1. Explore what's possible

Reflect on your values and goals, learn from others, and start charting your future.

2. Cultivate transferable skills

Increase your value by honing in-demand skills with workshops and webinars designed to enhance your professional skills.

Communication and relationship building

Expand your communication and relationship building skills with workshops, seminars and competitions.

GradSteps Communication workshops

Explore communications workshops including:

  • Building Cross-Cultural Communication Competence
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding and Building Relationships
  • How to Network Workshop and Speed Networking
  • Public Speaking: Having the Words Come Out Right

GradSteps Communication workshops

Leadership, management and innovation

Expand your leadership, management and innovation skills with workshops, webinars, events and more.

GradSteps Career and Entrepreneurial workshops

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual Property: Have you Invented Something?

GradSteps workshops

Professionalism and good workplace practices

Understand and apply respectful workplace practices.

GradSteps Communications workshops

  • Canadian Workplace Culture
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding and Building Relationships

GradSteps workshops

3. Find strategies for life-long success

Build resilience that will help you tackle future challenges.

Attend workshops and training sessions

Find strategies for creating and maintaining long-term balance and wellness.

GradSteps Health Workshops

  • Explore workshops including The Authentic Self
  • Relational Intelligence Wisdom 2.0: Improving Our Relationships with Family and Friends
  • The Resilient Practitioner
  • Create Your Best Year Ever

GradSteps Workshops

4. Kickstart your career

Make the jump from graduate student to workplace professional.

Support for workplace transition

Resources to help bridge you to your next career step.

GradSteps Career workshops

  • Interview and Wage Negotiations
  • Job Search Essentials
  • Luck Isn’t Everything: Creating Your Own Opportunities
  • Marketing Your Foreign Credentials
  • Networking and Job Search Strategies – Tips For Success
  • Resume or CV: How to Market Your Skills
  • Skills Employers Are Looking For – Making the Connection

GradSteps Career workshops

5. Keep learning

Stay connected, offer your wisdom and experience to help current graduate students find their paths

Coming soon - Join the RFHS graduate alumni network!

Share your stories, connect with other graduates, and meet and mentor current graduates.

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