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Psychology student advising

Contact our Graduate Programs Coordinator for questions regarding individual student issues, course registration, program requirements or progress, committee membership and procedures, advisor/committee interaction and leave of absence.

Areas of study

There are seven distinct areas of graduate study in psychology at UM. Click on an area to read the program overview, meet the faculty and students and learn unique facts about each program.

Finding a graduate advisor

Once you settle on an area of specialization for graduate studies and before you submit your application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, it is a good idea to contact a professor or two with whom you might like to work both to introduce yourself and to ask for more information about their interests and research.

In an email, please let us know the area of study and research you are interested in and include the following:

  • a bit about yourself, and how to best contact you,
  • a brief summary of your relevant education, awards, publications, community and/or work experiences,
  • a brief listing of your academic or professional goals.

Clinical students can be admitted and advised by faculty members in any area of our department, including individuals with adjunct appointments to the Department of Psychology.

For more information, review the UM Graduate Study in Psychology Handbook.

Financial aid and awards

The Department of Psychology offers guaranteed funding of $15,000 per year to incoming graduate students for the first two years of a master's degree and in some cases, for an additional first year of a PhD. This funding is called the Psychology Graduate Fellowship.

Many students are able to top-up this amount with additional resources from their faculty supervisor and paid employment as a research assistant, teaching assistant, grader/marker or course instructor (applicable to PhD level students).

Many UM psychology graduate students receive higher awards including SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR awards, Research Manitoba scholarships or UM Graduate Fellowships.

Students considering applying to UM are encouraged to also consider applying for these awards.

The Department of Psychology offers a number of awards to graduate students. Students pursuing studies in psychology are also eligible for Faculty of Arts and general University of Manitoba financial aid and awards.

Psychology graduate awards

The department offers a combination of application and qualification awards to graduate students:

    • Alexander Austin Worrell Scholarship
    • Bruce Whittlesea Graduate Scholarship
    • John R. Walker Clinical Research Award
    • Marion and Morgan Wright Clinical Psychology Award
    • Mark Lewis Nozick Memorial Scholarship
    • Michelle Fisher Award
    • Psychology Alumni Faculty Fellowship
    • Shannon L. Hamm Memorial Scholarship
    • Vineberg Prize

Visit the Graduate awards database to find these and other awards.

CPA Certificates of Academic Excellence for undergraduate honours and graduate students

These certificates from the Canadian Psychological Association recognize outstanding achievements made by students at all levels of study in each Canadian department of psychology. University psychology department chairs are sent the call to submit theses in early May.

Find more UM financial aid and awards

Graduate brochures

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