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Publications from MCHP Researchers

Areas of expertise

These researchers are highly successful and currently hold more than $3.3 million in research grants and awards collectively. Below are some of research areas and projects MCHP researchers are leading.

Antenatal, newborn and maternal health

Dr. Chelsea Ruth

The LEOPARD study led by Dr. Chelsea Ruth is a collaborative study between Perinatology, Neonatology and Developmental Pediatrics which is building a multi-year birth based cohort to look at the effects of antenatal, perinatal and early life risk and protective factors on educational outcomes and child development. It is in the early stages of cohort formation with three study questions ready to go looking at the effects of antenatal steroids, complex congenital heart disease and gestational age at birth on our outcomes.

Dr. Marcelo Urquia

Maternal and Newborn Perinatal Outcomes of Girls aged <18 is a project led by Dr. Marcelo Urquia that aims to quantify the prevalence and distribution of child marriage and its associations with adverse perinatal outcomes, based on nationwide Canadian data and from other countries.

Child development

Dr. Marni Brownell

Leveraging Linked Administrative Data to Advance FASD Research and Inform Evidence Based Policy in Manitoba and Beyond is a study led by Dr. Marni Brownell. It was developed in partnership with Healthy Child Manitoba with the objective of using the Population Research Data Repository held at MCHP to:

  1. Evaluate the Manitoba government’s FASD strategy and determine the success of reducing the incidence of alcohol consumption during pregnancy;
  2. Describe the burden of physical and mental health co-morbidities experienced by individuals with FASD with the aim of guiding clinical management of FASD in pediatric and primary care settings.

Dr. Marni Brownell, Dr. Deepa Singal

Neonatal and Childhood Neurodevelopment, Health and Educational Outcomes of Children Exposed to Antidepressants and Maternal Depression During Pregnancy is a study led by Drs. Marni Brownell and Deepa Singal is examining neonatal health, early childhood physical and mental health, and educational outcomes for children whose mothers took antidepressants during pregnancy. The population-wide data held at MCHP has allowed us to generate a comparison group of children whose mothers were diagnosed with depression during pregnancy but who did not take antidepressants. Results provide clinicians and their patients’ information on which to base decisions about antidepressant use during pregnancy.

Dr. Nathan Nickel

Dr. Nickel is co-Director, Public Health and Causal Inference Statistics for the Manitoba Interdisciplinary Lactation Center. The Manitoba Interdisciplinary Lactation Center is a research consortium that combines a provincial infant feeding database and a human milk biorepository. Both are linked with a wealth of health and social services data at the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository.

REMAIN – Resiliency After Maternal Incarceration – A whole population study of child development outcomes after maternal incarceration. This study is led by Drs. Nathan Nickel and Wanda Phillips-Beck from the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba. REMAIN will examine the relationship between incarceration while pregnant and subsequent birth outcomes. The research team will work to understand and document the experiences of First Nations families coming into contact with the justice system compared with all other Manitobans.

Dr. Marcelo Urquia, Dr. Marni Brownell, Dr. Kate Kenney

The Relationship Between Health and Child Protection Services Involvement Among Parents in Manitoba. This study, led by Drs Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Marni Brownell, Marcelo Urquia will examine how involvement with child protective services impacts the health of parents. The study will look at whether parents with specific health conditions are more likely to have a child placed in the care of child protective services. Métis, First Nation, and all other Manitoba parents may experience involvement with child protective services differently and therefore the research team will ask each research question separately for each group.

Data quality and use

Dr. Alan Katz

Identification of Frailty Using Administrative and Electronic Medical Records Data project will link electronic medical records and administrative data to develop a definition of frailty for the administrative data using machine learning.

Beyond Structured Administrative Data project (BEST DATA) will explore the use of Natural Language Processing to analyze free text that is recorded in electronic medical records.

Derivation of risk prediction models and a computer microsimulation model in type 2 diabetes is using Manitoba data to validate the prediction models developed in Ontario.

Implementation of the Risk Factor Identification Tool (RFIT) study is testing an algorithm based tool for patients to identify their behavioural health risk factors which is then uploaded into the electronic medical records in family practice clinics.

Dr. Lisa Lix

Accuracy of Risk Factor Diagnoses in Administrative Health Databases 
This validation study will investigate misclassification biases in health risk factor diagnoses in administrative databases for diagnoses of obesity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as a proxy measure of smoking in Manitoba by evaluating the validity of the ICD diagnosis codes from hospital discharge abstracts and physician billing claims.

Evaluating the Coverage and Comparability of Electronic Health Data for Chronic Disease Research and Surveillance 
This research aims to compare the assess how representative the populations captured in electronic medical records (EMRs) are to the Manitoba population and compare behavioural risk factors and chronic health conditions measured in EMRs with those measured in administrative health data to assess their comparability.

