We are pleased to announce the installation of the Mediso NanoScan SPECT-CT imaging system. Initially purchased by WRHA through an award from NRCan, the system was relocated to our facility in September 2018.  The NanoScan SPECT-CT is available to all researchers in Manitoba and beyond who have an approved animal use protocol. As with all of our instrumentation, facility staff will train users to acquire their own data, or we are happy to acquire data for you.


Figure 2

3D images of a mouse injected with Tc99m MDP (a bone imaging agent) at ten minutes.

Figure 3

3D images of a mouse injected with Tc99m MDP (a bone imaging agent) at two hours.

Figure 4

Time course of Tc-99m-MAG uptake and elimination.


Mediso NanoScan SPECT-CT

Images are acquired using a Mediso NanoScan SPECT CT.

The NanoScan SPECT-CT provides excellent spatial resolution, high sensitivity and large field of view at the same time. Images may be acquired with up to 250 mm transaxial field of view, 300 μm spatial resolution (SPECT) and 13 000 cps/MBq sensitivity. A wide range of relatively inexpensive isotopes are available (1GBq of Tc99m=$44, 1GBq 18F-FDG=$400).


Applications include:

  • Non-invasive imaging of animal models of human disease
  • Non-invasive imaging of genetically engineered animals
  • Assess efficacy of novel pharmacological agents
  • Assess novel drug delivery and gene therapy approaches
  • Develop new contrast agents for diagnostic imaging

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