Aurora Basics

Aurora is a large system with many different parts used by different people. However, Aurora has been divided into different components and user groups to better accommodate staff and students.

What is Aurora?

Aurora is the University of Manitoba's student registration and records system.

Aurora (sometimes referred to as Aurora Student) is the interface of Aurora that students and Advisors use. Here you will register for courses, update your personal information, view your grades, and more. This is also the interface of Aurora that has public-facing components, such as the class schedule. As a student, you will only be using Aurora Student.

Aurora has both public and private facing user areas. The public area allows anyone to view the UM course catalog and course schedule, while the secure area houses student records and most other functions in Aurora. As a student, you will use both the public area and the secure area. When logging into Aurora you are entering the secure area.

Aurora User Areas

  • The public area
  • The secure area


Hours of Operation

Aurora is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Aurora will remain available on statutory holidays and dates of university closure.
  • Aurora will occasionally be down for brief periods during off-peak hours for maintenance.
  • The system will also be occasionally unavailable on Sunday Mornings when upgrades are applied.

Registration and other activities will occur while Aurora is available, however, support and academic advising provided by university staff are only available during normal office hours – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.*

Please note that some offices may have slightly different hours of operation. (e.g. the Registrar's Office is open from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Additional support is available from the Virtual Advising help centre, Monday - Friday | 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


User Functionality

Available functions within the public area

  • Course Catalog:  This allows you to search for any course in our general calendar (this will contain courses that may not be currently offered). If the course is offered in the specific term you are searching by, the course information will include links to its Class Schedule entry. This will indicate when and where the course is offered in that term.
  • Class Schedule: This allows you to search for all courses offered in a specific term and access links to course information in the Course Catalog.

Available functions within the secure area

  • Once in the secure area, students can register for classes, view their fee assessments, print their tax forms, update their address and phone numbers, request documents, and more.
  • If you are a current or former student, you will also see the menu items available to students. The name you will see as your identifier in the system is the legal name on file that is associated with your student record (if you are a current or former student).
  • If you are both a student and a staff member who uses Aurora, your Aurora account will be the same login for both roles.

Security and Aurora

All information held within Aurora is secure. As a student, you are responsible for your Aurora account and your login information.

Aurora User Agreement

In order to use Aurora, you must agree to the terms of usage. You will be prompted to accept these terms on your first login, as well as each year prior to the start of Fall and Winter Term registration. The terms of usage are listed below:

  • Any information entered or changed using your ID. Unless otherwise noted, any information you enter or change in Aurora will become effective immediately. Do not share your ID or PIN with others.
  • Knowing rules and regulations that apply to you. When registering for classes, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations of the UM, your faculty, college, school, and/or program.
  • Checking your UM email. All email correspondence from the UM is to your UM student email account, including waitlist notifications. Be sure to check your UM email regularly.
  • Keeping your personal contact information up to date. Some correspondence from the UM is made by phone or letter mail – review this information in Aurora to ensure that your contact information entered in Aurora is current and valid at all times.
  • Notifying your faculty, college, or school office if you have registered for courses at another post-secondary institution since you last registered at the UM.
  • Ensuring your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is available for all Canadian tax forms for students. In Aurora, select the Personal Information tab and select 'Verify my SIN' to add your SIN if it is not already listed.
  • The use of unauthorized software to automate registration processes is strictly prohibited.

You must agree to these terms of usage each year to access your Aurora account. 


Your Student Number

Your Student ID Number

Your student ID number is an identifier that represents you. Ensure that you keep your student number private.

Once you have accepted your admission, the admission portal provides you with your student ID number. If you are a returning student and are either continuing in your program or transferring to a new program, you will continue to use the student number assigned to you at admission. Your student number is also recorded on your Student ID card.

Undergraduate Admission Portal

This is where you will find your Student ID number on the Undergraduate Admissions portal:

Graphic showing where to find your Student ID on the admissions portal.
Student ID Card

Your student ID card will also note your student number:

An example of a student ID card - depicting our own Billy Bison.

Features of Aurora

Aurora (student) has three main tabs that students use, each of these tabs is further broken down into pages.

