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Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • gain personal credibility through an authentic discovery of self
  • secure an internal compass to navigate through change
  • lead self in the midst of change with personal resiliency, creativity, and consideration of others
  • effectively integrate the realm of action with the realm of identity
  • model authenticity and openness
  • connect and align espoused-values with values in-use
  • describe your own subjectivity as a leader
  • declare your own value perspective in presenting ideas while remaining open and respectful to the views of others
  • slow down your own thinking processes to become more aware of your own mental models and the ways mental models influence actions
  • balance advocacy and inquiry
  • shift from "thinking about leadership" to "thinking about your thinking about" leadership theories and practices.
  • shift from an “answer-led” to a “question-led” approach to leading organizational change
  • use coaching techniques to develop others
  • develop a teachable point of view on leadership

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