Harnessing Population-Based Electronic Healthcare Records to Construct Family Health Histories for Accurate Disease Risk Prediction and Heritability Estimation
The research purpose is to measure lifetime chronic disease histories for parents and their offspring using record linkage techniques and test the utility of these lifetime histories for predicting disease risk and estimating disease heritability.

Comparing hospitalization rates, outcomes, and treatment intensity for elderly patients across OECD countries
The purpose of this study is to compare treatment and outcomes for older adults (>66 years) from five OECD countries (US, Canada (two provinces), Netherlands, Israel and England) hospitalized with one of five conditions:

  1. hip fracture
  2. acute myocardial infarction
  3. ischemic stroke
  4. elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
  5. congestive heart failure

Dr. Nathan Nickel

A Data Infrastructure for Monitoring the Impact of Cannabis Legalization: Data Collection and Linkage Strategies to Inform Health and Social Policy 
This study is validating a data collection tool that will record cannabis use information among Manitoba residents. This information can be linked with the administrative data housed in the repository for future research projects examining the health and social outcomes associated with legalizing non-medical cannabis use.

Family medicine

Dr. Alan Katz

A Retrospective Review of Membership within the Wellness Institute and Reh-Fit Centre's Medical Fitness Model
Comparing health outcomes of members of the two medical fitness centres with matched controls using administrative data.

The BedMed Initiative - Making Better Use of Existing Therapies
Using administrative data to monitor health outcomes of patients in a clinical trial comparing patients who take anti-hypertensive medication at bedtime vs in the morning.

Long-term Sequelae of COVID-19: Using Clinical and Administrative Data to Support Diagnosis and Treatment of Long COVID Patients
Address knowledge gaps in understanding long COVID syndrome diagnosis, risk factors for long COVID syndrome, and long COVID syndrome progression and recovery using administrative data.  

Health inequities

Dr. Alyson Mahar

The goal of Understanding the Burden and Outcomes of Cancer for Canadians Living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is to determine whether or not Canadians living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) are more likely than Canadians who do not have IDD to:

  1. Be diagnosed with cancer;
  2. Be diagnosed with incurable cancer;
  3. Not receive the right cancer treatment;
  4. Die of their cancer.

Measuring Equity and Generating ActioN in CANcer: Using research to promote equitable care delivery across Canada (MEGAN CAN) is a patient-driven research study on cancer care disparities. The research team will consult with patients, healthcare providers and policy-makers to better understand barriers to receiving and providing equitable care and identify interventions and changes to target these barriers in meaningful, concrete ways.

Dr. Marcelo Urquia

Addressing Gender-Based Health Inequities Among Children and Youth in Immigrant Families in Manitoba aims to identify whether there are sex differences in developmental outcomes among children and youth in various immigrant groups.

Indigenous health and well-being

Dr. Marni Brownell

Dr. Marni Brownell is leading a program of research called STRENGTH: Supporting Resiliency in Indigenous child Health and development. In this program of research we are partnering with researchers from the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba to evaluate the Healthy Baby program for First Nation women and their infants, and with the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre to evaluate full-day kindergarten, Boys & Girls Club of Winnipeg programs, and Roots of Empathy for First Nation children. We are also partnering with researchers from the Manitoba Metis Federation to evaluate home visiting programs, and early childhood and school-based programs for Métis children and families

Partnering with researchers from the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba Dr. Marni Brownell’s team has evaluated the Families First Home Visiting Program for First Nation children and families living off-reserve and is currently evaluating the Strengthening Families-Maternal Child Health Home Visiting Program for First Nation children and families living on reserve, in a project known as ENVISION: Evaluating Home Visiting Interventions in First Nation families.

Dr. Marni Brownell is leading research that is Quantifying Social Disparities in Youth Justice System Trajectories - Evidence to Inform Policy Change. Partnering with researchers from First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba and from Manitoba Metis Federation, this project is exploring whether more severe and/or frequent penalties are applied to Indigenous youth as they move through the justice system. We are following several cohorts of youth charged with crimes through six separate decision points in the justice system; at each decision point we will compare rates of outcomes (e.g., charge proceeds vs. charge does not proceed) among First Nation and non-First Nation youth, and separately compare Métis youth and non-Métis youth.

Dr. Mariette Chartier

PAX-Good Behaviour Game (PAX) in First Nations Communities: Enhancing and Adapting a School-Based Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Strategy is an evidence-based, childhood mental health promotion strategy that creates a nurturing school environment for children and has been shown to decrease suicidal ideation and attempts. With Swampy Cree Tribal Council communities, Dr. Mariette Chartier’s research team aims to understand how PAX is working from First Nations perspectives in order to adapt and enhance it to be culturally grounded in their values, beliefs and traditions. With this knowledge, adaptations were made to improve the implementation of the PAX program in First Nations communities. Using data linkage to administrative data as well as interviews and focus groups, evaluation of these adaptations are ongoing.

