Undergraduate awards and funding

Scholarships, prizes and bursaries are available to undergraduate engineering students each year based on academic merit, extra-curricular involvement and financial need.

Scholarships and prizes are awarded according to academic performance in a given program, year or course. Each year, the Price Faculty of Engineering will notify all current students via UM email that scholarship applications are open early in the summer. Once a student has been selected for an award, Financial Aid and Awards will notify the recipient to accept or decline the award through their Aurora Student account. Students will be able to see the credit in the fee section of their Aurora Student fee account once the scholarship has been allocated.

Eligibility and application

Eligibility is determined by specific criteria listed on each award's details. You must meet the award criteria by the end of the registration revision period in the upcoming Fall term to retain the award as outlined in the award's terms of reference.

For scholarships that don’t require an application, there is no action you need to take to qualify. Eligibility is based on aspects such as program, year of study, gender, citizenship and academic performance. All Engineering students who meet eligibility criteria will automatically be assessed for these scholarships. To be eligible for most scholarships, new and returning students must have full-time registration (12 credit hours) in both the previous Fall and Winter terms.

Scholarships that require an application are awarded based on academic performance and some other criteria, such as community involvement, leadership or extra-curricular activities. These awards require you to write an essay, answer questions about your volunteer experiences or complete some other written input. If you want to be considered for any awards that require an application, apply through the engineering undergraduate awards database and follow these steps:

  1. Create a profile on the awards website
  2. Download the applicable form (PDF format) listed in the Supporting Files section of the Awards Details page.
  3. Complete the required sections on the application form and save (or "print-to-PDF" or "save-as-PDF" if necessary to ensure text saves).
  4. Upload the completed file to your My Files section of your awards profile. If you are applying for more than one award that requires the same supporting file, only one copy needs to be uploaded.
  5. Return to the Awards Details page and select "Apply for this award.”

Entrance awards

The Price Faculty of Engineering currently offers seven entrance awards. Five of the awards are competitive and based solely on the student's percentage as taken from the direct entry admission criteria of 85% average over Chemistry 40S, Mathematics (Pre-Calculus) 40S, and Physics 40S (or equivalent).

Entrance awards that require an application

Price Faculty of Engineering Entrance Awards for Technology Based Student Competitions

Value: $250

High school students (grades 9-12), placed 1st in any eligible individual or team competition that require participants to demonstrate technological excellence. Eligible competitions: Manitoba School Science Symposium; Manitoba Robotics Games; Canadian Manufactures and Exporters Discovery Program; F1 in Schools Formula One Technology Challenge, ($250 for each eligible competition for finishing first)

Learn more about the Price Faculty of Engineering Entrance Awards for Technology Based Student Competitions

Entrance awards that do not require an application

Brice Wightman Entrance Scholarship in Engineering

Value: $6,750

Enrolled full-time, minimum 80% course load (12 credit hours per term), achieved high standing (minimum 85% average) in the courses used for admission to the Faculty.

Learn more about the Brice Wightman Entrance Scholarship in Engineering

Doug Strang Memorial/Reid Crowther Scholarship

Value: $1,225

Entering student with the highest average in mathematics 40S, Physics 40S and Chemistry 40S.

Learn more about the Doug Strang Memorial/Reid Crowther Scholarship

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Engineering Entrance Scholarship

Value: $1,000

Achieved high admission average in the courses used for admission to the Faculty.

Learn more about the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Engineering Entrance Scholarship

Price Industries Limited Entrance Scholarships for Engineering

Value: $250

Achieved high admission average in the courses used for admission to the Faculty.

Learn more about the Price Industries Limited Entrance Scholarships for Engineering

Price Scholarships in Engineering

Value: up to $5,000

Enrolled full-time, minimum 80% course load (minimum 12 credit hours per term), achieved high standing (minimum 85% average) in the courses used for admission to the Faculty.

Learn more about the Price Scholarships in Engineering


Many bursaries are available to UM students, distributed on the basis of financial need. Most bursaries can be accessed through Financial Aid and Awards, while others can be found within the engineering undergraduate awards database.

