Program information

To continue in the concurrent JD/MBA program, a student must maintain the DGPA of each program and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Faculty of Law while in Law courses, and the rules and regulations of the MBA while in MBA courses.

The typical journey to achieve the JD/MBA degree would be as follows:

  • Apply to Law by December 1 to be considered for Year 1 of JD/MBA studies 
  • Indicate interest with checkbox on application form
  • $100 application fee

(Year 1) September of following year: Law core courses 

  • Apply to the MBA by May 1 of that academic year ($100 application fee) to be considered for entry into JD/MBA Year 2

(Year 2) MBA core courses 
(Year 3) Law elective courses 
(Year 4) One Term Law courses/One Term MBA courses

Graduation program

To graduate with a JD and an MBA degree, a student will earn 131 credit hours, which is 21 credit hours fewer than what would be required if each degree were taken separately.  The first year will be Law core courses, the second year will be MBA core courses, the third year is expected to be Law courses, and the final year will most often be one term of Law courses, and one term MBA courses, for a total of 131 credit hours. 

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