Clinical research and methods

CHI facilitates and supports clinical research and methods in Manitoba.

Our continually expanding support services and expertise include:

  • Scientific review of trial methods (grants, manuscript preparation) for explanatory and pragmatic/real-world trials
  • Consultation on qualitative and mixed methods research
  • Consultation and support for protocol, safety plan and case report form development
  • Outcome selection
  • Development of data management plans
  • Research project management and coordination
  • Training 

Data analytics and management

CHI facilitates the development, management, analysis and linkage of clinical, administrative and genomic data resources for patient-oriented research.


Consulting and collaboration on:

  • Study design
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Randomization plans
  • Analysis plans
  • Statistical programming
  • Analysis and interpretation of study findings
  • Data visualization
  • Advice on statistical software (SAS, R, SPSS, M-Plus)
  • Participation in funding applications

Data management

  • REDCap consultation and access management
    • Database design
    • Case report form design
    • Data collection methods
  • Data management planning
  • Data validation and quality checks
  • Security and confidentiality processes
  • Access to UM Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Secure Research Environment (SRE)
  • Data linkage

Statistical learning and AI

Consulting and collaboration on:

  • Statistical genetics
  • Bioinformatics & computational biology
  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Network analysis techniques


  • Introductory training in R, SAS, SPSS
  • Advanced training in R and SAS
    • Data visualization
    • Analysis methods
  • REDCap
  • Clinical data management
  • Refresher and new-user courses in many types of statistical and machine-learning methods
  • Study design
  • Graduate training data visualization and machine-learning through the VADA Program (Visual and Automated Disease Analytics) and Artificial Intelligence for Public Health (AI4PH) Summer Institute

A learning health system

CHI strives to support and promote patient-oriented research as an integral part of a responsive, learning health system in Manitoba.

A learning health system continuously gathers knowledge to drive innovations in care. Our team provides support services to Manitoba’s health system, while seeking ways to enrich systemic data collection and the insights used to implement meaningful change.

Our team offers service in the following areas:

Evaluation and quality improvement

  • Design and implementation of evaluations and health systems research
  • Consultation for evaluation design, including data collection and analysis (qualitative, quantitative, surveys)
  • Literature reviews, environmental scans and rapid evidence scans
  • Health economics analyses
  • Needs assessments
  • Consultation and design of quality improvement initiatives
  • Implementation and evaluation of Choosing Wisely recommendations

Knowledge synthesis

  • Systematic reviews, overviews of reviews, living systematic reviews and scoping reviews
  • Pairwise and network meta-analyses
  • Evidence summaries
  • Methodological, observational & economic reviews
  • Trial sequential analyses

Knowledge translation

  • Creation of knowledge translation plans
  • Integration of evidence-based Knowledge Translation (KT) support services (advisory role)
  • Development of integrated KT and dissemination tools:
    • Infographics/diagrams
    • Messaging strategy and refinement
    • Development of media (design and layout, video, social media, writing)
    • Prototype/iterative development of creative and media for integrated KT
    • Creative project stewardship (branding/naming, campaign strategy, creative direction)

Indigenous Healthcare Quality

  • Connection with Ongomiizwin Indigenous Advisory Council
  • Connection with Ongomiizwin Research

Patient and public engagement

As Manitoba’s dedicated Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Support Unit, CHI champions a culture of engagement with the local community. We’re always listening to voices traditionally less heard in health research and actively support initiatives to improve our health system for Manitobans.

Learn the basics of meaningful engagement

CHI offers a variety of educational options for those looking to get started in engaging patients and members of the public in their health research projects and programs:

Plan and conduct engagement activities

CHI can help you strategize and conduct engagement by:

  • Connecting you with experts who can guide you in planning for patient engagement in your research project or program.
  • Sharing opportunities with the Patient Engagement Champions program, a community of professionals dedicated to advancing patient engagement. Email to learn more about the program. 
  • Connecting you with the Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership, a diverse group of patients, caregivers and advocates for patient engagement.

Tools for conducting engagement activities

We’ve worked with researchers, clinicians and patient and public partners to co-develop resources to help you plan and conduct trauma-informed and inclusive engagement activities, such as:

Patient reported measurement (PRM)

Patient-reported measures (PRM) are standardized, validated questionnaires that provide uniquely patient-centred information about whether the care we are providing is meeting the needs of those who use our health care system.

CHI is developing infrastructure and training opportunities to enhance the implementation of Manitoba’s PRM strategy.

Our team offers tools, strategies, and support for the following activities:

  • developing plans for the routine collection and use of PRMs within the healthcare system
  • engaging people with lived experience
  • obtaining EQ-5D-5L licensing
  • creating methodological and analytic plans
  • facilitating the linkage of PRMs with clinical, administrative, and other data sources
  • developing knowledge translation strategies for the reporting and use of PRM data

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