Dr. Nathan Nickel

Dr. Nathan Nickel is leading a team to study REMAIN: Resilience after Maternal Incarceration: A Whole-Population Administrative Data Cohort Study of Children whose Mothers Experienced Incarceration. This study brings together researchers from the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat, the Manitoba Metis Federation, and the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy to understand children’s outcomes after their mother is incarcerated. This study is looking at the experiences of First Nations and Métis families separately, adopting a distinctions-based approach. We aim to identify factors that support success and positive outcomes for these children.

Mental health and addictions

Dr. Mariette Chartier

Towards Flourishing (TF): Improving the Mental Health among Families in the Manitoba Families First Home Visiting Program is an innovative mental health promotion strategy that focuses on improving the mental well-being of mothers and their infants in the postpartum period. TF has yet to be evaluated and so there remains a paucity of evidence on whether it is effective at improving maternal and child outcomes and whether further investment is warranted. Thus, in this study, Dr. Mariette Chartier’s team will determine the effectiveness of TF by examining the health and social outcomes of mothers and infants who received TF by using data linkage to administrative data.

Dr. Nathan Nickel

Methamphetamine use in Manitoba: Using whole-population data to seek out solutions and reduce methamphetamine-related harms study led by Dr. Nickel partners with Manitobans that have used methamphetamines and a multi-disciplinary group of people who provide health and social services for this study. This study will describe the population who have used methamphetamines in the past five years, the health and social services used from five years before first documented methamphetamine use to present; evaluate the effectiveness of pharmaceutical interventions, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing harm-reduction interventions.

Epidemiology of Prescription Opioid Use among Métis in Manitoba is led by the Manitoba Metis Federation and Dr. Nathan Nickel. The study will investigate the epidemiology and patterns of prescription opioid dispensations among Manitoba Métis. The Manitoba Metis Federation plans to use the findings from this study to inform the planning and implementation of harm-reduction strategies.

Older adults

Dr. Malcolm Doupe

Evaluating Sub-acute Care Hospital Transitions for Older Adults: Understanding How, Why, and for Whom a Planned Intervention Works project team of expert researchers has partnered with planners in charge in this process and with patients who have been through a new type of ‘subacute care’ to rehabilitate frail older adults after hospital admission before release home, to study how it is working.

Using Evidence to Inform Health Policy: Supportive Housing as a Case Study will investigate how evidence can be used to enhance supportive housing policies in Manitoba to ensure that Manitobans use supportive housing and nursing homes appropriately and at the right time in their lives.

Research networks

Dr. Alan Katz

The pan-Canadian SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations is a key CIHR initiative under the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research and the Community-Based Primary Health Care Signature Initiative. It is a Network of networks that builds on regional and national assets in community-based primary and integrated health care, to foster a new alliance between research, policy and practice to create dynamic and responsive learning systems across the country that develop, evaluate and scale up new approaches to the delivery services. Dr. Alan Katz is the research lead in the Manitoba network.

The SPOR Canadian Data Platform, network of data and research centres, aims to unlock the potential of Canada’s unique data assets and expertise to address the most pressing health research challenges facing the public and policymakers, was funded in 2019 after many years of development, from an idea spawned in MCHP. It is pioneering a single stop for researchers to request access to health and social data from a variety of sources across the country. Dr. Alan Katz serves on the executive and Dr. Lisa Lix leads the data Harmonization initiative of the platform.

Does Primary Care Reform Make a Difference? Cross jurisdictional study linking administrative and international survey data. The research team will compare the reforms in different jurisdictions and the associated outcomes in each jurisdiction (Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba.)

Dr. Malcolm Doupe

Assessing Emergency Department-to-Home Transitions for Frail Older Adults An international team of researchers, doctors, health system planners, and patients will identify promising practices to support frail older adults in the community after visits to Emergency Departments.

Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba: A comparative Analysis Older people are the main users of publicly funded care continuums comprised of home care, various types of community-based housing with health services care options (called supportive housing in this research), and nursing homes. This research compares the strengths and weaknesses of care models in Manitoba and Alberta.

iSTEP: An International Student Training and Exchange Project in Transitional Care is a collaboration between Norway and Canada will give students the skills to help improve these transitions between nursing homes and emergency departments and/or hospitals.

iNET: An International Network to Enhance Older Adult Transitions between Emergency Departments and Communities iNET will enhance older adult transitions between emergency departments (EDs) and communities by establishing a world-leading network of academics and healthcare stakeholders (e.g., decision-makers and providers) from Norway and Canada.

Matt Dahl

Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES) is a network of more than 100 scientists study the safety and effectiveness of medications using administrative data, and provide evidence for policy-makers, healthcare providers, regulators and patients.

