Academic support

Writing and learning support

Through the Academic Learning Centre, you can meet with a learning specialist to discuss time management, learning strategies and test-taking strategies. The ALC also offers peer-supported study groups called Supplemental Instruction for certain courses that students have typically found difficult. In your study group you can ask questions, compare notes, discuss content, solve practice problems and develop new study strategies in a group learning format.

You can also meeting one-on-one with a writing tutor who can give you feedback at any stage of the writing process. Book your appointment early as you want to have time to revise.

The Academic Learning Centre is free for all UM students

University of Manitoba libraries

As the primary contact for all research needs, your liaison librarian can play a vital role when completing academic papers and assignments. Liaison librarians can answer questions about managing citations, locating appropriate sources and help you during the research process.

MBA student resources

Workshops and boot camps

Our preparatory boot camps and workshops help you develop the necessary skills to succeed in the Asper MBA program and in the business world.

  • Math Boot Camp - online number crunching primer (challenge exam option available)
  • Information Technology (IT) Boot Camp – online course that provides you with the basics of common productivity software packages used in the business world, with particular focus on Excel (challenge exam option available).
  • Career Development Workshops – develop the soft skills you need to advance your career, such as business etiquette, networking, resume-building and behaviour-based interview skills.

Asper MBA career management

The Asper Career Development Centre offers services and resources for Asper MBA students including professional development and the Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program.

Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program

Coordinated by the CDC, the Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program provides students the opportunity to connect with leading business professionals to expand their network, develop leadership skills and gain a competitive edge with unique industry specific knowledge.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your career potential. Take advantage of the great resources and networking opportunities available to MBA students and alumni, through the CDC.

Indigenous Business Education Partners (IBEP) MBA supports

IBEP offers academic support and networking opportunities to all First Nations, Inuit and Métis students admitted to the Asper MBA program.

MFin student resources

MFin career development

The Asper Career Development Centre offers services and resources for Asper MFin students including professional development and the Asper MFin Mentor Program.

MFin Mentor Program

The Asper MFin Mentor Program connects Asper MFin students with inspirational leaders in Winnipeg and across Canada. Through group mentoring, individual one-to-one mentoring or virtual Mentoring, this flexible program will meet the unique needs of MFin students while catering to the demanding schedules of mentors.

MSCM student resources

Academic resources 2021-2022

Course Tuition Refund and VW Schedule
Exam Schedule

MSc student resources

PhD student resources

The Ph.D. program in Management is designed to prepare individuals for teaching and research careers in universities or for applied research positions in either the private or public sector.

The main premise behind the program is that contemporary managerial problems are typically multi-faceted and need to be examined from a perspective that is not restricted by the boundaries of any single discipline. The inter-disciplinary nature of the program extends beyond the Asper School of Business to related disciplines across the University of Manitoba.

PhD program specializations

Crisis, health and personal support

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