To be eligible for bursaries, you must register for and complete at least 60 per cent of a full course load per term (minimum of 9 credit hours per term) over the regular academic year. There are a select number of bursaries offered for part-time students registered in both Fall and Winter Terms.

To be considered for bursaries that are available exclusively to engineering undergraduate students and require an application, you must complete the Financial Aid and Awards general bursary application and the applications through the engineering undergraduate awards database.

Please note that most engineering bursaries do not require an engineering application. All students who have completed a general bursary application and meet the criteria for bursaries that do not require application will be automatically considered.

Undergraduate research awards

Undergraduate Research Awards (URA)

Each summer, students have the opportunity to work alongside professors in their research labs.

These awards are intended to stimulate the interest of undergraduate students by providing them with a valuable experiential learning opportunity in a scientific research environment. Students holding one of these awards will be exposed to research activities during their work period.

Application deadline

  • Submit your application by 4:30 PM (CST)

Students should first view the research topics that could be of interest to URA students, then reach out to the appropriate faculty member. Contact information can be found on the Contact us page and selecting the department of the faculty member you wish to contact. 

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Awards (URSAs) are 16-week research appointments valued at $9,000 and awarded to engineering undergraduate students each summer.

The Indigenous NSERC USRA award is a parallel program of undergraduate student research awards for Indigenous students. The Indigenous NSERC USRA award is non-competitive and any student applying for the award who meets the eligibility criteria will be awarded a NSERC USRA.

Application deadline: 4:30 PM CST on Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Candidates are ranked by their departments according to the number of NSERC - USRAs allocated to Price Faculty of Engineering.  There is an additional allotment of NSERC - USRAs for Indigenous students. Successful candidates will be notified by email once winners have been selected. They will be required to confirm acceptance of the NSERC USRA by the deadline stated in the offer and at which point instructions for completing the online USRA application form will be provided. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified as well. If you do not receive an NSERC spot we encourage you to apply again in the next award cycle.


  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada as of the deadline date for NSERC applications at the university.
  • Students in their first year are not eligible for this award.
  • Applicants must have a Degree GPA of 3.0 or higher. (3.5+ GPA is recommended, to be competitive).
  • Students must be registered, at the time of application, in a bachelor’s degree program offered by the University of Manitoba.
  • Students must have been registered in at least one of the two terms immediately before holding the award in a bachelor's degree program at an eligible university.
  • Students who have been registered as full time students, except in their final term prior to graduation, are eligible to apply for an award.
  • Students may apply to graduate studies but must not have started their graduate program.
  • Students already in possession of a Bachelor’s degree who are studying towards a second Bachelor’s degree are eligible to hold this award, provided they do not hold a higher degree in the natural sciences.
  • Students may hold a maximum of THREE of these awards throughout their university career.
  • Supervisors for NSERC awards must be NSERC holders.

How to apply

  • View the list of eligible engineering faculty members for 2021-22
  • Approach an Engineering Faculty Member to discuss a potential research partnership for the award
  • Complete Part I (save but do not submit) of the NSERC - USRA application form (#202;
  • Print Part I of the application form and a copy of your unofficial Aurora web transcript
  • Indigenous students are encouraged to self-declare by indicating Status, Non-Status, Métis or Inuit on the front page of the application
  • Submit the completed application and transcript to your department representative via email by the deadline.

Faculty Members:

  • Complete Part II (save but do not submit) of the NSERC - USRA application form (#202)
  • Print Part II and sign the appropriate section (bottom of page)
  • Submit this portion of the application to your department representative by the deadline to complete the student's application via email.

Department representatives

Biosystems: Nammy Nadarajah

Civil: Pat Fedirchuk

Computer & Electrical: Heather Katrick

Mechanical: Keverley Malawski

Graduate awards and funding

Master’s and PhD students in the Price Faculty of Engineering have access to thousands of dollars worth of scholarships and awards.

Travel funding

Price Faculty of Engineering graduate students can apply for funding to support travel for the purpose of conference attendance. The Dean's Office supports up to a total of $250 per student once for the Master's program and twice for the PhD program.