Dr. Marni Brownell

Prevalence and Social Determinants of Developmental Outcomes Among 5-Year Old Children with Health Disorders: A Pan Canadian Study Using comparable information from three provinces (Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia), this study is examining the developmental outcomes at school entry for children with any of seven of the most common health disorders in childhood, and the interplay between socioeconomic status and developmental outcomes.

SPECTRUM (Social Policy Evaluation Collaborative Team Research at Universities in Manitoba) The goal of SPECTRUM is to establish a collaborative partnership that will build research capacity amongst participants for conducting social policy research and evaluation.

Social science research

Dr. Marni Brownell

SPECTRUM (Social Policy Evaluation Collaborative Team Research at Universities in Manitoba) goal is to establish a collaborative partnership that will build research capacity amongst participants for conducting social policy research and evaluation.

STRENGTH: Supporting Resiliency in Indigenous child Health and development is a partnership with First Nation, Métis and local social and educational partners to evaluate home visiting programs, and early childhood and school-based programs for Métis children and families

Research studies for the Manitoba Government

Our researchers carry out research using the Repository under contract to the Manitoba Government through Manitoba Health and Seniors Care to provide analyses to support policy development or service planning. These studies usually take two to three years to complete and we publish four to five deliverables (reports) annually.

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Deliverables currently underway

Needs-Based Planning for Mental Health and Substance Use Services and Supports in Manitoba

Led by Jill Hnatiuk and Nathan Nickel

This project will use the Pan-Canadian work force projection model developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to estimate and compare the current capacity of mental health and substance use services to the population needs for youth and adults aged 15 and older within Manitoba. Once complete, the Needs-Based Planning approach will provide evidence-based estimates of 'gaps' in services and supports (including workforce and infrastructure) that can be used to inform future decision making and resource allocation.

RHA Indicators Atlas

Led by Lindsey Dahl and Nathan Nickel

In collaboration with Manitoba Health, MCHP will produce an updated Regional Health Authority (RHA) Indicators Atlas with region and district-specific data on a range of key indicators of health status and health care use. The last RHA Indicators Atlas was published in 2019 using 2011 and 2016 data.

Developing an Impact Evaluation Framework for Deliverables

Led by Selena Randall and Jill Hnatiuk

MCHP will develop an evaluation framework that can be applied to government-commissioned research projects to assess their uptake by and impact on the healthcare system in Manitoba. This framework will be developed in partnership with system stakeholders from Manitoba Health and Mental Health & Community Wellness to promote viability.

Transitions from pediatric to adult services (age 18 transition)

Led by Dan Chateau and Marni Brownell

This deliverable will study the transition from pediatric to adult services for those who turn 18 years of age with a focus on three groups of individuals: those with mental illnesses; those moving from foster care to being on their own; and those with developmental disability. Questions of interest include: What types of services do the 18+ year olds use, compared to their pediatric experiences? Where indicators are possible (for example, in treatment of diabetes), is the quality of care comparable after transition? Is there a drop in health services use after they turn 18, and if so, how long does it take to see health services use return to previous levels?

COVID-19 research

Social determinants of health digital library

Other research activity

Individual research programs

Centre researchers run their own individual research programs using the repository. View a list of current MCHP research scientists faculty and staff.

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Other active research projects

Current To: July 8, 2024

Number of Active Research Projects: 182

Aboulatta, Laila: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures on perinatal outcomes: A population-based cohort study

Akinola, Samuhildebrnel: Antiseizure Medication Use During Pregnancy and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children

Alessi Severini, Silvia: CNODES: The Safety of Tofacitinib in Ulcerative Colitis

Alexiuk, Mackenzie: The Association of Sarcopenia with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Decline in Kidney Function

Amos, Tyler: COVID-19 EIS and Education Recoverty

Amos, Tyler: Emergency Department Overcrowding

Amos, Tyler: Heating and Human Health

Amos, Tyler: Synthetic Data Generation

Amos, Tyler: Update - Special Education Funding Formula: Projecting Special Needs Student Numbers by School Division

Anderson, Alexandrea (Lexy): Identifying potential cancer disparities for people living with HIV using population-based data in Manitoba

Arora, Rakesh: Evaluating the introduction of an institutional opioid-sparing analgesia protocol for cardiac surgery

Aziz, Md. Adbul: Antidepressant Prescribing for Mood and/or Anxiety Disorder in Manitoba, Canada: A Population-Based Cohort Study of Pharmacotherapy Persistence, Switching, and Combination/Augmentation Strategies

Balogun, Deborah: Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders among Pregnant Women living in Public Housing in Manitoba

Barr, Bryce: A Retrospective Review of Kidney Biopsy Data: The Manitoba Glomerular Diseases Registry

Bernstein, Charles N.: COVID-19, Mental Health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A population-based, prospective study of disease impact, mental health and patient resilience

