Application requirements & deadlines

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  • Early September  – online application opens
  • December 1 – application deadline
  • November LSAT – final LSAT score for Individual Consideration and Canadian Indigenous Categories
  • January LSAT – final LSAT score for Index Score Category

Fall 2021 applications for Transfer, Advanced Standing and NCA

  • June 30 – application deadline
  • February LSAT – final LSAT score that will be considered for Fall admission (transfer & advanced standing)

Online Application

What are the minimum academic requirements to apply?

Admissions policies are under review by the faculty and university and updated information will be posted when the process is finalized.

When does my coursework need to be completed by?

  • Index Score (regular category) coursework is to be completed by December 31 in the year of application (i.e. December 31, 2020 for September 2021 admission)
  • Individual Consideration Category:  coursework is to be completed by September 1 in the year of application (i.e. September 1, 2020 for September 2021 admission)

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