REDCAP Data analytics and management

Developed by Vanderbilt University, REDCap is designed to support electronic data capture for research data management. REDCap’s popularity arises from its ease of use, as well as its many built-in tools for assessing data quality, generating reports, graphs and descriptive statistics, sharing access among team members and creating audit trails.

Patient engagement

Budgeting tool

This free budgeting tool is designed to guide you through the process of creating an inclusive and meaningful budget for public and patient engagement. Easily edit, save and export a comprehensive one-page summary to include in any of your funding applications.

Call for patient and public partners

This one-pager outlines the key information that should be included in a recruitment call for patient and public partners in decision-making for health research and services projects.

Engaging people with lived experiences in patient-reported measurement initiatives

Engaging people with lived experience is a key component of our Provincial PRM strategy. CHI’s Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative Partnership developed this resource to support our health system partners to engage patients and the public in PRM initiatives.

Free and low-cost supports in Manitoba

This document provides a list of free and low-cost counselling and mental health supports in Manitoba. This list can be provided to patient and public partners involved in health research or services work in addition to supports provided through the engagement activity.

KnowledgeNudge blog

The KnowledgeNudge blog focuses on knowledge translation—synthesis, exchange, application and dissemination—from a research and healthcare perspective. Regular topics include the science of knowledge translation, patient engagement, multimedia and dissemination.

Manitoba’s patient-reported measurement strategy

In collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals, we are leading the development of a provincial patient-reported measurement strategy to ensure patients’ voices are central to the way we measure healthcare in Manitoba. Our vision is to support the use of patient-reported data to enhance the delivery of high quality, patient-centred care in the province.

Methods of patient & public engagement: A guide

This guide helps you decide on which participatory approach to apply to your public and patient engagement strategy—easily navigate all stages of the research process based on the level of engagement you wish to achieve.

Patient and public engagement tools and resources

This document compiles links to peer-reviewed publications, lay language blog posts, guides, templates, workbooks and videos for patient and public engagement.

Readiness to engage workbook

These questions are intended for use by research team members (including researchers, healthcare practitioners, policy- and decision-makers, people with lived/living experience of a health issue, informal caregivers, families, and communities).


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