Bernstein, Charles N.: Manitoba IBD Long-Term Outcomes Study

Bohm, Clara: Preliminary Investigation of In-Centre Chronic Hemodialysis Patients to Guide the Dial Mag Canada Trial Study Design

Brownell, Marni: Across the Spectrum: Building a Multi-Sector Partnership to Conduct Social Policy Evaluation and Research Using Big Data

Brownell, Marni: Cost of Not Graduating From High School in Manitoba

Brownell, Marni: Leveraging Linked Administrative Data to Advance Population Based Autism Research and Inform Evidence Based Policy in Manitoba and Beyond

Brownell, Marni: Neonatal and Childhood Neurodevelopment, Health and Educational Outcomes of Children Exposed to Antidepressants and Maternal Depression During Pregnancy

Brownell, Marni: Outcomes of Children Involved with Child and Family Services: Comparing Children in Care with Children Receiving Services without Going into Care

Brownell, Marni: PATHS: Program: Paths Equity for Children: A Program of Research into what Works to Reduce the Gap for Manitoba's Children

Brownell, Marni: PATHS: The Manitoba Healthy Baby Program

Brownell, Marni: Promoting Healthy Families: A Canadian Evaluation of the Triple P (positive parenting program)

Brownell, Marni: Quantifying Social Disparities in Youth Justice System Trajectories - Evidence to Inform Policy Change

Brownell, Marni: Solutions to Increase Youth HPV Immunization in Canada

Brownell, Marni: Special Education Funding Formula: Projecting Special Needs Student Numbers by School Division

Brownell, Marni: STRENGTH: SupporTing REsiliency in iNdiGenous child healTH and development

Brownell, Marni: The Overlap Between Child Welfare and the Justice System

Butterworth, Tom: Predictors of Intensive Care Unit Admission in Manitoba Patients with COVID-19

Casidsid, Hera: The association between the Healthy Baby program and postpartum depression among women in Manitoba: A retrospective cohort study

Chartier, Mariette: Manitoba First Nations Child Atlas

Chartier, Mariette: PAX-Good Behavior Game in First Nations Communities: Enhancing and Adapting a School-Based Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Chateau, Dan: DSEN-CNODES Common Data Model (CDM): Natural History of Coagulopathy in COVID- 19

Chateau, Dan: DSEN-CNODES: Exposure to Prescription Ranitidine in Canada

Chateau, Dan: Transitions from pediatric to adult services (age 18 transition)

Chochinov, Harvey: Evaluating palliative and end-of-life care for Canadians living with schizophrenia

Clair, Luc: Estimating the Cost of Peripheral Artery Disease in Manitoba

Collister, David: Analgesics and the risk of adverse events in chronic kidney disease: a retrospective population based study

Collister, David: Gender Affirmation Hormone Therapy and Changes in Kidney Function: A Retrospective Population Based Study

Dart, Allison: The KIdney aNd blooD prESsure ouTcomes - Determining best fOllow-up in hospitalized Children (KINDEST-DOC) study: A national study of the FILTR-CKD study group

Debbarman, Shantanu: Healthcare Costs At The End Of Life Among The Immigrant And Non-Immigrant Groups In Manitoba

Decker, Kathleen: Assessment of Cancer Surgery Quality in Manitoba

Delisle, Megan: Improving Cancer Surgery through Continuous, Province-Wide Feedback for Surgeons

Doupe, Malcolm: Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba: Administrative Data Analysis

Doupe, Malcolm: Evaluating Sub-Acute Care Hospital Transitions for Older Adults: Understanding How, Why, and for Whom a Planned Intervention is Working

Doupe, Malcolm: Patterns and Consequences of Support Housing and Nursing Home Use in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Trends Since 2006

Doupe, Malcolm: Program: Linking Unique Clinical and Health Care Use Files to Better Understand Nursing Home Quality Care

Doupe, Malcolm: Public Reporting Template for LTC Quality Indicators?

Doupe, Malcolm: Supporting Healthcare Improvement through Facilitation & Training

Ducas, John: Evaluation of Clinical Predictors for the Safe Repatriation of Patients with St-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) from a Single, Regional Cardiac Care Centre

Eltonsy, Sherif: Canadian Mother-Child Cohort Active Surveillance (CAMCCO)

Eltonsy, Sherif: CNODES: Safety monitoring following Ozempic use in patients with diabetes

Eltonsy, Sherif: Comparative Safety of Antiepileptic Therapies during Pregnancy

Eltonsy, Sherif: COVID-19 infection and medicines in pregnancy

Eltonsy, Sherif: DSEN-CNODES: Corticosteroid use among outpatients with COVID-19

Eltonsy, Sherif: DSEN-CNODES: The Use of Hydrochlorothiazide and the Risk of Skin Cancer

Eltonsy, Sherif: Safety of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccines during Pregnancy