How to apply

  • Complete the travel funding application form (PDF): This form can be submitted to the Dean’s office either before or after attending the conference.
  • Attend the conference: Keep all original receipts related to registration, travel, accommodation, and meal expenses incurred. Email receipts for expenses incurred online (such as conference registration or travel/hotel bookings) are acceptable; please print these receipts directly from your email account. If you are unable to provide original receipts, we will not be able to reimburse you for these expenses.
  • Complete the claim form: To complete the Student Travel & Business claim form (PDF), you must first obtain a unique reference number from Financial Services. Complete the form by filling in all fields and listing the expenses with original receipt back-up only. If you are planning to ask for additional funding from your department and/or the Faculty of Graduate Studies, use the same form to indicate the distribution of reimbursement for expenses as agreed upon by each funding source. Print the completed form.
  • Obtain signatures and submit your documents: Obtain a signature on the claim form from the appropriate signing authority for each funding source. Submit your original claim form and receipts to the last person to sign the form. This individual will submit the claim to Travel Services on your behalf.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Celina Bonilla, Financial Assistant, Price Faculty of Engineering.

External opportunities

There are a number of external funding opportunities that the Faculty receives each year, however, these awards are not administered by the Faculty or the University. All inquiries related to external opportunities should be sent directly to the organization funding the award.

There are no external opportunities at this time. Please check back again soon.

Graduating Class Awards for Excellence in Teaching

Students in their graduating year in the Price Faculty of Engineering have the opportunity to nominate instructors who have shaped their academic learning experience for awards that recognize their teaching excellence.

Nominations for The Graduating Class Awards for Excellence in Teaching is now closed.

2020-21 Recipients

Biosystems Engineering Song Liu
Civil Engineering Shawn Clark
Common Core Courses Farhoud Delijani
Electrical and Computer Engineering Ian Jeffrey
Mechanical Engineering Sean O'Brien

Past recipients


  • Jason Morrison (Biosystems)
  • Jillian Seniuk Cicek (Common Core Courses)
  • Doug Thomson (Electrical and Computer)
  • Matt Khoshdarregi (Mechanical)


  • Danny Mann (Biosystems)
  • James Blatz (Civil)
  • Vern Campbell (Common Core Courses)
  • Puyan Mojabi (Electrical and Computer)
  • Megan Guyot (Mechanical)


  • Mohammed Bassuoni (Civil)
  • Dean McNeill (Electrical and Computer)
  • Kathryn Atamanchuk (Mechanical)


  • Kris Dick (Biosystems)
  • Peter Rasmussen (Civil)
  • Ian Jeffrey (Electrical and Computer)
  • Paul Labossiere (Mechanical)


  • Karen Dow (Civil)


  • Fariborz Hasemian (Civil)
  • Puyan Mojabi (Electrical and Computer)
  • Olanrewaju Ojo (Mechanical)


  • Ehab El-Salakaway (Civil)
  • Shaahin Filizadeh (Electrical and Computer)


  • Kris Dick (Biosystems)
  • Hugues Vogel (Civil)


  • Jason Morrison (Biosystems)
  • Shawn Clark (Civil)
  • Paul Labossiere (Mechanical)


  • Danny Mann (Biosystems)
  • Jeanette Montufar (Civil)
  • Dean McNeill (Electrical and Computer)
  • Igor Telichev (Mechanical)


  • Tricia Stadnyk (Civil)
  • Shaahin Filizadeh (Electrical and Computer)


  • Kris Dick (Biosystems)
  • Jan Oleszkiewicz (Civil)
  • Douglas Tomson (Electrical and Computer)
  • Yunhua Luo (Mechanical Engineering)

Endowment fund

The Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF) exists due to ongoing generous donations from students, staff and alumni.

Each year, interest from the fund is used to support projects that improve the quality and contribute to the excellence of the Price Faculty of Engineering. Projects may be initiated by students, staff, alumni or others associated with the Price Faculty of Engineering. Applications to the EEF are called for once per year by the Engineering Endowment Fund Advisory Committee, which reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Dean of Engineering regarding funding.

Contact us

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75A Chancellors Circle
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