• The Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba welcomes applications for its refreshed LLM Program. The annual application deadline is December 15.

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  • Required courses include Research Integrity Tutorial GRAD7300, Academic Integrity Tutorial GRAD7500 and the graduate Legal Research and Theory seminar LAW7110 in the Faculty of Law.

  • Two additional courses relevant to one’s research area (at least one Law course and a second that may be from outside the Faculty of Law).

  • Students pursuing one of our below-listed LL.M. streams must take two courses from those approved for the stream. Streams of study include: Human Rights, Business, Indigenous Studies, Law and Society, Criminal Law, Public Policy, and Practice‐based courses (including our featured clinics).


Application Deadline:

The annual application deadline for Canadian, US and International Applicants to the LL.M. program is December 15.

Applications are reviewed on a committee basis. The Admissions committee for Law reviews applications in January - March.

Applications open up to 18 months prior to start term.

Program content

This Program Chart summarizes the requirements to compete the LLM program.

Research Integrity and Academic Integrity Tutorials GRAD7300 and GRAD7500 Major written research thesis
Legal Research & Theory Graduate Seminar LAW7110  
Two elective upper level Law courses

Required courses

Legal Research & Theory Graduate Seminar LAW7110

This is a mandatory course exclusively for students enrolled in the LL.M. This course introduces students to select theoretical and methodological approaches to law.

Thesis advisors

Faculty members at the Faculty of Law engage in scholarly work on the cutting edge of legal issues relevant to our local, national, and international communities. Our research is used by lawyers, courts, legislative bodies and policymakers across the country, and is published in leading journals and books by renowned presses.

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The Faculty of Law is proud of our ability to offer individualized, careful supervision for each of our graduate students. In addition to offering fellowships to high-achieving students and support for conference travel, we offer graduate student a quiet study space in the David T. Sgayias Centre, and full access to the fully networked E.K. Williams Library, both located on the Research and Graduate Studies floor of Robson Hall.

Apply for the Master of Laws program

The Master of Laws program has only one application deadline per year, and applications are accepted for September entry only. Applications must be completed online and include several parts:

  • $100 application fee (non-refundable)
  • CV/Resumé
  • Research proposal
  • Statement of Intent
  • Three letters of recommendation

Available awards

All students admitted into the LL.M. program are considered for funding opportunities; no separate application is required.

Program leadership

The Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies ensures that graduate education at the Faculty of Law is the best it can be. The office is committed to supporting self-directed learning, fostering the timely completion of the LL.M., and providing exceptional administrative and academic services.