In her role as Research Lead – Science of Teaching and Learning, Brenda conceptualizes and leads The Centre’s science of teaching and learning research portfolio and maintains an active research program aligned with The Centre’s mandate as it relates to research, program evaluation, and quality assurance. Currently, Brenda is involved in research and evaluation projects in the areas of academic integrity, artificial intelligence, faculty educator training in VR environments, and perceptions and use of online learning environments using various methodologies and technologies.

Brenda also advances science of teaching and learning, teaching and learning research, and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) across the University of Manitoba by supporting and working alongside faculty/instructors to engage in these types of research.  


Brenda began her teaching journey in 2000, teaching high school general science and biology before moving on to teach human anatomy and physiology at Assiniboine Community College’s Licensed Practical Nursing program. Years later, during her graduate studies in psychology at the University of Manitoba, her interest in teaching led to numerous teaching assistant, lab, and sessional instructor positions. As a researcher, Brenda’s interests vary widely from academic integrity policy analysis to effectiveness of educational interventions, particularly how technologies can be used to promote academic integrity, prevent academic misconduct, and enhance learning. In her spare time, Brenda collaborates with several UM researchers on projects related to the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders; health and well-being of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and workplace health and safety of older adults.


B.Ed., B.Sc. (H), M.A., PhD


Selected Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Teaching and Learning

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Other Research Areas

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fund ($25,000)
Project title: Open laboratories: Interdisciplinary science research and education–A pilot study
Principal Applicant: Labouta, H.
Co-investigator: Stoesz, B. M.


WorkplaceNL Research Initiatives ($100,000)
Project title: Understanding work-related injuries, risk factors, and outcomes among older workers using national data for provincial comparisons
Principal Investigators: Shooshtari, S., Menec, V. 
Co-applicants: Piotrowski, C., Stoesz, B.M., Turner, N.
Final report:


University of Manitoba Office of the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) Major Outreach Award 2016-2017 ($5,516)
Project title: Collaborating for Success: Creating an Academic Integrity Toolkit for Manitoba Teachers and Administrators 
Principal Applicant: Stoesz, B.M. 
Co-applicants: Cranston, J., Usick, B., Gervais, L.