Eltonsy, Sherif: The impact of population-level physical distancing during COVID-19 pandemic on health care services in Manitoba: a focus on vulnerable populations

Faisal, Nabiha: Accuracy of Manitoba Administrative Health Databases to Identify Patients with Cirrhosis

Friesen, Kevin: Signal and Noise: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Relationship between Medication Use and Alzheimer's Disease

Frost, Jasmine: Investigating Molecular Epidemiology of the 2016-18 Mumps Outbreak using Whole Genome Sequencing and Bayesian Analysis

Gray, Kristen: Post-tracheostomy outcomes in the mechanically ventilated ICU patient: A retrospective cohort study

Grierson, Lawrence: An appraisal of grassroots Patient Medical Home practice developments in Canada: A College of Family Physicians of Canada commissioned study

Hamad, Amani: DSEN-CNODES: Utilization of Antidiabetic Drugs During Pregnancy

Hamm, Naomi: Improving Chronic Disease Case Definitions: The Added Value of Longitudinal Data

Haque, Md Ashiqul: Model-Based Algorithms to Ascertain Chronic Disease Risk Factors from Electronic Health Data

Haworth-Brockman, Margaret: Modeling Transmission of COVID-19 in Winnipeg Long-Term Care Facilities

Haworth-Brockman, Margaret: Why does equity in health matter? An equity analysis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and active Tuberculosis in Manitoba

Hemstock, Riley: Opioid restriction implemented institution-wide at a Canadian sports orthopaedic surgery centre

Hensel, Jennifer: Evaluating the impact of emergency telepsychiatry support in Winnipeg on length of stay in the emergency department and patient outcomes

Hildebrand, Hailey: The Effect of Heart Failure Hospitalizations on the Development and Progression of Sarcopenia: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Hingwala, Jay: Evaluation of LDL cholesterol treatment, cardiovascular events, and healthcare costs among individuals with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in Manitoba

Hitchon, Carol: Safety and Immunogenicity of COVID19 vaccine

Hnatiuk, Jill: Mental Health and Substance Use in Manitoba 202 -

Katz, Alan: Beyond Structured Administrative Data (BEST – Data project) - Evaluation of low back imaging tests

Katz, Alan: Beyond Structured Administrative Data project (BEST DATA)

Katz, Alan: CNODES: Outpatient Nirmatrelvir-Ritonavir (Paxlovid) and Remdesivir utilization in Canada

Katz, Alan: Does Primary Care Reform Make a Difference?

Katz, Alan: DSEN-CNODES Common Data Model (CDM): Impact of communications and recalls related to the nitrosamine impurities on the utilization of angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs)

Katz, Alan: DSEN-cNODES: Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies

Katz, Alan: Evaluating the differential impact of what we have done, as we prioritize what to do next: a multi-provincial intervention modeling study using population-based data

Katz, Alan: Long-term Sequelae of COVID-19: Using Clinical and Administrative Data to Support Diagnosis and Treatment of Long COVID Patients

Katz, Alan: Pan-Canadian Study of Psychiatric Care (PCPC)

Katz, Alan: Surgical Projection Models

Katz, Alan: Vaccine Distribution Approaches for Equity-Deserving and At-Risk Populations under COVID- 19: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Canada

Kidane, Biniam: Understanding and predicting long-term outcomes of older adults undergoing cancer surgery

Komenda, Paul: A Retrospective Review of Membership within the Wellness Institute and Reh-Fit Centre’s medical Fitness Model

Komenda, Paul: An observational study of Lyme disease in Ontario and Manitoba, Canada: Incidence and healthcare resource utilization

Komenda, Paul: How Much Does Prolonged QTc Contribute to Sudden Cardiac Death in Dialysis Patients: The Definitive Epidemiology Study

Komenda, Paul: SAFEty of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (the SAFE PICK Study)

Lavoie, Josee: Developing Strategies to Support FN Communities' Decision-Making During COVID-19 Outbreaks

Lavoie, Josee: Improving responsiveness across the continuum of kidney health care in rural and remote Manitoba First Nation communities (I-KHealth) Study 1: Journey of uninformed end-stage kidney disease patients

Lavoie, Josee: Improving Responsiveness across the Continuum of Kidney Health in Rural and Remote Manitoba First Nation Communities (I-KHealth) Study 2. Analyzing Journeys of First Nations Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Lavoie, Josee: Using linked administrative data to describe the trajectories of Inuit families' involved in Manitoba's child protection system

Lavu, Alekhya: Antiepileptic treatments during pregnancy and birth weight outcomes

Lee-Wing, Nathan: Analysis of cataract surgery wait times in Manitoba

Leong, Christine: Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 Public Health Measures on Healthcare Utilization, Psychotropic Drug Use, and Mortality Among Individuals Living with Mental Illness: a population-based study using administrative data

Leslie, William D.: Bone Density Measurement For Fracture Prediction: Frax And Novel Applications Of Population-Based Data.

