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Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • describe the Canadian legal framework and its general application in relation to Canadian businesses
  • explain Canada’s court system and processes in relation to dispute resolution and remedies available to businesses and those who have relationships with businesses
  • apply the law of torts to various business situations
  • describe how contracts are validly formed, their essential components, how they can end, and potential remedies available for breach, and to analyze a simple contract and suggest changes to mitigate business risks
  • apply various legislation that relates specifically to businesses’ operations, including the Sale of Goods Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and the Competition Act
  • assess the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of commonly used business organizations in Canada
  • explain the various means of financing a business and related legal issues, including in relation to banking, creditor protection, and debtor protection
  • explain the differences between employees and contractors and describe the various laws that impact the workplace
  • explain the different kinds of property, including real, personal, and intellectual property, and legal interests in property
  • describe the foundation of electronic and internet-based commerce and relate e-commerce to the general principles of law studied

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