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Small Animal and Material Imaging Core Facility


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Costs for our services are listed here.

These prices are for internal investigators. External academic and industry clients should contact us for pricing.

  Academic Academic Industrial
Instrumentation CACITF operated (per hour) PI operated (per hour) CACITF operated (per hour)
IVIS Spectrum $125 $75 $250
Micro CT $125 $75 $250
PET-MRI $125 $75 $250
Micro PET $125 $75 $250
Ultrasound $125 $75 $250
SPECT-CT $125 $75 $250

Prices include supplies such as syringes, anesthetic etc. Fees do not include reagents such as fluorescence and bioluminescent probes, vascular contrast agents or radioisotopes.


Through our unit, advanced imaging systems are available to support academic, preclinical and industrial research involving in vivo studies of small animals and ex vivo studies of materials (mineralized biomaterials, grafts, implants, composites etc.). Where possible, we provide data acquisition and analysis training using our instrumentation.

Video recording


CACITF offers video recording services for both animal- and non-animal related research. This service provides the opportunity to record your work for instructional purposes or as material for video journals.


Our equipment includes:

The ATEM switching unit allows up to four devices (cameras, laptops etc) to be connected via HDMI input ports. Video can be output to a display monitor, an external hard drive and live streamed (via Skype, Zoom, Teams or directly via internet connection). All four inputs plus the output are displayed on the output monitor. The input to be output to video is selected simply by pushing a button, as is adding switching transition effects and saving video.


Any investigator based at the University of Manitoba may request access to this service using our request form. 

Please note that video recording of any research involving animals must first be approved by the University of Manitoba Animal Care Committee via an amendment. Once your amendment is approved, enquiries/requests can be submitted online.


CACITF offers video recording services at $250 per half-day or $500 for a full day. 

If you do not need assistance, equipment may be used at $50 per half-day or $100 for a full day.

Training and reservations

Image training and account request form

All imaging equipment users must have received appropriate training and have  an account to be able to reserve equipment. To arrange training and obtain a reservation account please complete the training and account request form.

Training and account request form


Trained investigators can use our booking form to reserve equipment.

Make a reservation

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