As a member of the Science of Teaching and Learning team, James uses research and program evaluation methods to collaborate with faculty on the design, development, and implementation of program evaluation projects related to academic programming, curriculum development, and program effectiveness across both campuses. In addition, he develops, delivers, and evaluates resources to aid faculty in their teaching and learning utilizing modes of delivery such as workshops, guiding documents, and VR simulations.


James Plohman graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BSc (Hons) and MSc. His background includes 18 years of research management and evaluation experience in the health sciences at the University of British Columbia, Division of Infectious Diseases and University of Manitoba, College of Nursing.  His areas of interest and expertise include online surveys, quantitative data management and analysis, workshop development and delivery, human research ethics and the use of VR in teaching and learning.


BSc(Hons), MSc


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