Personal Information Tab

  • Houses biographical and contact information for the student. This is where you update your contact information for the University, order your ID card, and update your personal information.

Enrolment and Academic Records Tab

  • This is the main tab that you will use in Aurora. This tab is where you look up courses, register for courses, view your fees, grades, academic standing, and more. You can also order documents such as transcripts and enrolment letters here.

Student Awards and Financial Aid Tab

  • This tab is where you can apply for scholarships and bursaries. The use of this tab is not covered here, please visit the Financial Aid and Awards page for more information.

            Financial Aid and Awards


Functions within Personal Information

In the Personal Information Tab, you are able to review and update your personal and biographical information - such as your contact information and security questions. Below are the functions currently available:

  • Aurora Account related functions:
    • Change Security Question
    • Change your PIN
  • Contact Information functions:
    • View or Update Addresses and Phones
    • View or Update Personal Email Address
    • View or Update Emergency Contacts
    • Subscribe to the Emergency Notification System
  • Name Record Functions:
    • Set Preferred Name
    • Legal Name Change Request
    • Name Change Information
  • Other Functions:
    • Declare Canadian Indigenous Ancestry
    • Change Residency Status (PR / Citizenship updates)
    • Verify My SIN
    • Order ID Card

Functions within Enrolment and Academic Records

This tab in Aurora is divided into 4 separate pages. Each of the pages has many functions and are covered in further detail in the Enrolment and Academic records section on this page:

  • Declarations
    • Allows students to declare Indigenous ancestry, transit from University 1 to Arts or Science, declare or make changes to majors, minors or concentrations, declare college membership, graduation dates and student gym waivers.
  • Registration and Exams
    • This is where you will register for courses and make changes to your timetable and view your registration and tuition charges.
  • Student Records
    • This page houses a variety of functions, pertaining to your academic record.  Here you will find information such as your grades and your transcripts, statement of transfer credit, and co-curricular record.  You may also view hold information, your booklist, your information regarding grade and tuition appeals and where you can request documents.
  • Canadian Tax forms
    • Allows you access to your tax forms (T2202 and T4A).

Enrolment and Academic Records


This page is where you will make declarations related to your student record. These include your major, minor, college membership and your graduation date.

Declarations available in Aurora

  • Declaring Majors/Minors/Concentration Areas
    • Specifically, for eligible programs.
  • Transiting from University 1 into Arts or Science
  • Declaring College Memberships
    • St. John's, St. Paul's, St. Andrew's, or University College
  • Declaring your intended graduation date
            Declare Indigenous Ancestry
  • The UM is committed to Indigenous Achievement and to ensuring the success of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students and graduates. If you have not previously declared your ancestry or want to change your response:
    • Log in to Aurora
    • Select Enrolment & Academic Records
    • Select Declarations
    • Select Canadian Indigenous Self Declaration

Registration and Exams

The Registration and Exams page is one of the most used pages on Aurora. This page has many options, including adding courses, reviewing your registration, and confirming your tuition fees after registration. See the information below to become familiar with this important page.

Select Term

This feature allows you to select the Term (Semester) which you would like to view. The current term you are viewing is always listed in the top right corner of Aurora.

This is especially important for Registration - if you are registering in the wrong term, you will receive errors. Always ensure you are double-checking the Term when you are registering.

Registration Time and Status

This page displays your registration time and status. You will use this page to check when you may begin registering. 

This page will also display your registration eligibility information, such as your Holds, Academic Standing, and Student Status.

  • If you are eligible to register, you will see three green 'checkmarks' beside the eligibility requirements.
  • If you are not eligible to register, you will see a yellow 'caution' symbol beside the criteria you do not meet. One of these appearing as a caution symbol will prevent registration.

This page also allows you to:

  • View registration overrides that have been entered by advisors.
  • Confirm your current program and major information.

Look Up Classes

This page provides a concise list of courses offered in a specific term according to the course subject and other search criteria you enter.

  • Allows you to either:
    • Add selected courses from your Look Up list to your add/drop classes worksheet OR
    • Immediately register for selected courses from your Look Up list

Add or Drop Classes

This is the page where you register for classes. You will also use this page to make adjustments to your registration, such as removing or voluntarily withdrawing from a course.