Leslie, William D.: Epidemiology of Osteoporosis in Manitoba - Hip Fracture Order Sets, Health Care Management and Treatment Adherence

Leslie, William D.: Program: Epidemiology of Osteoporosis in Manitoba

Lix, Lisa: Comparing hospitalization rates, outcomes, and treatment intensity for elderly patients across OECD countries

Lix, Lisa: Comparing Methods to Construct Chronic Disease Histories from Administrative Data: Application to Family Disease Studies

Lix, Lisa: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Utilization in Manitoba

Lix, Lisa: Harnessing Population-Based Electronic Healthcare Records to Construct Family Health Histories for Accurate Disease Risk Prediction and Heritability Estimation

Lix, Lisa: Validation of the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System

Loewen, Keely: Childhood immunization and atopic conditions in the CHILD Cohort Study

Logsetty, Sarvesh: Long-Term Outcomes in Survivors of Necrotizing Fasciitis Compared to Matched Controls

Logsetty, Sarvesh: Novel Linkages between Clinical Files and administrative Health Care Records in Manitoba: The Life Course in Mental Illness

Logsetty, Sarvesh: Program: Long Term Outcomes in Pediatric Burns and their Parents SEE NOTES FOR SUBPROJECTS

Logsetty, Sarvesh: Workplace related injury health outcomes: A population-based, longitudinal study

Lum Min, Suyin: Pediatric Congenital Surgical Anomalies Long-Term Follow-Up Study - Manitoba Centre for Health Policy link for Gastroschisis and Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Mahar, Alyson: Understanding the Burden and Outcomes of Cancer for Canadians Living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Mahmud, Salaheddin: A Rapid Analytics Platform for Influenza Vaccine Evaluation and Transitional Research

Mahmud, Salaheddin: COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness in Manitoba, Canada

Mahmud, Salaheddin: Predictors of COVID-19 Incidence and Severity: A Population-Based Case-Control Study

Mahmud, Salaheddin: Role of Long-Term Use of Common Medications in Prostate Cancer Prevention: A Population-Based Case-Control Study

Mahmud, Salaheddin: Serotype-Specific Effectiveness of the Pneumococcal Vaccines in Preventing Invasive Pneumococcal Disease and Hospitalization for Pneumonia among the entire population in Manitoba and in certain subgroups

Marrie, Ruth Ann: Prescription Drug Safety and Effectiveness in Multiple Sclerosis [DRUMS]: a population- based, multi-province platform for comprehensive pharmacovigilance

McDonald, Neil: Traumatic spine injuries and prehospital treatment

McGavock, Jon: Expansion of urban trails and health outcomes in Winnipeg: A natural experiment

Mota, Natalie: Does Psychiatric Hospitalization Increase Suicide Risk?

Nayak, Jasmir: A Population Based Analysis of Urologic Oncology Outcomes in Manitoba

Nickel, Nathan: A Distinction-based Study on Equity in COVID-19 Testing and Associated Outcomes for Manitoba First Nations, Metis and Inuit

Nickel, Nathan: Alcohol and the associated health and healthcare burden in Manitoba

Nickel, Nathan: Antibiotic Use and Asthma Incidence: Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Investigation in Manitoba

Nickel, Nathan: Common Data Model: Develop information models for creation and maintenance

Nickel, Nathan: Health, Well-Being, and Disease--Birth to Adulthood in Manitoba

Nickel, Nathan: Manitoba Infant Feeding Database Study

Nickel, Nathan: Manitoba RHA Indicators Atlas 2024

Nickel, Nathan: Methamphetamine consumption in Manitoba: A whole population descriptive study

Nickel, Nathan: Methamphetamine use in Manitoba: Using Whole-Population Data to Seek out Solutions and Reduce Methamphetamine-Related Harms

Nickel, Nathan: Opioids in Pregnancy - Priority Funding

Nickel, Nathan: Real World Evidence Service (RWES) Initiative, Use Case 1 - Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Nickel, Nathan: Real World Evidence Service (RWES) Initiative, Use Case 2 - Dementia

Nickel, Nathan: REMAIN: Resilience after Maternal Incarceration: A Whole-Population Administrative Data Cohort Study of Children whose Mothers Experienced Incarceration

Nickel, Nathan: Structural harms and COVID-19 policy responses in Manitoba: Exploring the experiences of the Red River Métis

O'Gorman, Melanie: Health Effects of Flooding/Relocation of Chemawawin Cree Nation

Oosterman, Kyle: Antimicrobial prophylaxis for repair of Obstetrical Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS): a retrospective study of postpartum wound infections and breakdown

