In her role as Faculty Specialist, Brenda applies research and evaluation methods from various fields to examine holistic aspects of teaching and learning in higher education. In addition, Brenda provides support for faculty and instructors through the development and facilitation of workshops and other teaching and learning resources related to various innovations in teaching and learning in higher education. Currently, Brenda is involved in research and resource development projects related to academic integrity and perceptions and use of online learning environments.


Brenda began her formal teaching journey in 2000, teaching high school general science and biology before moving on to teach human anatomy and physiology at Assiniboine Community College’s Licensed Practical Nursing program. Years later, during her graduate studies in psychology at the U of M, her interest in teaching led to numerous teaching assistant, lab, and sessional instructor positions. She is currently developing and delivering online and blended courses at both the U of M and the University of Calgary.

As a researcher, Brenda’s interests vary widely. In her role at The Centre, she examines ways to promote academic integrity and encourage students to engage in appropriate learning practices, and is involved in a national project, led by Dr. Sarah E. Eaton (University of Calgary), examining academic integrity policies at Canadian colleges and universities. Brenda also leads a series of studies examining how the visual complexity of online learning environments influences students’ learning experiences.

In her spare time, Brenda collaborates with several researchers at the U of M on projects related to the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders; health and well-being of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and workplace health and safety of older adults.


B.Ed., B.Sc. (H), M.A., PhD


Peer-reviewed Journals

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Visual Perception

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