Tips on using the Add or Drop Classes page:

  • You must 'Select a Term' before being allowed to move on to the Add or Drop Classes screen (if you aren't sure what term you are in, the top right corner of the screen will have it listed under your name and student number)
  • Register for courses by term using the course's Course Reference Number (CRN) or the Look Up classes screen that is available through the "Get Classes" button at the bottom of the screen
  • Students should register for Fall and Winter Term Spanning courses on a separate worksheet from their fall term courses.
  • When you add Part A of a spanned course in the Fall term, the system will automatically add Part B in the Winter Term. (This applies to Winter Term - Summer Term spanning courses as well).

Week at a Glance

This page lets you view a schedule of classes & events for each specific week of your academic schedule. This schedule is based on your course registration.

If you do not see all of your courses, ensure you are viewing a week where courses are taking place!

Student Detail Schedule

This page allows you to view a detailed account of all the courses that you are registered in

Details include:

Field Meaning

Course Name

e.g. Introduction to Sociology PART A

Course Number

e.g. SOC 1200

Section #

e.g. A01

Associated Term

e.g. Fall 2006

CRN (Course Registration Number)

e.g. 10777


The date you registered.

Assigned Instructor

The instructor assigned to the course you are viewing.

Grade Mode

e.g. Standard Letter Grade


The number of credit hours for the course.


e.g. Undergraduate


e.g. Main (Fort Garry & Bannatyne)

Scheduled Meeting Times

The days, times, location and instructor(s).


Capacity, Actual, Remaining and Waitlist (WL) seats.

Registration Restrictions

e.g. Must be in a Psychology Major

    My Exams

    Gives you the scheduled exam times for courses that have Final Exams scheduled by the Registrar's Office. Not all final exams will be reflected here.

    Mid-term examinations are not scheduled in Aurora.

    For more information on Exams, please visit the Final Exams page.

    Final Exams

    View Account Summary by Term

    This is where will view your tuition fee charges. This page will reflect current and past tuition fee statements.

    These statements break down your fees according to specific faculty tuition charges, endowment fees, college fees, UMSU fees, etc

    This page also includes links on opting out of UMSU Health and Dental insurance and general fee information


    For more information on Tuition and Fees, and the current tuition rates, please see the Tuition and Fees page.

    Tuition and Fees

    Active Registration

    This page displays a complete list of courses that you are actively registered in. This means that these courses are in progress.

    • Includes term, CRN, date registered, faculty/school, campus, course level, and number of credit hours

    Registration History

    This page displays a complete list of courses that you have registered for in all terms.

    • Displays as a list of active and completed courses, including courses that have been voluntarily withdrawn or removed after the end of the revision period.
    • Each course listed will include specific information on Term, CRN, Course Code & Title, # of Credit Hours, Level (i.e. undergraduate), Registration Status (date registered, etc), and Final Grade.
    • There will also be a link to the Class Schedule Listing entry for each course.

    Course Catalog and Class Schedule

    Links to both the course catalog and class schedule (outside of the Aurora secure area) are available on the Registration and Exams page.

    Course catalog      Class Schedule

    Letter of Permission Application

    Requests for Letters of permission (LOP's) are submitted through this page in Aurora.

    More information on LOP's can be found on the Letters of Permission page.

    Letter of Permission

    Student Records

    The Student Records page is just as important, if not more important than, the Registration and Exams page. This page allows you to access your student records such as your transcript, tuition fees, grades, and enrolment verification.

    View Student Information

    Allows you to view basic student and curriculum information including:

    Field Meaning
    Registered for Term Displays whether you have registered for the current term.
    First Term Attended Displays the First Term Attended.
    Last Term Attended Displays the last Term Attended.

    Indicates student status.

    (e.g. Active or Inactive)


    Indicates residence status.

    (e.g. Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident)


    Indicates citizenship status.

    (e.g. Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident)

    Student Type Indicates if you are a new or continuing student.

    Indicates the tuition fee rate.

    (e.g. Regular Student)

    Expected Graduation Date

    Displays expected graduation date.

    (if you have already declared graduation)

    Expected Graduation Term

    Displays expected graduation term.

