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Student Ambassadors

Advice from our Ambassadors

  • It's okay not to know

    "It's okay not to have everything figured out, just focus on learning and gaining experience."

  • Lots of Opportunities

    "Engineering is a broad field with lots of opportunities."

  • Ask questions

    "Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's okay to reach out."

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I chose engineering because it gives you practical, hands-on experience and you have fun with what you learn
2023 Student Ambassador

Request engagement

Ambassadors can visit your school to share their student perspective on engineering. You can also arrange a field trip and we will create a unique experience for your students to experience engineering at UM.


Benefits of being an Ambassador

A Student Ambassador may receive Experience Record (previously co-curricular record) recognition with a minimum of 10 volunteer hours during the academic year. Hours are flexible with exception for a few set dates for special events. Ambassadors will also receive a certificate of recognition from the Dean and will gain valuable training and experience in:

  • Leadership  

  • Mentorship  

  • Public speaking 

  • Event management and facilitation 

  • Networking 


We want you to build your own ambassador experience based on your skills and interests. Do you have an eye for creating social media content? Create highlight videos of a day in the life of being an engineering student. Prefer interacting with youth? Conduct school presentations or guide building tours. We will ensure that your unique experience will benefit your own personal growth as well as Faculty objectives.

Activities and events may range by year and may include the following:

  • Building or lab tours 

  • Feedback and/or attend focus groups on student issues 

  • Interviews/Q&A sessions

  • Open House 

  • Orientation 

  • School presentations 

  • Student representative at Faculty events 

  • Social media content


  • Be a part or full-time student in the Price Faculty of Engineering, in good standing 

  • Have successfully completed at least 24 credit hours of course work 

  • Possess strong verbal communication skills (public speaking experience is an asset)  

  • Be willing to share your knowledge and experiences 

  • Knowledge and/or willingness to learn about department requirements, application processes, and programs in the Faculty (training will be provided) 

  • Have a passion for the Price Faculty of Engineering 

Application Process

Step 1: Fill out the application form by March 31, 2024

Step 2: Interview with us so we can get to know you better and see if you will be a good fit for the program

Step 3: If selected, Ambassadors will complete onboarding and training in August

Step 4: Participate in activities and represent the Faculty as an Ambassador!


Please contact Tanya Regehr, Communications & Engagement Lead for additional information.


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