This video is available in alternate formats upon request to the Registrar’s Office, email or visit the navigational page for how to use New Aurora.

Navigating New Aurora

What is New Aurora?

It is the next generation of our current Aurora Student system of self-service.  

What is the New Aurora Home Page?

It is the initial page you are directed to when you visit

Screen shot of the New Aurora Launch page where information is organized in cards

What is Aurora Essentials?

It's a collection of the most important cards for managing your student record and course registration.

How do I access New Aurora?

Go to, you will be prompted to use your UM email address and password to log in. From there you will be directed to the New Aurora Home Page.

How can I access course registration?

Look for the "Open Registration dashboard" card.

hands typing on a computer.

This will bring you back to Classic Aurora's registration tools until November 2024 when new registration tools will be rolled out. 

screen capture of Aurora Classics registration and exams menu

How do I find a card that I removed from my Home Page if I change my mind?

Go to “Discover” from the menu in the top lefthand corner or at the very bottom of your Home Page. From here you can type a keyword or use the categories at the top of the screen to search for cards. Re-add a card by clicking on the icon in the top righthand corner of the card. Visit the Navigating New Aurora: A Student's Guide for more details. 

How do I personalize my New Aurora Home Page?

You can move cards by dragging and dropping them on a desktop/laptop and you can add/remove cards from your Home Page. Visit the Navigating New Aurora: A Student's Guide for more details. 

Help, I can't log in. Who should I contact?

Contact Information Services and Technology for help logging on. 

Help, I can't find the card I need in New Aurora?

Contact the Registrar's Office if you can't find a card or for any issues related to the New Aurora.  If you need assistance with program or course selection, contact an academic advisor

When can I expect new functionality?

Students will begin using the New Aurora on March 11, 2024 
Initially, the New Aurora will include links to both new and existing functionality. Throughout 2024 new features will be released and will replace the existing tools.

When will registration functionality change?

We're aiming for November 2024 as the transition period from the current registration system to the new one. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the big switch!

Why don't I have to log in to access New Aurora?

If you have recently logged in to other UM services like email or Office 365 using your browser, you have already authenticated and will not be prompted to log in to New Aurora separately.

Why is the New Aurora linking back to the existing system?

This temporary measure supports a phased rollout of new features. Some cards on your Home Page will link back to Classic Aurora until replaced by new features. The transition to new functionality aims for completion by the end of 2024.

Can I use the New Aurora on a mobile device?

Yes, the new platform has a responsive design that adjusts to mobile devices. You can choose to view mini-cards or a list of options when viewing the Home Page on a mobile device.

How will New Aurora benefit me?

The New Aurora Launch page offers a streamlined, personalized experience with single-sign on access to essential tools and resources. Say goodbye to hunting down resources daily—it's all in one convenient place, saving you time and hassle.

How can I share feedback or suggest more questions for the FAQ section?

Reach out to the Registrar's Office, please provide examples to help us understand. 

Exciting Updates Coming Soon!

Get ready, we're thrilled to announce New Aurora. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil new features and enhancements that will take your user experience to the next level.

Keep an eye on this space for more details and the official release date. Get ready to explore all the exciting changes coming your way!