental material that is essential to evaluate the proposal. Eg. Proposals for distinguished scholars/Invited speakers should include the invitee’s CV; Eg. Proposals for support to attend conferences should include the tentative program and/or other information on the content and goals of the conference.

Endowment fund committee terms of reference.


How to apply: A single electronic typed application, using the pdf form linked below, should be completed and digitally signed. Completed applications, and/or any additional supporting documentation that doesn’t fit in the form, can be emailed to Radhika Hariharan, administrative support, Nursing Endowment Fund Advisory Committee.

Deadline: by 4:30 p.m., April 1, annually

Please make sure that you download and save the file to your computer, before entering your information, or you will lose the data entered.

Download the application form

Policies and procedures

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