Your Student Number and PIN

Your Student Number

Your student number is recorded on the upper right hand side of your Certificate of Acceptance. If you are a returning student and are either continuing in your program or transferring to a new program, you will continue to use the student number assigned to you at admission. Your student number is recorded on your Student ID card.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

New Students
When you log in to Aurora Student, you will be asked for your PIN — your Personal Identification Number.
When you first access Aurora Student, your temporary PIN is your date of birth. Enter your date of birth numerically as YYMMDD (year, month, day). For example, if your birthday is February 8, 1985, you enter 850208 as your first PIN.
You will immediately be required to change your PIN to another sequence of numbers for your security. This new PIN cannot be your birth date and it must be 6 to 10 characters long.  Your PIN MUST contain numbers and MAY contain letters and symbols.  Letters used WILL BE case sensitive. Choose a PIN that cannot be easily guessed by others, and remember to memorize your PIN. (see PIN Security Question below)
Returning Students
If you are a returning student, use the same PIN that you used the last time you logged into Aurora Student. (see PIN Security Question below).
If you have difficulty with your PIN, call the Registrar’s Office at (204) 474 9420 for help.
All Students
You are Responsible for your PIN
Keep your PIN confidential. You are responsible for all activity that takes place with the use of your Student Number and PIN.
You can change your PIN again, and as often as you wish, through Aurora Student.
Go to Personal Information and select Change PIN.
PIN Security Question

On your first log in to Aurora Student you will be prompted to set up two PIN Security Questions and Answers. To verify your identity or if you forget your PIN you may be required to answer one or both of these questions, either online or when talking to the Registrar's Office. Be sure to select a question and answer that is personal and will not be known to others.

If you would like to change your Security question go to Personal Information, then select Change Security Question.

If you have successfully signed in before, but you've forgotten your PIN, enter your Student Number then click on the "Forgot PIN?" button in the Login screen.

By doing that, you will be taken to your security questions which should have been established the first time you logged into the system.

Once you answer the security questions correctly, you will be asked to create a new PIN, and that new PIN will be needed to access your information from then on.
Hint: The answers must be spelled exactly as they were when created.  Answers ARE NOT case sensitive, but they ARE sensitive to punctuation.