Information for current Price Faculty of Engineering students going abroad.

How it works

Exchange programs operate under formal agreements between the Price Faculty of Engineering and partner universities around the world. Engineering students who study at a partner university as part of the exchange program register and pay for their courses at the University of Manitoba but attended the courses at the host institution. Students can go for one or two terms and remain a UM student during their time abroad. Exchange students receive an orientation session prior to departure, assistance throughout the application process and advising while on exchange.

Engineering students can take courses at the host university or do a research internship. Most exchange students take three courses while abroad leaving time to travel and appreciate the culture of the host country. Before going on an exchange you must complete a form to have your courses pre-approved so you can be transferred back to your program upon return to UM.

Cost & funding

While on an international exchange students remain UM students meaning you pay the same tuition fees as if you were on campus. You will also continue to be eligible for any student loans and scholarships that you would be while studying in Manitoba. Other costs, such as accommodations, food, health insurance and transportation will vary based on your destination, but scholarships, bursaries and awards are available to help cover costs. Information about potential funding opportunities and how to apply can be found on the UM International Centre website. You can also discuss funding with the Exchange Coordinator in the Price Faculty of Engineering.

Transfer credit

Not all courses taken at partner universities are eligible for transfer back to UM. To get credit for courses taken abroad, students must apply for a Letter of Permission (L.O.P.). The LOP will detail what courses you can take abroad and the departmental approval for your program abroad. The application process for LOP approval can take some time to complete and students are encouraged to start with the process.

Students are responsible for completing the LOP form, collecting detailed course descriptions, and reviewing the package with the engineering exchange coordinator before submitting it to the Registrar's Office. The coordinator can assist with the process. Details of the LOP process can be found by visiting the Registrar’s Office.

It is also important to work with your engineering academic advisor when considering your program abroad. Your advisor will have to approve the LOP from the Registrar's Office so it is best to work with them when planning your courses. In accordance with CEAB regulations, engineering courses with a high design content cannot be completed abroad. 

Following your time abroad, students are responsible to ensure that your transcript is sent back to the Price Faculty of Engineering International Programs Office. Grades obtained abroad are transferred to your academic record at UM and are included in your grade point average. Failure to complete this process may result in a default failing grade being listed for the LOP courses.

Outgoing partners

The Price Faculty of Engineering has bi-lateral agreements with several universities from various countries around the world where you can attend your exchange. Select a region below to see which institutions we have agreements with. Institutions with "[E]" after their title offer courses in English. Click the [E] to view each institutions English course offerings.  


Information for non-UM students seeking to attending an exchange at the Price Faculty of Engineering.

Step 1: Start dates and deadlines

At the UM, the academic year is organized into two terms: September to December (Fall Term) and January to April (Winter Term). If you would like to begin studies in September, application deadline is June 1st. For studies beginning in January, application deadline is September 1st.

Step 2: Course selection information

The Price Faculty of Engineering has 4 academic departments offering courses towards 5 engineering disciplines: Biosystems, Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical. See Programs of Study to find out more about our departments.

The Academic Calendar is where you can view courses and course descriptions for each department. You will have to view the class schedule and timetable to see if the courses will be offered in the term(s) that you are planning to attend UM.

To search the schedule of classes being offered in a specific term and to view section-specific details and restrictions, refer to the Class Schedule for that term.

Important note: Space in a course currently offered is not guaranteed. Please check with our office to find out if the courses you wish to take will be available to you.

All courses at the Price Faculty of Engineering are taught in English. English second-language courses are offered to international students at three levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) during the academic year. Short courses are also offered through the English Language Centre.

Step 3: Application and required documentation

A student must be nominated by their home institution Exchange Coordinator. Once we receive the nomination we will provide the student with the link to complete the Inbound Student Exchange Programs Application Form. Students will be asked to upload their transcripts, a statement of intent and possibly a resume or CV.

After completing Step 1 of the application process we will review the file and if accepted, send an acceptance letter. Also after completing Step 1, you will be prompted by the coordinator to fill out the next steps of the application. During each step you will be provided with important information. We recommend you take note of this information as it will help you in preparation before arriving to Winnipeg.

Some students, depending on the length of study in Canada and their country of citizenship, will require a visa and study permit. Please visit the Government of Canada Immigration and Citizenship website for details. 

Step 4: Residence and insurance considerations

We encourage you to explore and confirm your living arrangements prior to entering Canada. You can find out more about residence options through UM Student Supports.
Exchange students are not eligible for the UM student health insurance unless the length of stay is longer than 6 months. Students are required to purchase appropriate health/medical insurance prior to entering Canada.

Step 5: Arrive in Winnipeg

The UM International Centre provides valuable information on immigration matters, VISA, and housing. It is a good starting-point for you to prepared for your exchange and know what to expect when you arrive.

Students participating in this program should arrive in Winnipeg one week before the commencement of classes to have enough time to prepare for classes, participate in any orientation events, and adjust to living in Winnipeg.

When students arrive at the Winnipeg airport, they can take a taxi (approx. $30) or bus ($2.95) to the campus. The coordinator can also pick students up from the airport. Students should inform the coordinator of their arrival time and flight details in order to be picked up at the airport. The University of Manitoba is open during the summer and it is only closed during the civic holidays.

Students coming to the Price Faculty of Engineering on an exchange are encouraged to visit the International Centre and participate in the many activities and services provided. We also encourage you to contact the International Centre with your e-mail address once you are here so that you can receive their weekly newsletter and learn about upcoming events, opportunities, and other important information.

Contact us

International Program Office - Price Faculty of Engineering
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