Paunovic, Bojan: A mixed-methods study to develop a jurisdiction-level resource allocation framework to guide the use of triage and triage-avoidant strategies during an overwhelming surge in demand for critical and acute care

Quan, Samuel: Network Analyses to Explore Multimorbidity Among Older Adults with Dementia Residing in Personal Care Homes and the Community

Ricci, Florencia: Exploring the Association Between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Immigration in Manitoba, a population-based approach

Rigatto, Claudio: Emergency Department Utilization by End Stage Renal Disease Patients in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Rigatto, Claudio: Magnitude of the Potential Screening Gap for Fabry Disease in Manitoba

Rigatto, Claudio: The utilization of gabapentin and pregabalin for the treatment of CKD-associated pruritus and other indications in Manitoba

Rigatto, Claudio: Validation of predictive models for the progression of kidney disease and its adverse outcomes

Righolt, Christiaan: On-Time Vaccine Coverage in Children under 2 Years of Age in Manitoba, 2004-2020

Righolt, Christiaan: Use of glycogen synthase kinase-3ß inhibitors (GSK3Is) and prostate cancer risk and prognosis

Roos, Leslie L.: BIGS- Birth Cohorts and Intergenerational Studies in Manitoba

Russell, Kelly: Psychiatric and social outcomes post pediatric concussion: a population-based study

Ruth, Chelsea: Diabetes In Manitoba

Ruth, Chelsea: Long-term Educational Outcomes, Perinatal, Antenatal Risks and Development (LEOPARD Study)

Ruth, Chelsea: The association between neonatal jaundice, breastfeeding and kindergarten readiness using the LEOPARD study

Salman, Michael: Investigating Risk Factors and Prognosis in Patients with Septo-Optic Dysplasia and Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

Sellers, Elizabeth: Renal Disease in Childhood Onset Type 2 Diabetes

Shah, Ashish: Incidence, Prevalence, and Outcomes of Ischemic Heart Disease in Manitoba

Shaw, Souradet: Case-Control Study Examining Longer-Term Health Outcomes Associated with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Infections in Manitoba

Simons, Elinor: Prescription Patterns of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors for Treatment of Anaphylaxis in Manitoba: A Population-Based Study

Singh, Harminder: Fractures, Osteoporosis and Fracture Risk Assessment in Cancer Survivors

Slater, Joyce: FANS: Building Evidence to Inform Policies and Programs for Food and Nutrition Security in Manitoba Youth

Tangri, Navdeep: Cardiovascular-Renal-Metabolism Comorbidity Epidemiology and Healthcare Utilization: An Observational Study in Manitoba, Canada

Tangri, Navdeep: Frailty and Physical Function as Predictors of Long-Term Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease: The Canadian Frailty Observation and Interventions Trial

Tangri, Navdeep: Kidney Function and the Effectiveness and Safety of Direct Anticoagulant Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation: A Meta-Analysis of Population-Based Cohort Studies

Tangri, Navdeep: Predictive Models for Major Adverse Kidney and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease

Tangri, Navdeep: The association between RASi use patients with CKD and end-stage kidney disease and severe adverse health outcomes

Torabi, Mahmoud: Projection of COVID-19 Pandemic and Possible Interventions in Manitoba

Turner, Donna: Developing a Framework for the Incorporation of Real World Evidence into Cancer Drug Funding Decision in Canada

Urquia, Marcelo: Addressing Gender-Based Health Inequities Among Children and Youth in Immigrant Families in Manitoba

Urquia, Marcelo: Immigration Data Linkage

Urquia, Marcelo: Newborn and child health and developmental outcomes of children exposed to domestic violence

Urquia, Marcelo: Social Determinants of Health Digital Library (SDOH-DL)

Urquia, Marcelo: The Impact of Health and social Outcomes on Family Members

Urquia, Marcelo: Using linked administrative data to examine the experiences of families involved in Manitoba’s child protection system

Wicklow, Brandy: In utero exposure to Type 2 Diabetes and long-term risk of renal disease in offspring: Analysis of prospective cohort data from the iCARE longitudinal follow up study and the Manitoba Center for Health Policy Data Repository

Witt, Julia: The Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on Health in Canada: Evidence from Population- Based Study

Witt, Julia: Towards Sustainable Rural Health Care

Woodgate, Roberta: Abinoonjees Nikanenim: Delivering Mental Health Services to Youth Living in Island Lake Anishininew Nations

Woodmass, Jarret: The effect of socioeconomic status on time to surgery and outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, and shoulder stabilization

Yamamoto, Jennifer: Assessing the Wider Impact of Diabetes in Pregnancy in the COVID Pandemic

Yamamoto, Jennifer: Comparing the Effects of Long versus Short Acting Insulin on Hypoglycemia in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Yoon, Ee-Seul: Racialized inequality and opportunity gaps: Mixed-Methods research of student mobility and academic outcomes in Winnipeg’s inner-city

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