    (if you have already declared graduation)

    Expected Graduation Year

    Displays expected graduation year.

    (if you have already declared graduation)

    Current Program

    Displays your degree program.

    (e.g. B.Sc (Hons))


    Indicates whether you are an undergraduate

    or graduate student.


    Indicates your program.

    (e.g. Science honours)

    Admit Term Indicates the term you were admitted into your current program.
    Admit Type

    Indicates how you were admitted.

    (e.g. Regular Student)

    Catalog Term Indicates the Calendar rules in effect at the time of entry to your program.

    Displays your faculty.

    (e.g. Faculty of Science)


    Displays your campus.

    (e.g. Main (Fort Garry & Bannatyne))


    Displays your major.

    (Only if applicable, not all faculties allow you to declare a major. If you have no major this will say undeclared).

    View Holds

    The 'View Holds' page displays any current holds on your account.

    For more information on holds, please see our Holds page.

    Hold Status

    Final Grades

    This page outlines your grades by term, you must select term before entering the page.

    • Lists grade information for each course, as well as Summary of Marks including Current Term GPA, Cumulative GPA, Transfer GPA, and Overall GPA

    More information on grading and final grades can be found on the Grades page.


    Academic Transcript

    Within Aurora, the word "transcript" is used to describe more than your official transcript. It is a means of viewing your academic history in different ways. Tha Academic Transcript page allows you to:

    • View your transcript by different levels (undergraduate, graduate, all levels)
      • The web transcript will allow you to view your course information and completed credit hours, including University of Manitoba Institutional Credits, Transfer Credit, Courses in Progress (listed by term), and total credit hours completed.
      • The web transcript will also provide you with basic information about your degree, including your student type, faculty, major, and minor.
    • Access a PDF copy of your unofficial transcript
    • Request an Official copy of your transcript (Physical or Digital copy) and track the progress of the request.

    For more information on transcripts and requesting transcripts, please see our Transcripts page.

    Academic Transcripts

    Enrolment Verification

    This page allows students to request an Enrolment Verification letter.

    Please ensure you are eligible to order an Enrolment Verification, as not all students are able to.

    Once you have completed your order, this page will also let you track the status of your request.

    More information on Enrolment Verification Letters can be found on the Enrolment Verification page.

    Enrolment Verification


    Account Summary by Term

    This is where will view your tuition fee charges. This page will reflect current and past tuition fee statements.

    These statements break down your fees according to specific faculty tuition charges, endowment fees, college fees, UMSU fees, and other compulsory fees.

    This page also includes links on opting out of UMSU Health and Dental insurance and general fee information

    For more information on Tuition and Fees and the current tuition rates, please see the Tuition and Fees page.

    Tuition and Fees

    View Booklist

    Allows you to view your booklist. Booklists are updated by the professor offering the course. Any questions about textbooks should be discussed with your professor.

    For information on textbook availability, please visit the bookstore's website.


    Statement of Transfer Credit

    View credit that has been transferred to your record from other institutions.

    This page will reflect any transfer credit from your admission that was accepted, as well as any transfer credits received on a Letter of Permission.

    More information on transfer credits can be found on the following pages.

    Transfer credits (Admissions)      Letters of Permission     

    Transfer Credit Database


    This page is for students to Request a tuition fee appeal or a Final Grade appeal.

    Please see our appeal pages for further information on how to appeal grades or tuition.

    Appeal a Grade     Tuition Fee Appeal

    Order a Document

    This page allows you to order certain documents from the Registrar's Office.

    Currently Available:

    • Eligibility to Graduate Request (undergraduate and Graduate)
    • Confirmation of Degree Awarded.

    Please note, transcripts and Enrolment letters can also be requested on Aurora. Their requests can be found under the Transcripts and Enrolment Verification pages.

    For more information on ordering a document from the Registrar's Office, please visit our Documents and Records page.

    Ordering a document 

    Contact the Registrar's Office

    In-person  If you are visiting in-person, you are required to check in to our virtual queue.

    400 UMSU University Centre
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

    General Questions?Email us

    Inquire about convocation:
    Transcript inquiries:

    1-877-474-9420 (toll free)
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Subject to change based on University closures.