Mahkwa omushki kiim, pathway to indigenous nursing education (pine) students in student lounge.

Pathway details

  • Students complete 30 credit hours of admission requirement to prepare for application to the Bachelor of Nursing degree program. Courses are a combination of foundational courses, science electives, humanities and/or social sciences and UM written English and math requirements.

    Expected duration: 1-2 years of pre-Nursing, preceding the 3-year degree program

    For a full list of courses, view the Advanced entry applicant information (PDF).

Students of First Nations, Métis and Inuit ancestry receive supports as they develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and approaches needed to enter and succeed in the Bachelor of Nursing program.

Required courses

In addition to the following required courses, students are strongly encouraged to take NURS 1500: Preparing for Professional Nursing Education to prepare them to succeed in the Bachelor of Nursing.

  • BIOL 1410: Anatomy of the Human Body (3 credit hours)
  • BIOL 1412: Physiology of the Human Body (3 credit hours)
  • MBIO 1220: Essentials of Microbiology (3 credit hours)
  • NURS 2610 / KIN 2610: Health and Physical Aspects of Aging (3 credit hours)
  • REC 2650 / SWRK 2650 / HMEC 2650: Social Aspects of Aging (3 credit hours)

How the program helps you

  • icon health

    Academic and personal supports

    Stay on track through check-ins with your student advisor and academic coach.

  • icon book


    Reach your full potential with up to five hours per week of tutoring.

  • icon spiritual

    Cultural support

    Visit the Knowledge-Keeper-in-Residence for cultural and spiritual guidance.

  • icon counselling

    Small class size

    Feel confident and encouraged in a small class setting.

  • icon envelope


    We'll help with funding options and applications.

How to apply

You may enter the Mahkwa omushki kiim program with high school credits, or with university credits in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, another UM faculty or from another university.

Two application forms are required:

  • 1. Apply to Mahkwa omushki kiim

    Complete the application and submit it as described on the form.

    Application deadline: May 1

    Apply to Mahkwa omushki kiim

  • 2. Apply to University 1

    Apply online to University 1 at the University of Manitoba.

    Application deadline: August 1

    Apply to University 1

We'd be happy to help you with the application process - don't hesitate to contact us.

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