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Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • accurately assess the root causes of employee behaviour (internal vs. external) and identify ways of appropriately addressing the behaviour
  • manage messaging by choosing the best medium for communicating a message and partnering with the appropriate leadership for a specific situation
  • use motivational theory to create processes that improve employee productivity, engagement, and commitment
  • use feedback, reward systems, and operant conditioning methods to shape employee behaviour
  • make ethical decisions that are consistent with standards of practice, due diligence, and integrity to balance the best interest of all stakeholders
  • identify ways of managing and reducing conflict to promote a collaborative work environment and achieve the goals of the organization
  • identify the different styles of leadership and describe how situational leadership determines which leadership style is best
  • propose ways of managing organizational teams that best meet the needs of the situation
  • analyze theoretical models of organizational culture to provide meaningful real-life managerial advantages
  • assess organizational structure and systems to identify ways of optimizing organizational performance
  • evaluate your own personal biases to understand the factors that influence your own behaviour

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