A group of young basketballers poses in the gym with their Mini U leader.

Summer camp and swimming lesson registration is now open!

Summer camps

Summer Camp Dates 2024


  Age* Wk 1 2024 Wk 2 2024 Wk 3 2024 Wk 4 2024 Wk 5 2024 Wk 6 2024 Wk 7 2024 Wk 8 2024 Wk 9 2024
  July 2-5 July 8- 12 July 15-19 July 22-26 July 29- Aug 2 Aug 6- 9 Aug 12-16 Aug 19-23 Aug 26-30
*Participants must be meet the minimum age requirement for the program by December 31, 2024.
Active Gamers: Level Up!  12-14 18648 18663 18665 18667 18669 18671 18673 18675 18677
Archery, Fencing Racquetball  12-14     18553         18579  
Becoming a Mini U Leader 13-16 18747   18748   18749   18750    
Glow in the Dark 12+ 12-14 18511 18530 18544 18555 18570 18580 18594 18605 18627
Rec Basketball 12-14   18123     18137     18138  
Rec Volleyball  12-14 18099   18135     18136      
Senior Science 12-14 18751 18752 18753 18754 18755 18756 18757 18758 18759
Wall Climbing III 12-14 18519 18540 18552 18565 18578 18679 18602 18615 18626
** Please note: the pool will be closed for annual maintenance in week 9. Swimming will not be scheduled as an activity in Week 9.
Swimming Lessons    Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4  
  July 2-12 July 15-26 July 29- Aug 9 Aug 12-23  
Private/ Semi Private Lessons: 4:30-5:15 5-14 18485/18486 18491/18492 18497/18498 18503/18504  
Private/ Semi Private Lessons: 5:15-6:00 5-14 18487/18488 18493/18494 18499/18500 18505/18506
Group ICS : 4:30-5:15 5-14 18483 18489 18495 18501
Group ICS: 5:15-6:00 5-14 18484 18490 18496 18502
  • A junior program participant dribbles a basketball attempting to get past her opponent.
  • Rec Basketball

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor: Bisons student-athletes, with mentorship and curriculum development support, provided by Bisons Basketball head coaches Kirby Schepp and Michele Sung
    Hours/Day: 3 Basketball; 3 Rec
    Dates: Weeks 2, 5, 8
    Price: $295

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Rec Basketball program details

Experienced U SPORTS athletes lead you through drills, competitions, and daily scrimmages to help improve your play. Learn shooting, passing, dribbling, offensive and defensive strategies and conditioning. Our coaches emphasize transitional situations and advanced shooting techniques.


  • Three girls from the Mini U Senior Program during volleyball
  • Rec Volleyball

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor: Bisons student-athletes, with mentorship and curriculum development support provided by Bisons Volleyball head coaches Ken Bentley and Arnd Ludwig.
    Hours/Day: 3 Volleyball; 3 Rec
    Dates: Weeks 1*, 3, 6*
    Price: $295 (Short Week* $236)

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Rec Volleyball program details

Bisons student-athletes will lead you through drills, daily scrimmages and mini competitions to help build on your volleyball skills. You will learn offensive and defensive strategies and systems, approach, attacking, blocking, hitting, setting, serving and passing.

  • Kids practice their fencing techniques with each other.
  • Archery, Fencing and Racquetball

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor: Sport Manitoba trained staff
    Hours/Day: 4 AFR Sport; 2 Rec
    Dates: 3, 8
    Price: $295

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Archery, Fencing and Racquetball program details

Join us for the opportunity to try these three sports in a fun and safe environment. In conjunction with our Sport Manitoba organizations, learn sport specific skills from experienced players in archery, fencing and racquetball while developing an understanding of fair play. 

  • Two kids with glowing neon clothing under the black lights.
  • Glow in the Dark

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor Qualified Mini U Programs coach
    Hours/Day: 2 Glow; 4 Rec
    Dates: Weeks 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6*, 7, 8, 9
    Price: $295 (Short Week* $236)

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Glow in the Dark program details

Join us for a week filled with fun games and activities all played under our black lights! Games will include things like dodgeball, 9 square in the air, tchoukball and Omnikin paired with fun team challenges and activities. 

Each participant will receive a special glow in the dark t-shirt to take home. 

  • A girl climbing the climbing wall in the advanced climbing skills class.
  • Wall Climbing III

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor: Qualified climbing leader
    Hours/Day: 2 Climb; 4 Rec
    Dates: Weeks 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6*, 7, 8, 9
    Price: $295 (Short Week* $236)

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Wall Climbing III program details

Learn new skills or refine your previous climbing skills as you build confidence and experience on the wall. This program will focus on a range of techniques for the new climber and additional intermediate to advanced climbing techniques for the experienced climber.  One hour per day will be spent on our 1500 square foot climbing wall in the Active Living Centre and one hour per day on our bouldering wall with our new Kilter board. 

  • Two Mini U juniors play a video game with their leader.
  • Active Gamers: Level Up!

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs classroom leader
    Hours/Day: 2 Gaming; 4 Rec
    Dates: Weeks 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6*, 7, 8, 9
    Price: $295 (Short Week* $236)

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Active Gamers: Level Up! program details

Unleash your gaming skills with all the latest systems from Xbox, PlayStation, Meta and Nintendo.  Acquire leadership skills through gaming and put them into play with physical activities. 

