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    • Certificate

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    Program length

    • 2.5 to 7 years

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    Program features

    • For Canadian citizens and permanent residents
    • Part-time, online from anywhere in Canada

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    Program fees

    • Total cost: $5,600 for required courses, plus elective and $100 non-refundable application fee
    • Each course: $800
    Pricing subject to change without notice

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    It's like a mini MBA

    “This program is like a mini MBA,” says Matthew Jelavic, CEO, CIM/Chartered Managers Canada, the national organization accrediting the program and providing the Certified in Management (CIM) professional designation. Students including working professionals can fit this flexible program into their busy schedules and complete their studies on a part-time basis.

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    Helping you succeed

    Going back to school is a different experience from going to work and doing your job. Your instructor is not your boss. They are experienced professionals who are there to provide information, discuss scenarios, actions and consequences. They encourage you to explore and formulate new ideas, to find fresh options for how to do things in the future. You can implement these ideas and options in your career.

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    Improve how you deal with people

    Management requires dealing with people. Learn new information, do research, analyze and present ideas. Hone your communication skills, so you can write and speak to others professionally and effectively. Manage your time and improve how you work with others.

Explore your career options with Management and Administration

The knowledge and skills you acquire in this program could be valuable in the following careers. Explore these options. Learn which top skills are required, how many are currently employed, and what they are earning.

Program details

This program is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Information for international students who wish to study Management and Administration can be found at Applied Business Management.

Credential: Earn a University of Manitoba Certificate in Management and Administration.

Fees: $5,600 for required courses, plus elective and $100 non-refundable application fee.
Pricing subject to change without notice.

Expected duration: 2.5 to 7 years, part-time

Add the international designation, Certified in Management (CIM) through CIM/Chartered Managers Canada with a simple application, online test, and membership.

The Certificate in Management and Administration (CIMA) is accredited by the National Centre for Management Accreditation (NCMA), through the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM). This national accreditation puts CIMA graduates on an accelerated track to qualifying for the CIM designation, which provides access to numerous management networking opportunities, professional workshops, conferences, job opportunities and an invaluable connection to the local chapter in Manitoba.

As a student within an NCMA professionally accredited program by CIM | Chartered Managers Canada, you are entitled to free associate membership. See

The Management and Administration program is accredited by CPHR Manitoba. CPHR Manitoba members earn CPHR Continued Professional Development hours for completing courses in this program. Documentation to confirm hours earned is provided by UM Extended Education upon successful completion of each course.

This program is designated by Manitoba Student Aid, available to Manitoba residents.

Keep learning. Apply this certificate towards a Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies degree.

Program courses

Determine the courses you will need to complete this program.

This Extended Education program has open registration, which means that students can register for individual courses without being admitted to a program. Any courses taken within 10 years that are in the program will be applied to the student’s program record. Please note that the course schedule below may change based on enrollment numbers and student interest.

Students will need to be admitted to a program before they will be allowed to graduate with a certificate.

Required courses

Course number Course name Contact hours Term(s) offered
FINC 0200 Introductory Accounting for Business 36 Fall, Winter, Summer
FINC 0300 Financial Management 36 Fall, Winter
MGMT 0100 Canadian Business: An Introduction 36 Fall, Winter, Summer
MGMT 0110 Organizational Behaviour 36 Fall, Winter, Summer
MGMT 0120 Managerial Communication 36 Fall
MGMT 0130 Canadian Business Law 36 Winter
MGMT 0400 Strategic Analysis 36 Fall, Summer

Elective courses

Choose one.

Course number Course name Contact hours Term(s) offered
HRM 0100 Managing the Human Resource Function 36 Fall, Winter, Summer
MGMT 0140 Introduction to Marketing 36 Winter
MGMT 0150 Project Management 36 Fall
MGMT 0190 Quality Assurance Planning 36 Fall, Summer (intensive)
MGMT 0192 Quality Improvement: Principles and Procedures 36 Winter, Summer (intensive)

Register for courses

You can register for courses before applying to this program. Please visit courses.

How to apply

To apply to a program in UM Extended Education, you must

  • Sign in or create an account in our registration system. 
  • Choose Apply to a Program in the left menu. 
  • Select your program and pay your application fee.
  • Submit your required documents within two weeks of completing your application form.

You must be admitted to a program in order to graduate with your credential.

Find out if you may be asked to provide any documents after you apply

All UM students must meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.

Here are your results:
  • You may have to provide proof of waiver or exemption for your English language proficiency.
  • You may have to provide proof of waiver or exemption for your English language proficiency.
  • You must provide your valid test results to meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.
  • You must provide your valid test results to meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.
  • You do not have to provide your transcript.
  • You do not have to provide your transcript.
  • You must provide your transcript.
  • You must provide your transcript.
  • You must provide your high school transcript.
  • You must provide your high school transcript.
  • You may apply as a Mature Student, without a high school transcript.

Learn more about the program

Paul Quaye
Management and Administration, Grad

Kim Van Kosh
Strategic Analysis, Instructor

Kevin Young

Insights from instructor, Kevin Young, MBA, CPHR

  • Management is dealing with people
    “Management is mostly about dealing with people. The communication, the thought processes all can be taught. An introvert can learn to modify their behavior. I was an introvert and I morphed into an extrovert. You can become better.”

  • You can increase your competitive advantage
    “A university credential and a professional designation are of value and certainly carry some weight as you explore your future career opportunities. You can definitely enhance or increase your competitive advantage.”

  • Learn new ways
    “I encourage students to break through traditions and status quo and learn new ways to think. The variables and possibilities are unlimited. Listen, explore, take new information and look at problems in new ways.”

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