  • A senior Mini U participant working with other Mini U kids.
  • Becoming a Mini U Leader

    Age: 14-16
    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs classroom leader
    Hours/Day: 3 Lead; 3 Rec
    Dates - 2 Week Program: Weeks 1*/2, 3/4, 5/6*, 7/8
    Price: $340 (Short Week* $306)

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Become a Mini U Leader program details

Be a leader at Mini U and Junior Bisons Programs! Develop your skills in the areas of responsibility, behaviour management and goal setting and get a powerful glimpse into what it takes to be a leader on the Mini U team. Receive hands-on training through an in-depth orientation that includes learning behaviour management techniques, customer service, creating games for kids and teamwork. During the first week, our leaders will prepare you to lead at Mini U and Junior Bisons Programs. During the second week, you’ll work alongside a Mini U mentor and assist with leading one of our summer camps. After the program has been completed, you will have the chance to volunteer at our programs! Please note: we have changed the starting age of Becoming A Mini U Leader to 14 from 13.  

  • Senior Science 12+
  • Senior Science 12+

    Age: 12-14
    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs classroom leader
    Hours/Day: 3 Science; 3 Rec
    Dates: Weeks 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6*, 7, 8, 9
    Price: $295 (Short Week* $236)

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Senior Science 12+ program details

See how far science can take you with this new and exciting camp! Come with us as we explore science buildings on campus and perform hands on experiments following the scientific method. Campers will learn what scientific discovery looks like at the university level by covering topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and more!

Junior Bisons Summer Camps

  • Junior Bisons logo
  • Junior Bisons

    We will be offering various day-time, high-performance training opportunities in volleyball, basketball and soccer.

    Age: 12-18

    Visit the Junior Bisons website for full program details.

Fall, Winter and Spring Programs

  • wall climbing
  • Wall Climbing III

    Spring Session
    Ages: 12+
    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs leaders
    Days:   Saturdays 12:00 - 1:30pm
    Dates:  Saturday April 6 - June 15, 2024 ‎ (No class: May 18) ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 
    Price:  $328

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Wall Climbing III program details

Advanced Climbing Skills are designed to help climbers with experience on the wall to continue to develop their skills. The focus of this program will be on intermediate to advanced techniques while teaching you what it takes to train for a competition. Participants will be encouraged to set longer term goals for themselves and be taught strategies for achieving these goals.

  • Wall Climbing IV
  • Wall Climbing IV

    Spring Session
    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs leaders
    Dates: April 5 - June 14 (No class: May 31)
    Days:   Wednesdays (7:30-9:00pm) & Fridays (6:00-7:30pm) (participants attend both days) 
    Price:  $440

    Note: All participants in Climbing IV will get a climbing 10 pass with registration starting on the first day of class.

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Wall Climbing IV Program Info

In this developmental program youth will learn to train for climbing. Within the two classes per week, advanced climbing skills will be introduced such as lead climbing, endurance, power, strength and agility. Climbing coaches will further develop the athlete's physical climbing vocabulary and fitness. If youth are interested in competing in climbing there will be opportunities to take part in Community Competition, Provincial Competition as well as National Competition events.   

  • Judo
  • NEW! Judo 

    Winter Session: 
    Ages: 9-14
    Program Advisor: Moe Oye, 9th Degree Black Belt & Qualified Leaders
    Dates: Jan 5 - Mar 15 (no class on Feb 16)
    Days: Fridays 7:15 - 8:30pm
    Price: $237.50

Judo program details

The participant will acquire basic and/or advanced judo techniques (throws and mat work) according to your placement in the class.  Physical fitness, respectful behavior, safety and enjoyment of the sport of judo are top priorities.  Program advisor is Moe Oye, 9th degree black belt.  

All experience welcome: Beginner (white belt - no experience) or higher belt (yellow belt & up)

  • Learn To Skate 12 Plus
  • NEW! Learn To Skate 12+

    Winter Session 
    Ages: 12-14
    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs leaders
    Days: Mondays 5:00 - 5:45pm (10 classes)
    ‎Dates: ‎Jan 8 - Mar 18, 2024 (No class: Feb 19)
    Price: $236

Learn To Skate 12+ program details

It's never to late to learn how to skate! Lessons will focus on the fundamentals of skating: forward skating, stopping, starting, turning and backwards skating. Learn to Skate combines movement-oriented activities and games to encourage fun through learning. Please note: this program is for beginner skaters only. 

  • junior bisons logo
  • Junior Bisons

    We will be offering various programs in basketball, soccer, track and field and volleyball. 

    Age: 12-18

    Visit the Junior Bisons website for full program and club details.

    Junior Bisons website

Spring Break Camps 2024

March 25 - March 28, 2024

  • Climbing
  • Wall Climbing III

    Instructor: Qualified Mini U Programs Coaches
    Hours/Day:  2 Climbing; 4 Rec
    Price: $236

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12+ Experience

Leadership Skill Building

  • Mentoring young campers 
  • Building relationships 
  • Collecting leadership cards 
  • Developing teamwork skills 
  • Increasing communication skills 

Self Sign Out

Participants of Mini U Programs and Junior Bisons who are at least twelve years of age can be granted permission to sign themselves out of camp at 4:00 PM each day with the preauthorization from a guardian. Please see this form for authorization.